How to Buy Motorbike Electrical and Security Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Motorbike Electrical and Security Parts on eBay

Electrical and security parts for motorbikes include a range of accessories intended for either security or modification purposes. Buyers who are looking for these parts can choose to search on eBay to find a range of parts quickly and easily no matter what they need, and no matter where they live. eBay is an international marketplace so buyers can choose to purchase parts from around the world, including motorbike electrical and security parts that might not be available locally.

Purchasing motorbike and electrical security parts on eBay is relatively simple as long as buyers keep in mind what they are looking for, what the parts must be compatible with, and a budget. Great ideas for shopping on eBay include deciding exactly which parts are required and which might work for the motorbike in question before looking for a part. The following information can be used to choose from and purchase electrical and security parts on eBay.

Finding Security Parts on eBay

Security parts are readily available on eBay in both new and used conditions. Buyers must set a budget, decide on any colours and style preferences, and then choose a security part that suits their needs. Some security parts are more secure than others. For example, chains and locks can be cut off with a pair of bolt cutters. Brake discs avoid this issue but tend to be more difficult to be put on and taken off the motorbike. Importantly, higher theft risk areas should be matched with higher security systems but many people can simply choose chains and locks as basic security while parking a motorbike.

Security Device


Chains and Locks

Lock the tire in place or sometimes physically lock the bike to a post or ring in a wall

Brake Discs

Lock around the brakes to prevent wheel from turning

Alarms and Immobilisers

Set off alarm and sometimes cut the power to the motorbike


Lock the motorbike to the ground or a wall

Because there are so many different security parts available on eBay, it is important to search for the type of security system that is necessary for the bike and the area. Searching for 'motorbike security' technically brings up all varieties, but narrowing the search to 'brake disc' makes the search results easier to browse through. Buyers who have not yet made a decision can simply browse through all options until they find something that they like. As a consideration, chains and locks are a cheap form of motorbike security while alarms are more expensive. Likewise, chains and locks are very easy to install while alarms might require professional installation.

Finding Electrical Parts on eBay

There is a wide range of electrical parts available on eBay including many different styles of each item available. Electrical parts include any electrical accessories intended for motorbikes, such as chargers, lights, ignition parts, engine parts, electric chains and sprockets, cables, cooling systems, filters, brakes, fuel systems, and gauges. Buyers can choose any electrical part they need for a motorbike and buy it on eBay.

Due to the very wide range of parts available, it might be necessary to search for exactly the parts needed for the bike. Simply searching for electrical parts can bring up thousands of items so buyers should take their time, decide what they need, and then look for it on eBay. The following parts are the common electrical parts that may need replacement.

Lights and Indicators

Lights and indicators include cables for lights, indicators for the bike, flashers, actual light bulbs, light sockets, terminals and housing covers, gear indicators, and more. Essentially, it is possible to find and purchase any sort of light or indicator for a motorbike including the parts necessary to install and reroute the parts. Attaching, replacing, and modifying lights are all possible with the parts available on eBay. However, buyers should take into account that some parts available on eBay, such as LEDs, are not intended for road use. For example, it is illegal to drive a motorbike with LEDs.

Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and chargers can also be purchased on eBay. The majority of batteries available via eBay are 12 volt or 6 volt as these are required by most motorbikes. Any chargers are likely to be compatible with 12 volt batteries as well, although it might be a good idea to check the description to ensure that the charger is intended for the batteries. Jumper cables, drip chargers, wall chargers, lead optimisers, and spare batteries can all be purchased on eBay. Anyone who is purchasing batteries on eBay should check the size of the battery for their motorbike before making a purchase. Gel batteries are very common for motorcycles although standard lead batteries are sometimes available as well. Basic battery sizes range from 151 by 94 millimetres to 166 by 175 millimetres. There are roughly nine standard sizes but a great deal of terms and codes used to signal a specific battery size, depending on the manufacturer.

Ignition Parts

Electrical ignition parts include any parts used in the ignition system. Sometimes this includes actual ignition parts and connectors designed to start the motorbike, in other cases they refer to accessories that can be attached to the ignition system. Popular add-ons range from cigarette lighters to gearbox indicators, and everything in between.

Buying New vs. Used Motorbike Electrical and Security Parts on eBay

eBay includes a range of both new and used parts so buyers can choose anything they like. Choosing between different conditions can affect the budget and the appearance of the item so it can be an important consideration. For example, used parts might be cheaper but they normally do not look new. Anyone trying to restore or refurbish an old motorbike might prefer new parts. Anyone who simply wants to achieve results, or find parts for an older bike that is no longer in production, can simply choose used items to save money. Usually, this is purely a personal consideration but can affect the quality of the parts purchased.

Choosing Between Local and International eBay Sellers

While it is possible to purchase motorbike electrical and security parts from anywhere in the world from eBay, some buyers might want to look closer to home. Local sellers can ship items more quickly so that they arrive sooner or before a certain date. Local sellers are also likely to charge less in shipping fees because the item is closer. Another consideration is that any parts purchased outside of the UK or European Union might require customs tax. However, any parts that are not available locally can be purchased outside of the European Union with little to no trouble and often only slightly longer shipping times.

Modification Considerations

Many electrical and security parts on eBay are available for motorbike modification. Buyers who are looking into parts for this reason should consider checking with local laws and regulations concerning modifications. In some cases it might be illegal to modify any bike intended for the road, while in other cases weight, protrusion from the vehicle, light colour and brightness, and identification marks are all regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT). LEDs are not legal for road use, mirrors should not extend out past a certain point on the bike, any frame modifications must be registered with the DOT, and any changes that affect vehicle performance do affect the vehicle license as well as any insurance on the motorbike.

Purchasing Motorbike Electrical and Security Parts on eBay

After you have decided which parts you are looking for and how you want to purchase them, you can go on eBay to make your selection. Consider typing in the exact search term for the item you need for your bike so that you can find what you need without searching too much. The results you get by searching for '12 Volt battery Suzuki' are a lot more specific than when searching for 'Suzuki battery', so consider the model of bike you have, the exact specifications of the part you need, and whether you want it new or used.

It is important to read the full description before making a purchase. Any information about the part including condition, compatibility with different motorbikes, and variations available should be listed here so it is a good way to get information about the item before purchase. If you still have questions about the item before purchase, you can always ask the seller.


Purchasing electrical and security parts for a motorbike on eBay should involve deciding what parts are needed, where they should go, and how much is reasonable to spend on them. There are literally hundreds of different electrical and security parts so buyers should definitely consider deciding exactly what they want before looking on eBay. Doing this saves time and can help cut down the time spent on browsing and searching for exact options based on specifications.

Making a purchase on eBay is as easy as looking up the parts needed, finding an option that suits the specifications for the bike, and then reading the description and making a purchase. Buyers can choose to purchase internationally or from local sellers and can choose between purchasing new and used parts for their motorbikes. All of these considerations can be combined to quickly and easily find and buy motorbike parts on eBay.

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