How to Buy Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler on eBay

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How to Buy Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler on eBay

Your Jeep Wrangler's lighting is important to keep you, other drivers, and pedestrians safe on the road. A single malfunctioning light can make it difficult for you to see others on the road and vice versa. This is why it is important to replace malfunctioning lights on a Jeep Wrangler as soon as one becomes aware of issues.

eBay has a large market for automotive parts, including lights for Jeep Wranglers. One can use the site to find replacements for any of the lights on a Wrangler. Consumers can also upgrade these vehicles' lighting by buying brighter, more efficient bulbs to replace older lighting technology. Successful shopping on eBay requires one to be familiar with a few aspects of Jeep Wrangler car lighting, including manufacturer designations, bulb types, and lighting assembly types. Shoppers can also improve the buying experience on eBay by knowing how to search the website and following a few tips that save money and improve customer service. Knowing about Jeep Wrangler lighting and the eBay buying process helps you replace and upgrade your Wrangler's lights.

Aspects of Buying Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler

There are many types of Jeep Wrangler lights listed on eBay. By learning about manufacturer designations for these parts, the different types of bulbs available, and the types of assemblies listed, consumers can successfully use eBay to outfit Jeep Wranglers with the lights that they want.

Manufacturer Designation

If planning to replace lights on Jeep Wranglers, consumers should be familiar with the three different manufacturer designations for car parts: original equipment (OE), original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and aftermarket. Knowing the difference between these designations helps one choose the lights needed.


OE signifies that Jeep manufactured the light instead of sending the design and specifications to another manufacturer. An OE replacement light is an exact match of the light that originally came with a Wrangler, and it comes in Jeep packaging.


OEM signifies that another manufacturer other than Jeep produced the light. Jeep outsources the production of numerous Wrangler parts to other manufacturers, sending these other manufacturers its designs and specifications for these parts. An OEM replacement light is an exact match for the light that originally came with the Wrangler, but it usually comes in the part manufacturer's packaging.


Aftermarket signifies that a manufacturer other than Jeep both designed and produced the light without any direction from Jeep. Aftermarket replacement lights are often different than the lights that come with Wranglers, but they can be compatible. The quality of aftermarket lights can vary, but they are often an upgrade over the original lights that come with Wranglers.

Bulb Types

Whether they are OE, OEM, or aftermarket lights, the types of bulbs in Jeep Wrangler light assemblies can vary. The table below lists the different bulb types available for Jeep Wrangler lighting.

Bulb Type



Uses a filament to produce light; halogen gas inside of bulb evaporates tungsten gas and deposits it on filament; lasts longer and burns brighter than tungsten bulb

High-Intensity Discharge

Also known as xenon bulb; electric current lights up xenon gas inside of bulb; lit gas replaces filament; generally lasts longer than halogen bulb; colour of light similar to daylight; more energy-efficient than halogen bulb

Light-Emitting Diode

LED for short; electrons produce photons as they find holes when diode is turned on, thereby producing light; highly energy efficient; long-lasting bulbs; LEDs may be arranged in different patterns within bulb

LED is a newer technology for light bulbs, but it is still possible to outfit an older Jeep Wrangler with this type of bulb. It is also possible to retrofit HID lights to Jeep Wranglers that originally came with halogen bulbs.

Types of Lights

eBay organises its listed Jeep Wrangler lights into categories based on light assembly type. Being familiar with the different types of light assemblies available can help a consumer quickly find lights for a Jeep Wrangler.

Headlight Assemblies

Headlight assemblies are located just beneath the Wrangler's hood. They illuminate the road ahead and help oncoming traffic see the car. You can change the intensity of these lights from regular to high-beam. The latter lighting is brighter and useful for illuminating unlit roads at night.

Foglight Assemblies

Foglight assemblies are beneath and between the Wrangler's headlight assemblies. They create wide beams of light that are generally directed at the road. The light is either white or yellow, enabling fog lights to cut through thick fog and helping the driver see the road in front.

Indicator Assemblies

Indicator assemblies are for the Wrangler's turn signals. They are placed on the left and right sides of the Wrangler's front and rear. Turn signals let other drivers know when you are turning your Wrangler, and a malfunctioning indicator can increase the chances of an accident on the road.

Rear Light Assemblies

Rear light assemblies go on the back of the Wrangler. The bulbs are usually behind protective plastic that is tinted red and orange. The bulbs behind the orange sections of plastic make it easier for drivers behind to see the car. The bulbs behind the red sections of plastic light up when you brake to alert drivers behind that your Wrangler is slowing down.

Number Plate Lights

Regulations in the United Kingdom require that rear registration plates be lit from sunrise to sunset. If the lighting for a Jeep Wrangler's number plate malfunctions, one can use eBay to replace the assembly or bulb.

Side Marker Lights

UK regulations also require sidelights to be lit from sunrise to sunset. There are numerous Jeep Wrangler side marker lights for sale on eBay. They are sold as assemblies, with the bulb behind orange-coloured protective plastic.

Searching eBay for Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler

When searching eBay for lights for a Jeep Wrangler, consumers can either use the eBay Motors page or eBay's standard search function. Whichever search method one may choose, eBay makes it possible to ensure that the results are compatible with a Jeep Wrangler.

Using the eBay Motors Page

The eBay Motors page is eBay's hub for buying and selling motor vehicles and parts. You can use this page to search for lights that are compatible with Jeep Wranglers by entering a term, such as "headlight", into the parts search bar and specifying Jeep Wrangler as the make and model of vehicle. eBay then lists the bulbs and assemblies corresponding to your search term, and you can use filter options to further trim the listings to your specifications.

Standard Search

You can also perform a search for Jeep Wrangler lights from any eBay page with the search bar. You can use a term, such as "rear light", and select the category related to car parts when you see the results. You can then specify Jeep Wrangler as the make and model of car and choose other options to filter the listings.

Buying Lights for Your Jeep Wrangler on eBay

Knowing how to search for lights for a Jeep Wrangler on eBay is part of shopping successfully on the site. There are a few other tips to follow, such as using eBay shops, evaluating sellers, and buying from local sellers, that can help ensure satisfaction and save you money on Jeep Wrangler lights.

Using eBay Shops

Many sellers of automotive parts maintain an eBay shop where they sell all of their wares. If you need multiple lighting parts for your Jeep Wrangler, you can search for a shop to buy them all from by visiting the eBay Shops page. Enter a term for the part you are looking for, such as "Jeep Wrangler HID bulb", and eBay can list all of the eBay shops selling this part. You can then visit these shops' pages and search for other lighting parts you need. Buying all of your lighting parts from the same seller can save you money on shipping costs.

Evaluating Sellers

eBay enables you to evaluate sellers and identify reputable vendors to buy Jeep Wrangler lights from. By clicking on a seller's username on a listing, you can see that seller's feedback. You can then use this collection of comments and ratings that other buyers have left for the seller to determine if the seller is likely to provide you with good customer service.

Buying from Local Sellers

eBay also makes it possible to structure your search for Jeep Wrangler lights to only include sellers near you. When you specify a distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located, eBay tailors the results accordingly. The closer a seller is located to you, the less shipping should cost for your Jeep Wrangler lights.


Replacing a Jeep Wrangler's malfunctioning lights is important for road safety, and upgrading the lights can improve lighting performance and save energy that a Wrangler's battery produces. eBay is a good resource for buying Wrangler lights because there is a large selection of lights for sale on the site. When shopping for these lights, it helps to know the manufacturer designations for car parts. The OE, OEM, and aftermarket designations help set one's expectations for how the lights can perform. Being familiar with the pros and cons of the different bulb technologies also helps one choose lights for a Wrangler. You can find all types of Wrangler lighting on eBay, so it is important to know how different types of lighting assemblies are organised on the site.

In addition to having background knowledge of Jeep Wrangler lighting, one can shop successfully on eBay by knowing how to use the website. This includes understanding eBay search methods and employing tips such as using eBay Shops, evaluating sellers, and finding local sellers. By knowing more about Jeep Wrangler lighting and using eBay to buy it, consumers can maintain their vehicles' lighting performance and save money in the process.

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