How to Buy Men's Shavers on eBay

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This guide will look at how to buy men’s shavers on eBay, a website with an endless and wide-ranging selection to choose from. Shavers, or razors as they are sometimes known, are an integral part of most men’s daily routine and there are various types on the market to suit the needs and budget of different people

What are Men’s Shavers For?       

Men have been shaving the hair on their face from a very early age and some historians believe that even cavemen used various means of doing so. Long hairs on the face can become uncomfortable and itchy. They can also become unhygienic, especially if bits of food become stuck in them.

The reasons and methods for shaving changed considerably over time, however. Today, men don’t necessarily shave for practical reasons; some are required to for their jobs, for example. Style is also a consideration, as some men choose to adorn their face with a short beard or some trendy stubble.

Shavers can be used to cut many areas where hair grows, and not always necessarily the face. Some men like to shave their chest or shoulders, as well as the actual hair on their head. This may influence what sort of razor to go for and how many are needed. 

Men’s facial hair grows differently, some thicker and some faster than others. Although a number of men won’t be required to shave every single day, they still will require a razor at some point in their lives to deal with tricky, undesirable hairs.

Different Types of Men’s Shavers           

This section will look at some of the different types of shaver on the market and those that can be readily found on eBay. The table below highlights them in more detail.


Type of Men’s Shaver





The most basic of men’s shavers are plastic-made disposable models. They mostly have a fixed razor head, often with a safety guard included, and will usually only include one to two blades. They are generally low-cost and can be purchased in multi-packs. Bic produce a commonly used set of disposable razors.


Cartridge razors are a form of disposable razor, but which have interchangeable heads. This means that only these razor cartridges need replacing rather than the whole shaver itself. They can come in plastic or metal handles, along with a number of different blades. The Gillette Mach 3 is an example of one, along with its appropriate blades.



The more modern alternative for men is to use electrical shavers. They can either be rechargeable or powered by a suitable main supply. Electrical shavers can by either classed as rotary or foil shavers, which will suit different people in regard to what type of shave they require and their skin type.

Other types of men’s shavers include hair clippers, used predominantly to cut the hair on your head. For those who wear an easy DIY low-grade style then they can prove to be a smart investment. Whole grooming kits are another option some men choose to buy; they include electrical shavers in different formats such as nose trimmers and beard trimmers for those who go for the ‘fashionable stubble’ look.

Which Shaver to Choose

Now the different types of shaver have been looked at, deciding which one will suit your needs is the next step. The main consideration is how smooth the process is and if gliding the shaver across your skin feels comfortable or not. Irritation afterwards should be at a minimum too.

  • If having a clean cut and professional look, then some disposable razors may not be up to scratch. Look for electric versions or more professional cartridge razors with three or four blades for a closer shave.
  • Some disposable razors can blunt easily or retain hairs caught up in the blade area. This makes future shaving trips tricky. In respect to this, those with a high growth rate of hairs who shave every day will need a higher standard of men’s shaver and plenty of replacements handy.
  • For those who may suffer irritation on the skin after shaving or who have thicker dark hairs, look for safety razors which include a plastic guard to protect the face. Some shavers come with lubricating Aloe Vera strips, which help reduce soreness too.
  • Using pivoting razor heads is beneficial also as it provides a freer shave and allows you to attack the hairs on every part of the face from different angles. Invariably, all cartridge razors will have flexible heads that allow this.
  • Electrical models will not generally provide the closeness of more traditional razors; they will last longer, however, and provide less irritation to the skin. The process of using them is generally quicker too. Although, they do require batteries and a charger or a suitable power source to run.

The most recognisable electric type is the foil shaver, where the razor blades are placed behind a foil protector and take off hairs when applied to skin. Rotary shavers are different in the way that they have two or three circular rotating heads which work simultaneously to remove hairs. It allows the user to glide the shaver easier across the face and more chance of connecting with the hair.

Buying Considerations

How many shavers are needed? Is the razor just being purchased for use on the face, or are other areas being targeted too? Perhaps it is best to buy a more advanced electric shaver for facial hair, whilst more affordable disposable razors in multi-packs may suit less visible areas.

  • If choosing to buy an electrically powered model, is there a suitable power source in the bathroom where shaving will take place? Look into buying adapters or a way to recharge the battery.
  • Shaving with electrical models can usually be completed without using gels or creams on the skin beforehand. This isn’t necessarily the case with disposable razors. However, as some will move closer to the skin. Think about what shaving foam products are on the market and whether they will be needed; eBay has a healthy supply within its listings.
  • If after a high performance razor that provides a reliable and superior shave time after time, then looking at advanced models is advised. These may cost more but may prove a sound investment in the long run. Some of these will include jet-cleaning models that rinse and dry the blade automatically after use. Men’s shavers with LED lights are also available, which inform the user when the batteries need replacing, or when the blades need cleaning.


For many men in the United Kingdom, shavers are an important part of the daily routine. This means careful consideration should be made about which type to purchase. The best advice is to scour the market, read reviews from different sources to find the most appropriate model and then use the Internet to find the best deals.

eBay is one site where items such as men’s shavers can be found for great prices, especially for disposable multi-pack razors and replacement cartridges. Use the advice as listed in this guide to help you along the buying process.

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