How to Buy Middlesex Cricket Club Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy Middlesex Cricket Club Tickets on eBay

Although the true origins of cricket remain a mystery, the sport is known to have been played in England as early as the mid-1500s. By the end of the 18th century, cricket had become the national sport of England, and its popularity has increased ever since. Today, cricket is played all over the world in both a professional capacity and by children.

Cricket in England and Wales is made up of 18 major county clubs that form the highest level of cricket in England. Each year, the counties compete for the county championship, made up of two leagues of nine teams each. County club championship matches last four days each and begin in April and conclude in September.

Middlesex has won the county championship 10 times over its history, which began in 1884. For games that are played under one-day rules, Middlesex goes by the name of Middlesex Panthers, and their home field is the Lord's Cricket Ground in St. John's Wood in London. Fans of the Middlesex Cricket Club can find memorabilia and tickets for games when they become available by utilising the advanced search tools on eBay.

About the Middlesex Cricket Club

Middlesex Cricket Club is comprised of 27 players who hail from England, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, the West Indies, and Italy. The club has a President, a Club Chairman, an Executive Board, a Club Captain, and a Club Coach. The Club Captain is responsible for determining the placement of fielders, the rotation of the bowlers, and the batting order. Several of the Middlesex players compete for other teams and even play overseas.

History of the Middlesex Cricket Club

Middlesex Cricket Club was formed in December 1863 in the London Tavern. The team was formalised in February of 1864 and played its first matches against Sussex Cricket Club on the 6th and 7th of June in Islington. Middlesex competed for the County Championship in the first year of their existence and came close to winning, a feat they would not accomplish until 1903. In 1877, the team found their current home of Lord's Cricket Ground, and they have occupied that venue ever since.

The Middlesex Cricket Club is one of the oldest county clubs in England and Wales and has 10 county championships, behind Yorkshire's 31 and Surrey's 19. They have also won two Benson & Hedges Cups, four one-day titles, and a Twenty20 Cup, and in 2011, Middlesex won the Championship Division Two for the first time. They remain one of the top winning teams in English county cricket and have a wide fan base to show for it.

Lord's Cricket Ground

Lord's Cricket Ground is the home of the Middlesex Cricket Club and is known worldwide as the home of cricket. It holds the oldest sports museum in the world and is the home of The Ashes, the champion cup of cricket. The museum also contains an important collection of cricket memorabilia in the world. Lord's is also the home of the Marylebone Cricket Club, which was the governing body of cricket until 1993, when the International Cricket Council was formed. Marylebone still holds the copyright to the Laws of Cricket and reissues them when changes are made.

The earliest game played at Lord's was on June 22, 1814, between the Marylebone Cricket Club and Hertfordshire, which Marylebone won. Lord's is the site for the oldest continual cricket contest between Eton College and Harrow School, which has been played annually starting in 1805 and continues to the present day.

Lord's was renovated and rebuilt in the 1980s and 90s and boast all the modern features of contemporary sports stadiums while maintaining its storied history. Lord's includes a modern grand stand and media centre that stands in contrast to the Victorian-era Pavilion, which is a refurbished holdover from 1889 and is the centrepiece of the stadium. Lord's has a seating capacity of 32,000, and hosts many cricket matches all year long at various levels.

Attending a Game at Lord's

There are two ways to attend a Middlesex Cricket Club match at Lord's. Individuals can purchase tickets for individual matches, or they can purchase memberships to become Middlesex club members, which grants full access to all home games at Lord's as well as exclusive access to the Pavilion with its famous Long Room, Long Room Bar, Bowler's Bar, and member's shop. Fans who purchase tickets for individual matches have access to other parts of Lord's stadium, such as the Tavern stand that features a pub for refreshments, as well as the grandstand and other areas outside the Pavilion.

Middlesex Cricket Club Memorabilia on eBay

The fact that cricket is one of older contemporary sports that is still currently played creates a large marketplace for collectible memorabilia. The sport of cricket has a storied history that dates back to the 16th century, well before any other organised contemporary sport. This lineage makes collecting team memorabilia a fun and popular hobby with Middlesex cricket enthusiasts. In addition to buying tickets to the games through eBay, consumers can also find exciting items of memorabilia on this website.




Shirts that sport the team colours and crest of Middlesex Cricket Club can be worn everyday as a sign of support for the team; also popular game day attire


Signed by actual members of the club and hold special value to fans; autographs can be on photos, programmes, card, and shirts; they add value to collectibles they adorn


Several books are available about the lives of historic Middlesex players and about the team; help fans understand the history of the club


Scorecards from past matches are a popular and inexpensive collector's item; act as a reminder of a particular game, especially one in which Middlesex did particularly well; County Championship scorecards can be very valuable to collectors

Ticket Stubs

Similar to scorecards, except they detail the date and time the match was played; serve as a reminder of games that were memorable


Photos of the team and the venue are popular with collectors and club enthusiasts; older photos of historic cricket matches and players give a sense of history and perspective to fans


Programmes bring to life the events and memories of special contests; older programmes depict the historical and timeless significance of the Middlesex club and its past

There are many items that can be considered collectible memorabilia, depending on the tastes and personality of the collector. Regardless of the type of item that is desired, the place to begin a search for historic or current Middlesex club memorabilia is eBay, where advanced search tools can help fans find what they are looking for quickly.

Buying Middlesex Cricket Club Tickets and Memorabilia on eBay

The popularity of the Middlesex Cricket Club coupled with its historic past make tickets to events hard to come by. A good way to find tickets to games is to utilise the search tools available on eBay. Tickets might come up for sale by individuals who cannot attend games that they already have tickets for. Be sure to check the website's "Sport Events" category regularly and frequently for updated listings. Finding memorabilia for the Middlesex club is easy using the search features of eBay. Simply start at the eBay home page and enter a relevant search word such as "Middlesex cricket memorabilia" into the search box. A list of various items is displayed relating to that search term. You can browse through the various listings looking for items that suit your interest, or you may enter a specific keyword into the search box in order to obtain listings directly pertaining to that item.

When purchasing valuable items such as tickets or memorabilia, always be sure to check the feedback and ratings of the seller prior to committing to the transaction. Sellers with good feedback scores can be trusted to act with professionalism and honesty during their transactions.


From its beginnings in the Lord's Tavern in 1863 to the Division Two Championship in 2011, the Middlesex Cricket Club has built a history of success and distinction that has attracted fans from all over England and Wales. Middlesex is one of the premier teams in a great cricket league in the world. They play their home games at Lord's Cricket Grounds, known all over the world as the home to cricket and the place where the storied items of cricket's historic timeline are kept. The Middlesex club competes throughout the year in first-class matches as well as one-day games such as Twenty20 matches, which gives their fans ample opportunities to enjoy a day on the pitch and cheer for their team.

When searching for tickets to Middlesex Cricket Club games or for team memorabilia, fans should take advantage of the powerful search tools available on eBay. The user-friendly features of this website help fans quickly find what they are looking for at considerable savings than can be found elsewhere. Shopping for items related to the Middlesex Cricket Club is both easy and safe when fans let eBay's search tools do the work for them.

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