How to Buy Motorcycle Brake Rotors on eBay

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How to Buy Motorcycle Brake Rotors on eBay

Brake rotors, also referred to as brake discs, are an integral part of the motorcycle's braking system and a key component of safety. As the brakes are applied, the brake pads clamp down on the rotor to stop the wheels from spinning. Unlike the brakes of a car, motorcycle brakes generally operate independently, which means that there is a hand-operated control for each brake; front and back. In addition, because of the brake rotors' visibility on the motorcycle, many of these parts are customised using decorative drilling or shaping. Although the original equipment manufacturer's rotors often last for the life of the motorcycle, changing the rotors adds personality and style.

Motorcycle brake rotors vary in their surface area, mass, and design. They can also differ in price significantly based on the design, material, and manufacturer's reputation. Most street motorcycles are equipped with drilled brake rotors, while high performance and track motorcycles use slotted rotors. However, there are an abundance of other types, each well suited for different driving styles. When purchasing motorcycle brake rotors on eBay,, buyers should consider the various types and familiarise themselves with the factors that help to form a well made decision.

Types of Motorcycle Brake Rotors

There are several types of motorcycle brake rotors, each with varying characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses. The best type depends greatly on the motorcycle model, as well as how it is ridden. The popular design styles and their features can be seen in the table below.

Type of Brake Rotor



Most original equipment manufacturer (OEM) brake rotors are solid, without any holes, grooves, or wavy edges

Provides the greatest mass for the best possible heat dissipation

Reasonably priced


Prevents the brake pads from releasing gas

Helps the brake rotor to cool more quickly

Provides a place for water when the brake calliper is closed


Used for high performance motorcycles

Greater ability to shed water, which is important for off-road racing

Does not affect the lifespan of the brake pads

Holes weaken the rotors, which can crack over time


Created specifically to allow water to flow out of the space between the brake pads and rotors

Superior to drilled brake rotors

More expensive

Tends to wear down brake pads much more rapidly

Generally reserved for racing motorcycles

Stronger than drilled brake rotors

Cross-drilled and slotted

Manufactured to be both drilled and slotted

Provides the best possible water shedding characteristics

Combines the problems of both drilled and slotted brake rotors, so a poor choice

Wave design

Undulations cut into the outer edge of the rotor

Usually drilled or slotted

Flexible, which reduces the risk of the brake rotor warping

Large surface area allows for quicker cooling

Resists mud build-up due to its irregular design

Ideal choice for off-road motorcycle racing

Each type of brake rotor offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Wave brake rotors have the best heat dissipation and water shedding properties, while solid brake rotors tend to last the longest. It is important to consider the buyer's riding style because it has an overall affect on the actual results received from any brake rotor.

Factors to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Brake Rotors

There are some factors to consider when searching for motorcycle brake rotors. These include heat management and water shedding.

Heat Management

When searching for a brake rotor design, buyers should take into account heat management. Motorcycles that are able to dissipate heat well are considered to be of better quality. This is because heat reduces the overall effectiveness of the brake pads and leads to premature wear. This means that riders that tend to use their brakes a lot should consider brake rotors that perform well in this area.

In general, the larger the mass of the brake rotor, the better able it is to resist heat. However, a larger mass leads to a heavier motorcycle. In order to keep the motorcycle weight to a minimum, many manufacturers have developed wave designed rotors. These motors are lightweight and able to reduce heat using air movement techniques, including their wavy edge design.

Water Shedding

The ability for the motorcycle brake rotors to shed water is important, especially for those that plan to ride their motorcycle off-road for racing. For this reason, many manufacturers have added holes and grooves to the brake rotors to increase the vehicle's water shedding ability. While holes are able to hold only a limited volume of water, grooves provide a channel for water to use in order to leave the contact area, so grooves are much better able to shed water than holes. However, they are much more expensive to manufacture and decrease the lifespan of the brake shoe greatly. This means that they are generally not used for typical street motorcycle riding.

Searching for Motorcycle Brake Rotors on eBay

There are many ways to find motorcycle brake rotors on the eBay website. From the eBay home page,, buyers can use the search bar to conduct a search for "motorcycle brake rotors&". This method is likely to result in a large number of listings. Buyers with a more specific idea about the type of motorcycle brake rotors that they would like to purchase should use eBay's advanced search feature. This feature allows buyers to include additional search terms that can help to narrow down their results, such as the brake rotor condition. Buyers can also search within a limited price range or by item location.

Registering for an eBay Account

Buyers are free to browse motorcycle brake rotors on the eBay website as a guest, but to buy items, registration is required. By registering for an account, buyers can manage their buying activity successfully, create reviews, and post to eBay's community boards. They can also leave feedback for the item's seller after receiving the brake rotors. Any questions that someone new to eBay may have are addressed in the eBay Answer Centre..

Narrowing the Search Results for Motorcycle Brake Rotors on eBay

The number of search results for motorcycle brake rotors means that buyers need to limit the listings rather than attempt to browse through the full list. eBay has features in place that allow for easy navigation of the site's features.

Search by Make

Searching by make is a great way for motorcycle owners to search for brake rotors. This limits the results to those of a particular motorcycle manufacturer, thereby eliminating all rotors that are not compatible with the vehicle. Popular motorcycle manufacturers include SuzukiYamaha, and Honda..

Search by Model

In addition to make, buyers are able to further search by motorcycle model. Searching by model allows buyers to limit the results to brake rotors that are compatible with a particular motorcycle.

Search by Condition

Buyers may choose to limit their search of motorcycle brake rotors to a particular condition. While new brake rotors offer guaranteed safety and have a longer lifespan, their high price is often a deterrent. On the other hand, used brake rotors can often be found in a like new condition, for a fraction of the price. When purchasing used products, buyers should ensure that the rotors are not broken or severely worn. Check the photos provided by the seller and look for any areas of concern. If the photos are unclear, then contact the seller for further images.

Ask a Question

Buyers can find an "Ask a question" link under every item listing. This link is designed to help buyers to communicate effectively with sellers. If an item listing is unclear or a buyer would like more information about the motorcycle brake rotors, the link allows the buyer to get in touch with the item's seller directly. This is a secure communication method within the eBay site.

Top-Rated Sellers

Choosing Top-rated sellers on eBay ensures that the seller has a history of satisfactory customer service and good products. These sellers make eBay a reliable online marketplace to buy motorcycle brake rotors. It is a good idea to become familiar with the terms and conditions of the seller's policy before buying.


Choosing the right type of motorcycle brake rotors is important for the overall functioning and safety of the vehicle. When searching for these parts on eBay, buyers should consider their riding style and habits. Those that participate in sport and high performance riding should choose slotted rotors, while drilled brake rotors are best for street riding. Buyers should also consider the different qualities that motorcycle brake rotors offer, including their ability to manage heat and shed water. Wave design brake rotors are the best at dissipating heat, which in turn prevents premature wear, while slotted or grooved brake rotors have better water shedding properties.

With so many motorcycle brake rotors to choose from, eBay can help any buyer to narrow down their options through a variety of means. Whether using the keyword search or advanced search feature, eBay's filters help buyers to find the right brake rotors for their riding style.

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