How to Buy Mens Hip Hop Jeans

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How to Buy Men's Hip Hop Jeans

Since hip hop began as a musical movement in the late 1970s and into the 1980s, it has since spread and evolved, becoming a full-blown cultural phenomena. Hip hop has influenced many other musical genres as well as language, art, and fashion. Hip hop fashion has spread far beyond the outfits and styles selected by hip hop stars and people all over the world wear shirts, jackets, hats, and jeans in order to identify themselves with their favourite type of music.

One of the most enduring fashion statements in the last few decades is that of hip hop jeans. Hip hop jeans are baggy jeans, often embellished with colours and other designs, and are typically worn well below the waist. While these jeans can be found in clothing stores, as well as online marketplaces such as eBay, buying hip hop jeans is perhaps more complicated than simply walking into a store and selecting a pair. Along with getting the fit right, learning how to wear the hip hop jeans properly can be a task by itself. Once a buyer understands what size will fit best, and how to wear hip hop jeans without causing any major fashion disasters, buying them can actually be a lot of fun.

Hip Hop Jean Size

While hip hop jeans are worn in an extremely casual way, making sure that they are big enough to sit below the waist, while not falling down completely, can be a delicate task. For the most part, men have a difficult time finding the right balance as opposed to women, due to the fact that many men have a slender waist and slender hips. Without any hips to rest the jeans on, they are in danger of possibly falling to the ground and leaving a man in an embarrassing predicament. The best solution to the problem of finding jeans that fit below the waist but do not go any further, is to buy a pair that is two sizes larger than a regular pair of jeans. If this solution proves to be too baggy, an increase of only one size up might be more appropriate.

Hip Hop Jean Style

Even when a pair of jeans is two sizes too large, they may not work as hip hop jeans. The reason for this is that different styles of jeans are designed to fit differently. One major fashion trend in direct competition with hip hop jeans, is that of "skinny jeans". Skinny jeans are designed to conform closely to the body, especially around the legs. Therefore, even if the waist is large and loose, a pair of skinny jeans will look odd and will not provide ample hip hop credibility.

Inappropriate Hip Hop Jean Styles

Other jean styles for men that would be inappropriate in terms of hip hop clothing, include boot cut jeans that are more tight around the leg, and only flare out at the bottom. In order to achieve the best hip hop look, jeans must be found in the loose, relaxed, or baggy style. Different manufacturers may have their own term that they use, but these jeans are all generally the same in feel. The ideal pair of hip hop jeans is one that has wider legs and a wider seat in order to look appropriately "baggy". Bagginess is highly important because a pair of baggy hip hop jeans will allow for greater freedom of movement when the seat of the jeans is well below the buttocks.

Graphical Embellishments

A popular trend in hip hop jeans, is to accent them with colourful graphics. Often, this is done by embroidering designs, logos, figures, words, and many other things onto the back pockets. Some of the designs are meant to signify allegiance to a particular group or cause, while others are meant to simply function as a way to display more colour and uniqueness. Some hip hop jeans may be truly unique, featuring designs unavailable on any other pair, therefore making them custom.

How to Ensure That Hip Hop Jeans Stay in Place

The greatest task for any man who wears hip hop jeans is ensuring that they stay in place throughout the day. If a pair of hip hop jeans falls to the ground, the man wearing them can trip and fall over, striking the ground or other people. At the same time, losing one's jeans in public can be highly embarrassing, even though most men who wear hip hop jeans are not overly concerned about revealing their underwear. In order to avoid these situations, there are a few things that men can do to ensure that their hip hop jeans stay firmly where they are supposed to be.

Wear the Right Belt

Wearing a belt can seem like a given when it comes to keeping any kind of trousers in place, but when it comes to hip hop jeans, some belts work better than others. Leather belts or others that contain notches designed to secure the buckle are not recommended because they only allow for extremely specific sizes. As a consequence, the wearer may find themselves wearing a belt that is slightly too small or slightly too large. These wearers are better served with a canvas belt or other belt that allows for the user to slide or clip the buckle to the perfect length. A canvas belt is also thinner and wider than normal belts, and is therefore more comfortable to sit in as than a leather belt. Belt thinness is important because anyone wearing hip hop jeans will be forced to sit on their belt when they sit down.

Wear the Right Underwear

The right underwear is important to any man who wears hip hop jeans since there is a high probability that it will be seen by anyone and everyone. For this reason, one's underwear should be comfortable, clean, and not wildly inappropriate. More important, however, is the fact that any underwear worn by a man in hip hop jeans should be able to help keep the pants in place. This means that underwear made of satin, silk, or other slippery materials, are probably not a good idea as they will encourage the jeans to slide earthward. Other materials such as cotton are usually much safer. Likewise, boxer shorts are better able to help keep jeans in place than are briefs, or even boxer-briefs . Some men actually wear two pairs of underwear to better keep their jeans secure.

Find the Right Height

Many men may have different opinions on how low their hip hop jeans should be worn. Some guys like to wear them well below the buttocks, while others may only be comfortable wearing them a few inches below the waist. The lowest place that they can be worn, is just where the hips meet the legs. Anywhere lower, and the jeans cannot stay up with any reasonable certainty. One trick to ensuring that the jeans will stay in place, is to keep the jeans worn at the same height in the front and in the back. Some men may be tempted to keep the jeans lower in the front than in the back, but this will cause them to slide downward.

Hip Hop Jeans and Shoes

Regardless of how low the jeans are worn, there is always the possibility of the legs becoming too long. This can result in the wearer stepping on the legs, damaging the jeans, and potentially causing them to slide down. For this reason, many men who wear hip hop jeans will tuck part of their jeans into the back of their shoes. This will keep the jeans in place and if done properly, will not seem odd since the legs will drape over the shoes, masking this solution.

How to Buy Hip Hop Jeans on eBay

Hip hop jeans in many colours, styles and sizes, can be found on eBay. This selection can include jeans that are specifically designed to function as hip hop jeans, complete with graphical embellishments on the pockets, as well as jeans that can be worn as hip hop jeans, depending on the size of the wearer. Purchasing hip hop jeans on eBay, will not only allow buyers to view a larger selection than they might otherwise, it will also allow them to compare prices in order to find the best deal. The most effective way to search through the products on eBay for the best hip hop jeans, is to use the search bar on the eBay home page. Simply entering a term like "men ' s hip hop jeans" will provide a number of different options for purchase. Augmenting the search term with additional keywords such as those referring to size, style, or colour, will make the search even more efficient. Alternatively, it may be worth searching for a specific fashion collection, like Yeezy by Kanye West.


Hip hop jeans are an unmistakable expression of style, and of an association with the music and culture of the hip hop movement. There is a trick, however, to finding the right hip hop jeans because they are worn in such a unique way. A buyer must first ensure that the jeans will be large enough to hang properly below the waist, and that they are baggy enough to look right. For many men, this involves searching primarily for jeans that are a size or two larger than normal, and that are baggy, relaxed, or loose in style.

Keeping hip hop jeans in place is a problem that can be solved with the use of the right belt, and the right underwear. When this is combined with a few practical techniques, such as keeping the back and the front of the jeans at the same height and tucking the legs into the backs of shoes, the jeans can stay in place all day. With the right understanding of how hip hop jeans work, anyone can participate in this style and cultural movement.

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