How to Buy MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones

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How to Buy MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones

Multimedia Messaging Service is the technology within mobiles and smartphones that allows the user to send different types of media within their text messages. Such information can include videos and pictures but can also incorporate music, audio tracks, and ringtones. Furthermore, MMS also increases the size of the standard message enabling more than the normal 160 characters to be used for a single text. It turns the standard text message into an interactive experience that opens up the world of mobile phone capability and brings users closer together. But to take advantage of such a facility, both the sender and the recipient must have mobile phones capable of processing MMS messages. If one or the other does not have this facility, then such a function is of no use at all.

The Technology behind MMS

The technology used to send and receive MMS messages is based on the WAP system. This Wireless Application Protocol enables a greater level of data to be sent between phones and is completely different from the standard SMS message facility. When an MMS message has been sent to a phone, the user must accept the message and agree to its contents being downloaded before the message can be read. Many users will set this acceptance automatically within the configuration of their phone; however, for the message to be received such an acknowledgement is required.

The Advantages of MMS Capable Mobile Phones

For many, the advantages of MMS capable mobiles and Smartphones make this an essential function in any handset and is something that many now take for granted.

Sending and Receiving Pictures

For those with a camera phone, it is essential to have the MMS capability to be able to send these images to other people. However, the recipient must have the correct technology on their phone as well to be able to view the image sent. MMS does not just sent photos, however. It can also send video and sound files in a variety of formats.


Having an MMS capable mobile phone significantly expands the amount of information and types of messages that it is possible to receive on a mobile phone. Without such technology, all multimedia messages sent to the phone will simply be accepted yet the phone itself will not be able to read the file. And though it is possible to access the files that have been sent from a standard pc or other internet enabled device, this does not provide the same mobile functionality that is associated with MMS technology.

Expands the Text Facility

MMS not only expands a single message above the standard 160 characters, but it also makes it possible to send bulk messages to multiple senders without a dedicated bulk messaging service. It makes messaging more interesting and is ideal for users who want to have three way conversations or share a conversation with more than one other person at the same time.

Points to Consider When Choosing MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones


A mobile phone which does not have MMS capability will provide no facility to either send or receive multimedia messages, thereby severely limiting the capability of the phone itself. In today's market almost all Smartphones do offer the MMS facilities as standard to ensure better usability of the handset. MMS capability allows the user to send and receive far more types of media and will increase the number of characters that can be used in a single message.


The main cost incurred with MMS capability is the expense of actually sending or receiving the message itself. The price of an MMS message is usually based on the amount of data that is being sent and is therefore far more expensive than the standard SMS message. In some cases the sender will incur the entire cost alone. In others situations, the expense will be shared between the sender and the recipient. Unfortunately, it is often not possible at the time of receiving the message to ascertain who is paying for the message which can cause problems for the bill payer. Furthermore, most mobile phone packages do not include MMS messages within their standard tariff. This means that any MMS messages sent using the WAP facility will incur an additional charge on top of the monthly tariff. Handsets which do not offer MMS capability are usually on the lower end of the handset spectrum and, by default, usually cost far less. However such a phone will be very basic and offer little functionality across the board. MMS capable mobile phones can be slightly more expensive but will usually offer a wider range of functions throughout.


One of the key concerns about using MMS capable mobiles and Smartphones is the increase of exposure to malicious software and fraud. When receiving an MMS message, the phone itself has to agree to download the message which can open up the hardware to potentially harmful media and mobile phone scams. When downloading an MMS message, it is possible to download additional hidden software that can affect the operation of the phone. Furthermore, opening a fraudulent MMS message from an unknown recipient can cost the user a considerable amount of money and encourage further messages to be sent in the future. To ensure this functionality is used as safely as possible only open MMS messages from known contacts and only when the contents is something that is known to be appropriate. If messages are being sent which are considered inappropriate or malicious, then block the sender and report them to the mobile phone network.


To be able to use the MMS capability on a mobile phone, it is essential that the phone is configured correctly. Poor configuration is the number one reason that an individual with an MMS capable phone not receive multimedia messages on their phone. Initial set up can be complex; however, by following the handbook or seeking online advice, it is usually a very quick and easy process to resolve this issue. For those who do find mobile phone configuration too complex, any local phone store will be able to complete the adjustments quickly at usually at very little cost.

How to Identify an MMS Capable Mobile or Smartphone

The easy way to identify if any mobile or Smartphone is MMS capable is to look on the side of the box. Phones that incorporate this type of technology within the handset should display it on the list of functions that the phone has. However, if it is not displayed or the box is not available, a quick online search will easily identify whether the handset in question is MMS capable. For an existing phone, browse through the messaging options within the settings of the handset. If an MMS facility does exist, then the options to configure the phone will be available within this unit. Or, for a more simple solution, send any phone an MMS message and see whether it displays correctly on the receiving handset.

Choosing a Network Tariff for MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones

To use the MMS facility, not only does the phone itself have to incorporate the capability, but the phone network tariff also has to provide the services required. Before selecting any new tariff, ensure that MMS messages are accommodated, and check the price of both sending and receiving them. This type of message uses far more data than a standard SMS message, and prices fluctuate greatly between tariffs and suppliers. If this is a facility that is going to be used frequently, then it is worth balancing the cost of a greater monthly fee with a lower rate for individual MMS messages. For those who are going to send very few MMS messages and are looking to use the functionality more to receive messages from other people, a lower monthly tariff may be more suitable, even if this means a greater expense every time a multimedia message is sent. When choosing a pay-as-you-go tariff, carefully check the price of an MMS message and be aware of the costs involved. These can be considerable, so ensure all users are aware of this before this facility is used.

Find MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones on eBay

To purchase MMS Capable Mobiles and Smartphones on eBay, use the category search which can be found on the homepage. From here, select the Electronics & Technology category to list all the groups within this section. Select the Mobile Phones & Communication heading to list the full range of mobile phone options throughout the site. After selecting the Mobile & Smart Phones page, it will be possible to choose the features required for a specific phone. For all mobile phones with MMS capability, select the MMS (Multimedia Messaging) option and the range of phones available will be displayed. Alternatively use the search facility on the homepage to search for MMS capable mobiles and Smartphones to find the appropriate handset.


In today's society most people with a mobile phone will consider MMS capability a must have function as it opens up the world of instant messaging. Though it is more expensive, it provides the capability to share all types of media and makes the entire phone more interactive. It expands the size of a single message and makes it possible to text more than one person at once. Anyone that wants a modern day phone that provides full functionality is going to consider MMS capability a must, even if it does cost a little more.

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