How to Buy Motorcycle Brakes on eBay

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How to Buy Motorcycle Brakes on eBay

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it certainly has its fair share of risks. The unstable nature of the bike ride dictates the need of a professional braking system to minimise the chance of vehicle damage or injury. Even skilled thrill seekers and stuntmen are wise enough to equip their bikes with an adequate braking system before taking on riding adventures.

The brakes themselves are made up of braking pads and brake discs. Choosing the right ones is a difficult task, especially on eBay, where the number of different items offered is huge. In order to make the right decision, a bike owner has to acquire knowledge on the various types of pads and discs that are offered. By getting acquainted with the key criteria that determine the quality of the brakes and combining the knowledge of the different types available, deciding what to purchase becomes a lot easier.

Brake Basics and Key Criteria

The brakes in a motorcycle work by converting kinetic energy into heat. Many of the parameters used to describe their performance involve their speed in absorbing heat and cooling down. Fast heat absorption means that the brakes are capable of decelerating the motorcycle at a faster pace. A great deal of how much heat a brake can take in depends on its initial temperature. That makes cooling down equally important. A brake that can cool down in fast intervals is equally effective each time it is being used. When looking for motorcycle brakes on eBay, some of the key criteria that a buyer should look for in the product specifications are listed in the chart below.



Friction performance

An ideal break has good friction performance regardless of the condition of the road and its temperature

Stability under pressure

A stable brake has good bonding on the friction compound onto the backing plate which delivers fast deceleration

Thermal barrier

The hydraulic system should always be kept cool, so a good thermal barrier between that and the brake pad is of high importance


The lifespan determines how fast the brake parts become worn out when used under normal circumstances

Something that buyers need to be aware of is that kinetic energy generates heat exponentially. At double speed, the temperature generated quadruples. With high-speed motorcycles, friction performance and stability under pressure are of utmost importance. A stable brake that can perform well across a wide thermal spectrum is a necessity for those who prefer high speed rides.

Brake Pads

Two main types of brake pads can be found on eBay. Organic and sinter pads are two different approaches to the same braking technology. Each type offers different performance, depending on the material of the brake disc used and the breaking technique. Still, the organic pads make a better combination with cast iron discs, while the sinter pads agree better with the steel brake discs.

Organic Pads

Most of the pads available on the market are of organic type. This type is made by combining non-asbestos fibres with filler materials and high-temperature resins. Commonly used fibres are glass, rubber, Kevlar, and carbon. The resins act like a binding compound that holds everything in place. Organic brakes are softer, which makes them less noisy and easier on the brake disc. They also provide a softer bite, which makes them easier to control. Organic brakes are better suited for a slower ride. Their thermal performance is limited up to 800 degrees Centigrade, and they are prone to glazing when the threshold is reached.

Sinter Pads

Sinter pads are pads that have high metal content. They are very effective, as they can heat up more quickly and run efficiently at a higher temperature. These pads are even capable of maintaining friction levels on different weather conditions, which leads to better performance all around. This type of brakes has a defined bite and a shorter bed-in period. The drawbacks of sinter brake pads is that they are more prone to corrosion and require more frequent inspection of the brake fluid. Also, it is not a good idea to combine them with some types of brake discs that are not suited for the high temperatures that sinter pads can endure. Both brake discs and sinter pads are available on eBay.

Brake Disc or Rotor

The brake disc or brake rotor is the part that rotates with the wheel and creates the contact surface where brake pads apply pressure. The performance of the brake disc is very dependent on the design and the materials from which it is constructed. Different designs of rotors can be found on eBay,.and they are listed in the chart below.




A simple design with no extra texture


Rotor discs with cross drilled holes on the surface for improved performance


A rotor design with slots on surface for improved water shedding

Drilled and Slotted

A combination of the two designs with holes and slots


A disc with a wavy outline that dissipates dirt and cools off faster

Each of these types provides has its strong and weak sides. Choosing which one to use is dependent on the bike itself and the owner's riding speed.

Solid Discs

The solid disc might not look like much, but compared to the others it has superior mass, which in turn means that it provides better heat dissipation. The heat dissipation on the rotor is as important as the one on the pads. This property makes the solid discs a common choice for instalment in the original equipment manufacturer set. Many of the OEM labelled rotors on eBay are of this type.

Drilled or Cross-Drilled Discs

The drilled or cross-drilled discs were originally designed to prevent the brake pads from out-gassing. This might not be a commonly encountered problem, but the holes in the disk provide other advantages which make them worth considering. Drilled discs cool down faster as air runs through the holes. The holes even provide a nice place for water to escape, creating better contact between the rotor and the pad. These advantages can come in handy for those who intend to ride a motorcycle off road. A hole on the disc does not create any extra wear on the brake pads, but it weakens their structural integrity, which means that discs of this type might need replacement faster.

Slotted Discs

Slotted discs are strictly designed for the purpose of creating good performance during wet conditions. This design is more costly, but the results it provides are superior to those of the drilled discs. A slotted disc allows water to drain faster, creating a dry contact surface. The slots make a rough texture that wears out the brake pads faster, so this type of discs is usually used on racing bikes, where many of the parts are considered expendable over a short period of time.

Drilled and Slotted Discs

The drilled and slotted rotors use a combination of holes and slots in the design to acquire the benefits of both. This has resulted in the creation of high performance show brakes. The drawback of combining their advantages is that the weaknesses are combined as well. That is why this type of brakes is usually not recommended.

Wave Discs

The wave-designed outline of the discs creates a greater surface which allows faster cooling. This type of brakes cannot achieve maximum mass as the wave is not an ideal form, but combined with slots or holes, they are capable of delivering much more in other important fields. The irregular design prevents mud from building up on the surface, which makes wave discs a great choice for an off-road ride.

How to Buy Motorcycle Brakes on eBay

You can find a great deal of brake rotors and pads listed on eBay. If you are looking for an identical replacement part, simply use the part number as a query in the search bar. An exact model number generates more relevant results. Buyers interested in other compatible brake parts can use the make, model and year of the motorcycle to generate a list. Just entering 'motorcycle brakes' as a query works as well. Using this approach returns eBay's full assortment of brakes that can be managed by selection of categories and using the filters offered within.

The offers available on eBay are well sorted and can be reached by navigating through the category menu as well. Shoppers can also start directly from the eBay Motors section. Finding the motorcycle brakes from there is only two steps away. Selecting a relevant category such as 'Motorcycle Parts & Accessories' and then continuing onto the 'Motorcycle Parts' subcategory leads directly to a menu listing all the motorcycle makes. Select the make and then use the filters available to find the desired product.


The importance of motorcycle brakes is unquestionable. Anyone who wishes to enjoy a safe ride on a motorcycle should pay attention when selecting the braking system. A good set of pads and discs is not that easy to choose and requires knowledge in the important brake criteria as well as the different types of brakes. A good brake system is long lasting with good friction performance and stability under pressure. Performance might even vary depending on how the discs and the pads are combined. Organic pads are better combined with cast iron discs while sinter pads form a better combination with steel discs.

When looking on eBay for offers on brakes, shoppers must guide the selection according to personal riding preferences. Not all parts show equal performance during a high speed ride, so be sure to select an adequate set. Do not forget to factor in weather conditions as well. Those planning to go on off-road rides should select models which can handle dirt and water. No matter what one's preferences, the wide range of choices on eBay can help shoppers find the brakes they are searching for.

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