How to Buy Mens Tapered Jeans

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How to Buy Men's Tapered Jeans

Of the many varieties, cuts, and patterns of jeans available, tapered jeans, or jeans that become slimmer toward the cuff of the leg, are among the most stylish a man can expect to wear, combining the casual nature of jeans with a more fashionable approach. The popularity of tapered jeans must be taken into account with the variations imparted by the many manufacturers, and the prevalence of retail department stores and specialty shops, which mannequins display, rather than simplifying the process of buying. A simpler solution to purchasing tapered jeans are online auction sites, like eBay. When considering a pair of tapered jeans, there are a number of factors that the wise consumer should consider, such as the fit, or how the jeans hang or cling to the wearer, the features or the additions to the jeans, and the finish, or how the fabric is pre-treated before the jeans are made available to consumers.

The Fits and Styles of Tapered Jeans

There are several fits, or styles, of tapered jeans. Each style wears differently, and presents a different feel and look, which a consumer must be familiar with to tailor their appearance to suit their needs.

Regular Fit

Regular fit tapered jeans, sometimes referred to as carrot jeans, are just what they sound like, regular fit jeans that become narrower down the leg. While there are few special considerations to make for regular fit tapered jeans, at least a few that do not also apply to any pair of jeans, it should be noted that a pair of regular fit tapered jeans do not feel the same as other regular fit jeans.

Skinny Jeans

Among the most popular fashion choices available, tapered skinny jeans stand apart from other types of jeans for several reasons. Even as the regular fit tapered jeans are worn tighter and more restrictive than carpenter jeans, the skinny tapered jeans are virtually skin-tight across the wearer. While the styles of tapered jeans are many and varied, one instantly recognisable and fashionable style is skinny jeans.

Relaxed Fit

A seeming contradiction in terms, relaxed fit tapered jeans offer the wearer a chance to combine the fashionable elements of tapered jeans with the more comfortable cut of relaxed jeans. Because of the relatively baggy trouser legs, some of the effect of the tapering may be lessened, however, it is still distinct from other types of jeans.

Features of Tapered Jeans

Jeans of all varieties are modified with a number of extra features, that is, fashionable additions which do not enhance the function of the jeans. When purchasing tapered jeans, the consumer must be aware of these additions, how they affect a man’s appearance, and how they affect the jeans. Not every pair of tapered jeans contain these extras, and some contain extras not listed here, but all of the accessories included with a pair of jeans can usually be boiled down to one element: fashion.

Rivets, Studs, and Rings

Prevalent on all varieties of jeans, including tapered jeans, are the miscellaneous adornments of metal to accent the colour of the fabric. In some cases these are limited to simple rivets joining pockets and seams; however, studs, or even spikes on occasion, still line waists and cuffs. It is important to note that on occasion, the rigidity of the metal when kept in constant contact with the denim fabric, can wear on the jeans after a period of time.


Patches can be considered stylish, and are sometimes included as part of the jeans direct from the manufacturer. These can be off-colour, distressed, out of order, or even of a different fabric. Wise consumers keep in mind that while the patches are often simply sewn over the existing fabric, in rare cases, the patches are integral to the jeans, themselves.

Rolled Cuff

One feature found commonly on tapered jeans are the rolled cuffs, where the trouser leg is either excessively long to be rolled over itself, or is sewn with an exceptionally wide, turned-out cuff, creating the wide cuffs seen in most displays. Consumers do not necessarily need to account for this in their purchase, as the length of the trousers is measured assuming that the cuff is rolled.

Superficial Tears

Among the more common trends in jeans today is the process of creating superficial, intentional tears. These rips, holes, or shreds in the fabric rarely compromise the functionality of the jeans, provided they are not treated too roughly, and can further enhance the fashionable worn look that many finishes strive to achieve.

The Finish of Men’s Tapered Jeans

There are variety of finishing techniques, which change the presentation of jeans. Many methods are designed to create a distressed, or worn, look often giving the impression that a pair of jeans has been owned for several years.

Acid Wash

While similar to stone washing in practice, an acid wash finish leaves a pair of jeans originally dyed with indigo a stark white, almost completely bleaching out the original blue. When combined with other distressing techniques, this results in jeans that have some of the most faded appearances available. Although acid washing jeans has bypassed its heyday, many manufacturers still produce acid washed jeans.

Stone Wash

Stone washing is an innovative process using stones and tumblers. The stones wear on the fabric, actually creating a fully distressed, softer fabric. Stone washing creates a medium ground between the untreated deep blue denim, and the acid-washed bleach quality.


Untreated denim, dyed with indigo, has the deep blue colour that has become an accepted standard across the world. It presents the most clean-cut and new fabric look. It should be noted that while indigo dye is still far more common than others, denim for jeans can be dyed virtually any colour. Accordingly, jeans can be made available in any colour desired, although particularly ostentatious colours may not be readily available for all styles of jeans.

Sizing Men’s Tapered Jeans

While the basics of sizing a pair of tapered jeans remain the same as with any trousers, there are a few special considerations to take into account. Tapered jeans of all varieties, even the baggier, or relaxed fit, sit closer to the wearer than most other types of jeans, and demand as accurate of a waist measurement as is possible. Beyond that, many of the differences in manufacturers’ and brands’ sizings can make a difficult process more confusing. To remedy this, a savvy consumer checks and double-checks the manufacturer’s size chart, against their own measurements. This prevent mishaps and potentially costly returns on mis-sized garments.

The most basic element of tapered jeans is the waist measurement, a circumference of the wearer’s waist, often measured in inches, but wise buyers have their measurement in centimetres handy as well, and purchased at the next highest category. Tapered jeans can feature elastic in their waistbands, which can reduce the need for such exacting measurements, however, purchasing sizes smaller than one’s own measurements can lead to costly mistakes.

The second measurement a consumer must take is the length of the leg, from the top of the waist, to the ankle. Once again this is commonly measured in inches, but wise consumers have the conversion done ahead of time to save themselves a hassle.

Buying Men’s Tapered Jeans on eBay

Purchasing tapered jeans online can be a trying experience; however, with a few simple steps you can remove most of the trying elements and streamline your purchase with eBay. Beginning your search for men’s tapered jeans allows you to receive the broadest number of results. There are other keywords which commonly identify tapered jeans, such as "men’s carrot jeans". You can also specify the finish, such as "men’s tapered distressed jeans" when you are looking for a specific style of tapered jeans. If you need specifics, you can narrow your results by brand or manufacturer. Once you have found the tapered jeans of your liking, eBay’s own filters allow you to choose an appropriate size, condition, and fit even down to the length of the trouser legs. As with any eBay purchase, be sure to double-check the seller’s rating and feedback, as well as the post and parcel terms and conditions.


Tapered jeans are not a new edition to the line up of denim jeans; however, they remain a fashionable choice for almost everyone. Because the jeans still provide the same casual comfort they always have, and the tapering provides a unique look unlike any other garment, tapered jeans can be a welcome addition to any man’s wardrobe. The varying nature of manufacturers and the wide variety of styles of tapered jeans available means that the wise consumer must consider the fit of the jeans, the features present on the jeans, the finish with which the jeans have been produced, and finally, an understanding of how tapered jeans are sized to their wearers. Armed with these simple steps, and a basic understanding of how to match the tapered jeans purchased to the rest of a man’s attire, he can leave the house safe in the knowledge that he is looking his absolute best.

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