How to Buy Masters Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy Masters Tickets on eBay

The Masters is one of the four major tournaments held each year by the Professional Golf Association. The Masters is referred to as a "tradition unlike any other", and it is considered by many as the most prestigious tournament in golf. The event takes place at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, during the first week in April. This time of year in the South coincides with the full bloom of spring, making The Masters a visually stunning and beautiful venue for the golf event.

While finding tickets to the Masters tournament can be a somewhat difficult endeavour, but there are ways to achieve success if the golf fan knows where to look. There are two types of tickets available, namely, practice round tickets and daily tournament tickets. Both types of tickets are sold in advance by random selection and are valid only for the specific day for which they are listed. While Masters tickets are more difficult to get than Super Bowl tickets, fans who utilise the search tools on eBay prior to the tournament can find various types of tickets at more reasonable prices than those offered by ticket brokers.

About the Masters

The Masters maintains one of the smaller playing fields of any professional golf tournament at 90 players. The tournament is open to professional players and certain amateurs by invitation only, making it one of the most difficult tournaments to qualify for. This is also one of the reasons that it maintains the spot as the pinnacle of golf prestige.

Much of the mystique surrounding the Masters is due to the founder and creator of the tournament and Augusta National, Bobby Jones. An amateur golfer, Jones became the most successful amateur to ever play the game on national and international levels. Jones was a lawyer by trade and played golf on a part time basis, often competing against and beating the best professional golfers of the time. He competed in 31 major tournaments and won 13 of them, including the grand slam of winning all four major championships of his time in the same year; a feat no one else has ever accomplished.

Bobby Jones retired from golf at the age of 28 and founded and helped design Augusta National. The first Masters tournament was played there in 1934, and it remains the only major championship in the history of golf to be played at the same golf course every year. The winner of the Masters tournament receives the prestigious green jacket and receives honorary membership to the club. The green jacket is only allowed to leave the grounds during the reign of the current champion and must be returned and remain at the club after the champion's reign is over. The winner can wear it when visiting Augusta National.

The Prestige of the Masters

The Masters tournament was first played in 1934 and is the younger of the four major golf championships, which include The U.S. Open in North America, The Open Championship in Scotland and England, and the PGA Championship in North America. Even though it is younger than the other major golf tournaments, the Masters bestows highly prestigious rewards on the golfers who win the tournament.

Masters champions are automatically invited to play in the other three major championships that follow the Masters for the next five years, and they earn a lifetime invitation to the Masters tournament. Champions also are granted a five-year exemption on the PGA tour for the following five years as well as an automatic invitation to the Players Championship for five years. Regardless of what occurs after a win, a Masters champion has a secure golfing career for the next five years and does not have to be concerned about qualifying for the tour or its prestigious events.

The title of Masters Champion also admits the golfer into the Masters Club, a very exclusive group that hosts a dinner on the Tuesday evening at the start of the tournament and is only attended by previous champions of the event. The current champion has the honour of selecting the menu for the dinner.

Augusta National

Augusta National is one of the famous golf courses in the world. It was built on an indigo plantation and designed by Alister MacKenzie. It is consistently listed in the top ten of all golf courses in the United States. The club is very exclusive and open only to private members and their guests. There is a waiting list of over 10 years just to become a volunteer to work at the Masters tournament in April of each year.

Since it was created out of a plant nursery, the flora around Augusta is both diverse and stunning in its beauty. In honour of the variety of plant life around it, each hole of Augusta is named after a specific shrub or tree that is associated with the hole.






Tea Olive




Pink Dogwood




Flowering Peach




Flowering Crab Apple
















Yellow Jasmine




Carolina Cherry








White Dogwood




Golden Bell








Chinese Fir



















As well as naming each hole for local flora, there are a number of interesting descriptions for parts of the course. "Amen Corner" describes the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes of Augusta, where some of the more dramatic successes and failures of the tournament have occurred over the years. The "Eisenhower Tree" is a loblolly pine on the 17th hole that was hit so many times by former president Dwight Eisenhower, the tree was named after him. Ike's Pond was created after Eisenhower completed a walk through the Augusta grounds and suggested building a dam to create a fish pond, which the club did. "Magnolia Lane" is the inspiring main driveway leading up to the famed clubhouse. The lane is flanked on either side by 60 magnolia trees grown from seeds planted in the 1850s.

Attending the Masters

Attending the Masters tournament is the thrill of a lifetime for a golf enthusiast. The rich heritage of the event along with the awe-inspiring venue of Augusta National and all of its traditions serve to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While a trip to the Masters might be difficult to come by, for fans who are able to make the pilgrimage, there are a few things that need to be considered.

Parking for the Masters is free and easy to do in one of the many large lots that surround the facility. Once inside, patrons are pleasantly surprised by the low cost of food and beverages that are available at concession stands. It is vital for patrons to understand that there are strict limitations on what can be brought into the tournament. Cell phones, pagers, and cameras are strictly forbidden, and violating this policy results in immediate ejection from the grounds and permanent loss of future ticket privileges. Backpacks, bags, strollers, folding chairs, and large purses are also prohibited and need to be checked prior to entry or left in the car. Folding green Masters chairs are available for purchase at the course for a reasonable price, and once placed on the course, they can be left all day without anyone moving them, even if left unattended.

The Masters is played in early spring in the southern part of the United States, an area known for violent and stormy springtime weather. Temperatures can range from hot to slightly cool on any given day, and appropriate clothing should be worn. Should a sudden thunderstorm materialise, weather warnings are posted and patrons are instructed to take cover. There are no pets allowed on the grounds, and outside of the practice range and the par 3 course, autograph seeking is strictly prohibited.

Buying Masters Tickets on eBay

Tickets for the Masters tournament are one of the more difficult items to find because of the limited size of the venue and the prestige of the tournament. Masters tickets are the most difficult sporting event tickets to find, so it is important for golf fans to begin searching on eBay well in advance of the next tournament.

Begin your search by going to the eBay home page and entering a keyword such as "Masters Golf Tickets" into the search box. At this point, a list of tickets available for purchase is displayed. You can browse through the various listings until you find the right deal, but these can go fast, so it is important that you act quickly if you find the right listing. Keep in mind that each ticket is good for the specific day only and practice round tickets are cheaper and easier to come by than tournament day tickets. Before initiating a purchase, be sure to verify the quality of the seller so that you can feel confident that you are working with a reliable vendor on eBay.


The Masters is one of the highly prestigious golf tournaments in the world, and for several good reasons. Perhaps this is due to its beginnings at the hands of Bobby Jones, an important figure in the history of golf eliciting near-mystical appreciation from fans. It might also be due to the stunning beauty of Augusta National and the drama the venue inspires, making a golf fan feel like he is in the cradle of the game itself. It could also very well be attributed to the fact that there is "The List" of patrons that are allowed to purchase tickets every year for the Masters tournament, and if one is not on "The List", then the odds of getting a ticket are very long indeed.

Although it is difficult to find tickets to the Masters, a true golf fan with the desire and the resources has several ways to find and acquire tickets. One of the less expensive and easy ways is through the online resource eBay, where people find unexpected deals at great prices all the time.

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