How to Buy Motorcycle Brake Lines on eBay

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How to Buy Motorcycle Brake Lines on eBay

Whether cruising open roads in the Lake District or motoring through the streets of a city in the United Kingdom, safety is an important aspect of enjoying a motorcycle ride. A properly functioning braking system is an important aspect of motorcycle safety, and good brakes require good brake lines. These are relatively simple parts responsible for delivering fluid in a motorcycle's braking system. Although motorcycle brake lines are not overly complicated, there are differences between brake lines that consumers should be familiar with in order to buy the right ones for their motorcycles.

eBay is a good source to buy motorcycle brake lines from. In order to shop successfully on the site, consumers should know what motorcycle brake lines are and what they do in a braking system. They should also know the different features available in brake lines. Understanding how to search eBay helps consumers quickly find motorcycle brake lines that are compatible with their bikes, and following a few eBay buying tips makes for a more satisfactory shopping experience on the site.

Learn About Motorcycle Brake Lines

Learning about motorcycle brake lines can help consumers shop smartly for them. It helps to understand the role of motorcycle brake lines and when to replace them before visiting eBay to purchase these parts.

Role of Brake Lines

Brake lines deliver brake fluid in a motorcycle's braking system. A motorcycle brake works by using a brake calliper to push an attached brake pad against the spinning brake disc on a motorcycle wheel. The friction causes the spinning of the brake disc and the wheel to slow, which in turn slows the motorcycle and brings it to a stop. The brake line delivers brake fluid to the calliper when the rider presses the brake control. This fluid creates the pressure on the calliper necessary to push the brake pad that is attached to it.

Each wheel on a motorcycle has its own brake line, and a rider controls the brake on each wheel separately. This is because the front wheel bears more of the resistance when the whole motorcycle brakes, while the back wheel holds the motorcycle steady. This means that the amount of brake fluid that the motorcycle delivers to each wheel varies. Motorcycle brake lines are distinct from car brake lines in this way, because cars distribute brake fluid evenly to all four wheels from the same control.

Replacing Brake Lines

Motorcycle brake lines are relatively simple parts, but they can cause a motorcycle's braking system to malfunction if they break. Rubber brake lines are more susceptible to stretching and puncturing than braided brake lines are. Rubber expands and contracts as the lines deliver shots of braking fluid to the brake callipers, and this action can cause the rubber to weaken over time. As the rubber's tautness decreases over time, the brake lines become less capable of delivering enough fluid pressure to enable good braking response. Slower and weaker braking response may therefore be a sign that it is time to replace a motorcycle's brake lines.

Braided brake lines are generally made of teflon with steel braiding around them. These brake lines are generally more durable than rubber ones. The braided design reinforces the brake lines, helping them last longer.

Shop by Motorcycle Brake Line Features

Those looking to buy motorcycle brake lines on eBay should be familiar with a few different features of these parts. Understanding manufacturer designations, materials, and components helps consumers identify the motorcycle brake lines that are suitable for their motorcycles.

Manufacturer Designations

The table below describes the differences between brake lines designated as original equipment, or OE; original equipment manufacturer, referred to as OEM; and aftermarket.




Brake lines that are the same as the ones the motorcycle manufacturer produces and installs itself on its motorcycles in its own factories


Brake lines that a manufacturer other than the motorcycle manufacturer produces; design and production based on specifications from motorcycle manufacturer


Brake lines that independent manufacturers produce based on their own design; intended to be compatible with motorcycle manufacturer's bikes

The OE and OEM brake lines are both duplicates of the original parts that come with motorcycles when they are assembled. Replacement OE brake lines usually come in the motorcycle manufacturer's packaging. Replacement OEM brake lines, such as the ones Goodridge produces on contract for numerous motorcycle manufacturers, usually come in the OEM's packaging. Aftermarket replacement brake lines, such as the ones Venhill produces, come in the part manufacturer's packaging. Consumers can expect the same performance from their OE and OEM replacement brake lines as the performance they received from the brake lines that came with their motorcycles. The performance of aftermarket brake lines can vary, but many aftermarket manufacturers produce brake lines that are an upgrade over the brake lines that come with motorcycles.


Basic motorcycle brake lines are made of rubber. As mentioned above, rubber brake lines can stretch over time. The wider circumference that results from stretching causes the fluid pressure to drop, resulting in less responsive braking. One solution to this issue is to produce motorcycle brake lines made of Teflon and to wrap them in steel braiding. The steel protects the Teflon from punctures and tears, but still requires some flexibility so that the pressure from the fluid does not break it. Braiding the steel gives it the necessary flexibility while still enabling it to protect the Teflon and prevent it from stretching too much. The braided steel is also less susceptible to stretching out over time than rubber is.


Motorcycle brake lines have several components. The hose is the main component, and it delivers brake fluid. Many brake lines have hollow banjos that fit the lines to the brake callipers on one end. The hollow design enables the delivery of brake fluid from the hose to the calliper. Some motorcycle brake lines feature metal threads instead of banjos. These threads insert directly into the callipers and deliver braking fluid directly for more responsive braking. Many brake line kits come with bolts, washers, and clips that enable motorcycle owners to install their own brake lines.

Locating Motorcycle Brake Lines on eBay

Knowing how to locate motorcycle brake lines is an important aspect of shopping for these parts on eBay. Consumers can quickly hone in on the brake lines they need when they understand how to use the site's search features.

The eBay Motors Page

The eBay Motors page is a good place to search for car and motorcycle parts. Consumers can enter "brake line" into the search bar and specify the make and model of the motorcycle, such as Honda CBR. eBay should then return results for all brake lines that are compatible with this make and model of motorcycle. Consumers can also narrow their searches by using a descriptive term such as "braided brake line".

Standard Search

Consumers do not need to visit the eBay Motors page to perform their searches. They can search for motorcycle brake lines from any eBay page with the search bar on it. Those looking for motorcycle brake lines can use search terms such as "brake line" or "braided brake line" and choose the makes and models of motorcycles after eBay returns the results.

Additional Tips for Buying Motorcycle Brake Lines on eBay

Knowing how to locate motorcycle brake lines is an important aspect of successful shopping on eBay, but there are also a few other tips that consumers can follow to enhance their buying experiences. Using eBay Shops, evaluating sellers, and buying from local sellers can all help improve customer satisfaction when buying motorcycle brake lines on eBay.

Using eBay Shops

Those looking to buy multiple brake parts together, including brake lines, may consider eBay Shops. Many sellers of motorcycle parts operate an eBay shop where they sell all of their parts in one place. When consumers search for this part from the eBay Shops page, eBay lists all of the shops that sell motorcycle brake lines. Consumers can then visit the pages for these shops to see which other motorcycle brake parts these sellers offer. Buying all of the parts from one seller can reduce shipping and streamline the buying process for greater efficiency.

Evaluating Sellers

Evaluating sellers on eBay helps consumers ensure that they receive the level of customer service they expect when they buy motorcycle brake lines. Consumers can evaluate sellers by looking at their feedback. This collection of comments and ratings left by other buyers for sellers is available when consumers click on a seller's username on a listing for motorcycle brake lines. This information helps consumers determine if a seller is likely to provide good customer service or not.

Buying from Local Sellers

Those shopping for motorcycle brake lines on eBay can save money by purchasing these parts from local sellers. The closer sellers are to buyers, the less shipping should cost. Consumers can specify the distance from their postcodes within which sellers should be located, and eBay can then return results including only nearby sellers.


Motorcycle brake lines are important parts in a motorcycle's braking system because they deliver the braking fluid that enables callipers to press brake pads against brake discs, slowing and stopping a motorcycle's wheels. Brake lines can malfunction due to punctures, tears, and stretching, requiring that motorcycle owners replace them as soon as possible.

eBay is a good resource to use for purchasing motorcycle brake lines because there is a large selection of these parts available on the site. It is also easy for consumers to use the site to find brake lines that are compatible with their motorcycles. In order to shop successfully on eBay for these parts, consumers should know the differences between OE, OEM, and aftermarket brake lines. They should also know how braided brake lines perform differently from rubber ones. It also help to be aware of the components that comprise brake lines. Those looking to buy these parts can combine good product knowledge with an understanding of how to use eBay in order to buy the motorcycle brake lines they need to stay safe on the road.

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