How to Buy Keyrings on eBay

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How to Buy Keyrings on eBay

The range of keyrings available on eBay is vast. This means that, in order for an efficient purchase, it is especially important to know which specific keyring is desired and which best suits the keys in question.

Whether it is a keyring for personal use, for use at work, a gift for a friend or family member or as part of a wider collection of similar keyrings, there are keyrings available to purchase from eBay at exceptionally reasonable prices.

Keyrings serve a number of different purposes. Whilst they can be purely decorative, they can also be useful and functional additions to a set of keys. Keyrings are also available in a number of different sizes, materials and conditions.

Types of Keyring

As mentioned above, the choice of keyring available for purchase is extensive. To make the search for the ideal keyring easier and more cost-effective, a comprehensive understanding of the type of keyring that can be bought should be acquired. In that case, here is a list detailing some of the more commonly purchased types of keyring:

  • Novelty Keyrings: Novelty keyrings are designed by brands as amusing or interesting ways of being able to discern between sets of keys. They can come in a variety of different forms. They can be smaller scale versions of toys, buildings, animals or other such novelty items. These are usually purchased as gifts or by collectors of both novelty keyrings and novelty items in general. They come in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of buyers.
  • Symbolic Keyrings: Keyrings of a symbolic nature are often designed for those who wish to make a statement with their set of keys. Symbolic keyrings may be designed around the basis of religious imagery, with crosses and Stars of David being widely purchased in keyring mode. They can also come in the form of designs from charitable causes or feature text from personal mantras.  
  • Vehicle Keyrings: Keyrings that can be purchased for the personalising of car keys are of tremendous popularity on eBay. Most well known brands of car supply keyrings featuring designs ranging from the car badge or as a miniature representation of the vehicle itself. The price that should be paid for them should be determined by whether the keyring is being sold second hand yet authentic or whether it is a reproduction of an original keyring. Most major car brands and their respective models are represented in the keyring marketplace.
  • Blank Keyrings: These keyrings are usually transparent pieces of plastic that be opened in order to place a personalised message or sometimes even a photograph inside. Blank keyrings can also be purchased as coloured pieces of plastic with a sticker stuck on that can also be personalised with writing. These blank keyrings can be particularly useful if one wishes to be able to discern between certain sets of keys by writing the name of the door or building on them. By placing a photograph inside, they can also be nice mementos that can be carried around in the pockets of buyers.
  • Functional Keyrings: There are also keyrings available for purchase that can serve a functional purpose. Whilst these may be higher on the price scale than the likes of blank keyrings, their functional use can often be matched by affordable prices when buying from the likes of eBay. In terms of the functional keyrings that are available, there are those that can be used as torches (these can be particularly useful when attempting to open a door in the dark), as USB pens for a computer or even as bottle openers. Due to advancements in technology, there are now keyrings available that can be used for access control, for opening cars and doors.
  • Vintage Keyrings: Vintage keyrings are often very collectable. They can be found on eBay from a variety of different eras and can reach high prices depending on their age and condition. A variety of subjects are found in the vintage keyring world, such as animals, sports and cars.

Keyring Materials

Different materials of keyring can be used in different circumstances. One material may only be suitable for a certain set of keys. With the keyring market so vast and offering so much choice, knowing which material of keyring is preferred can lead to a better deal being struck in terms of time and affordability. The most popular materials used in keyrings are listed in this table:

Keyring Material



Plastic is one of, if not the most commonly used materials in the manufacturing of keyrings. It is sturdy in its nature and is inexpensive for both manufacturers to use and for consumers to buy. Blank keyrings are often made from plastic, as well as those of the novelty variety.


The likes of car keyrings and a lot of functional keyrings are made from metal. Whilst they look great, they can be heavy and bulky so this should be taken into consideration before settling for a metal keyring.


Wood is sometimes used in the manufacturing of keyrings and can be extremely aesthetically pleasing. The likes of novelty and symbolic keyrings can be found made of wood. Wooden keyrings can often be damaged easily so if buying a second hand, be sure to take note of its condition.


Collectors of novelty and vintage keyrings often only purchase keyrings of this nature. Due to their fragile nature, china or porcelain keyrings are not commonly used as everyday keyrings as the can easily be damaged or broken.


Leather keyrings are not as commonly purchased as the likes of plastic and metal keyrings. However, they are readily available. They often feature intricate designs or personalised messages carved into them and there are some leather keyrings that can be considered to be vintage.

New or Used Keyrings

New Keyrings

  • The majority of the keyring market on eBay is made up of newly produced, original keyrings. These keyrings should be made available to buyers in sealed packages so as to ensure their condition during postage. New keyrings can also be purchased in the style of vintage keyrings.
  • However, the prices paid for these should be considerably cheaper than those keyrings that are of an authentic vintage nature. New keyrings can also be purchased in bulk and with this in mind, it may be a better option to do so if several keyrings are needed.
  • Furthermore, if one is looking to purchase a functional keyring, it is a wise idea to buy it brand new so as to avoid any problems that may occur due if a used keyring is of a poor condition.

Used Keyrings

Used keyrings are popular amongst collectors looking to purchase vintage or novelty pieces. The condition of the keyring should play a major role in the price paid by the buyer. If a keyring has scratches on its surface or paintwork or if it is damaged in any way, then it should not be considered to be of the same value as a used keyring that is in good condition.

Buying Keyrings Online

  • There are plenty of online retailers whose prices can be used in comparison to those available on an auction site such as eBay. Use the recommended retail prices to gain an understanding of what prices should be paid for certain materials and types of keyring.
  • It may also be a useful exercise to visit keyring collector websites. This can be done as a means of gaining insider secrets and expert advice on how to get the best deal for keyrings that are considered vintage or collectable.

Buying Keyrings on eBay

With the selection of keyrings online being so vast and with there being so many options available, eBay provides buyers with a number of facilities to make their search more efficient.

By clicking on the Collectables link that can be found in the categories section and then following this through to the Keyrings section, one can arrive at a part of the site dedicated specifically to the buying of keyrings.

There is also a keyword search bar that can be used to help buyers to find specific materials or types of keyring. What is more, there are filter tabs that can narrow down searches to specific prices and condition. Make use of these amenities to enable an accurate search.

It is also a good idea to do the following before finalising a purchase:

  • Check that the seller has a previous history of selling keyrings. If buying a used keyring it may not be of the utmost importance but sellers who have sold keyrings before are more likely to able to provide thorough product descriptions.
  • Study the images of the keyrings thoroughly to ensure that their condition matches up with that described in the product description.
  • If unsure about an aspect of the product, ask the seller a question.
  • Be meticulous in the inspection of a seller’s feedback. The star rating and comments section can be a good indicator as to the quality of the seller and the product.

If a keyring has been settled on, one may decide to place a Bid on it. However, some keyrings are available for Buy It Now prices which guarantees the purchase of the product.

Also, be aware of eBay’s Terms and Conditions before following through with a transaction.


  • Keyrings can be used for a number of different purposes. They can be used as fashion accessories, collectable items or for more functional and practical purposes.
  • Whatever the role of the keyring, being specific in the knowledge of what material or type is desired can lead to a safe and smooth purchase.
  • If buying used, remember to be thorough in finding out the keyrings condition as this can affect its value, something that can be of great importance if buying a vintage keyring.
  • There are keyrings available to suit all tastes and functions on eBay and some great deals can be found.
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