How to Buy MicroSDHC to SDHC Memory Card Adapters

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How to Buy MicroSDHC to SDHC Memory Card Adapters

A wide variety of electronic gadgets such as phones, cameras, camcorders, and gaming devices use a memory card to store data. Without an appropriate memory card in place, most of these pieces of equipment would have only extremely limited data storage available, significantly reducing functional capability. Memory cards are available in a range of sizes, types, and speeds, with different gadgets being constructed to work in conjunction with a specified memory card. If there is a need for a memory card to be used in a device for which it is not intended, a memory card adaptor needs to be purchased, which can enable a smaller card to be used in an item designed to house a larger one. Adaptors are normally inexpensive, but great care must be taken to ensure that the right type is chosen.

Crucial Compatibility Features to Consider

In order for a gadget to operate successfully using a different memory card to the one intended, the adaptor is only one in a list of variables which need to be addressed. Detailed in the table below are the most important characteristics to look for when purchasing an adapter.

Adapter by Memory Card Type

The most common types of memory card are Secure Digital (SD) cards and Multimedia Cards (MMC). The former is subdivided into: SDSC (Standard Capacity); SDHC (High Capacity); SDXO (eXtended Capacity); SDIO (Input/Output functions in addition to data storage). When selecting an adapter, it is important to ensure that it is for SD to SD use rather than MMC to SD use. The type of adapter should be clearly identified in the product description.

Adapter by Memory Card Size

Within the SD category, there are three discreetly sized units; the original size, the mini-size, and the micro-size. Check that the adaptor being purchased is intended to increase the size of the microSHDC to the dimensions of a standard size unit, if that is the required size transformation. Note that the microSHDC card was originally called Transflash (TF). This means that when deciding which adapter to purchase, the term Transflash may be used instead of microSHDC as part of the item's description.

Adapter by Memory Card Speed and Capabilities

It should be remembered that adapters are electronically passive pieces of plastic whose function is to adjust the size and shape of a miniSDHC card so that it will fit in a slot intended for a standard SHDC model. An adaptor does not affect the capacity or speed of the card. For this reason it is vital to check card compatibility in these areas prior to purchasing an adaptor. If these variables are not reconcilable, the adapter alone will not enable the smaller card to work effectively.

Description of an Adapter

When buying an adapter designed to allow a microSDHC card to be used in equipment designed to house a standard SDHC card, it is important to ensure that the proposed purchase is the right item for its intended use. Carefully scrutinize any available pictures of the relevant item and read the product description details to ensure the component is the right one. The following table describes the physical appearance of an adapter for allowing a microSDHC card functionality in a larger memory card slot.


The name of the manufacturer should be clearly visible on the front of the adapter. For the purposes of compatibility, the manufacturer of the adapter need not be the same as the manufacturer of either the microSDHC memory card for which modification is required or the manufacturer of the product for which the microSDHC is intended to be utilised. While less well-known manufacturers can produce satisfactory goods, it is always worth finding out more about the origin of the product prior to payment. Independent review sites, newspapers and specialist magazines can all give useful information on the manufacturers of electronic products and accessories, enabling a reputable and reliable source to be selected.


The size of an adapter for converting a microSDHC card for use in a standard size slot is 2.5x3.2x0.6 cm. If there is any doubt regarding the dimensions, request them from the seller prior to purchase.


An appropriate adapter should weight approximately 9 grams. While this is a very light item when considering postage or shipping costs, the dimensions of the adapter means it cannot be classed as a letter by Royal Mail, as a letter must have a thickness of 5mm or less. A good stockist will securely pad and wrap the adapter before posting it, further increasing the size of the parcel.


An adapter has a rectangular shape, the same as that of the standard SDHC memory card it is attempting to mimic. One of the top corners is not a right-angle, but rather has the appearance of having been cut off. This is to ensure that the standard SDHC memory card or microSDHC card plus adaptor are inserted into the device in the correct manner.

Additional Features

At the bottom edge of the adapter, there is a small slot where the microSDHC memory card is to be inserted. Normally insertion and removal is achieved using a push for each action. This is the same action whether the mircoSDHC card is being inserted into the adapter or whether the adapter plus card is being inserted into the machine for which it is intended. It is advisable to check that the label stuck onto the front of the adapter which describes its type and manufacturer is securely in place before attempting to insert it into the intended device, as a label which is beginning to peel away from its base can cause the card to stick or jam.

Lock/Unlock feature

Located on the side of the adapter there is a lock/unlock feature, which enhances the security of the information on the memory card. In order for data to be altered on the memory card, the adapter lock/unlock feature has to be in the unlocked position. This is achieved prior to inserting the adapter into the device by moving the small plastic switch on the side of the adapter from the locked to the unlocked position. If the switch is in the locked position, the card can be read but cannot be written to. The microSDHC card does not have a lock of its own. The lock/unlock feature is specific to the adapter and standard SDHC memory cards.

The Advantages of a New Adapter in Comparison to a Second Hand One

The cost difference between a new adapter and a second-hand model is normally small. Memory card adapters are relatively inexpensive pieces of equipment, so there is often little to be saved by investing in a second hand adapter. A new adapter has the benefits of manufacturer's warranty, premium condition, increased reliability, and superior performance. These represent a significant amount of added value to the product for a small outlay. On this basis, it is generally preferable to buy a new microSDHC memory card adapter rather than a reconditioned product.


A memory card adapter to enable a microSDHC memory card to be used in a device fitted with a standard SDHC memory card slot is both useful and inexpensive. Increasing the versatility and potentially the performance of an expensive electronic gadget by making use of a suitable microSDHC memory card fitted into the right adapter can save money as well as the inconvenience of having to purchase additional memory cards. Chosen carefully, an adapter is a handy accessory to have available, which can be used to service a range of electronic gadgets simply and reliably.

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