How to Buy Motorcycle Fairings on eBay

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How to Buy Motorcycle Fairings on eBay

Motorcycle fairings are a popular accessory with many motorcycle riders. Fairings are attractive attachments that can add a sense of style and a personal statement to a motorcycle. Motorcycle riders may also choose to have a fairing installed on a bike to reduce wind resistance, improve fuel economy, or just for protection from the elements. Many fairings incorporate a dashboard into the design that covers the handlebar and provides a place to house stereo equipment, extra gauges, and even small storage compartments.

Consumers can avail of a number of different fairing designs on the market; each has unique characteristics and provides a number of benefits for motorcycle riders. Sellers on eBay offer a large selection of fairings for sale, including both new and used parts. Fairings require attachment hardware; eBay is also the place to find fairing nuts, bolts, and decorative accessories to individualise the style of the fairing to reflect the rider's personality. Understanding the different types of fairings available can help buyers make an informed purchase decision.

Styles of Motorcycle Fairings

Motorcycle fairings are generally constructed from ABS plastic, although some designs are built using fibreglass. The fairing can cover a small portion of the bike, and on racing models, it can shield a significant portion of the rider and the front of the bike to help reduce drag from wind resistance. Another advantage of a fairing is that it protects the rider from effects of the wind and airborne items such as bugs, dirt, mud, sand, stones, and other bits of small debris. Fairings in new, used, and remanufactured conditions are available on eBay.

Full Fairings

A full fairing covers the handlebar and may extend over the area of the grips to protect the rider's hands. A full fairing often includes a windshield or windscreen that extends up to approximately the height of the driver's head, when in normal riding position, to protect the face and upper body. The full fairing extends downwards to cover most of the front of the motorcycle and may split similar to the forks to wrap around under the driver's feet.

A full fairing that is designed with smooth flowing lines can help improve the aerodynamics of the motorcycle and add to increased fuel economy. In addition, the full fairing provides the maximum amount of protection to the rider. On some sport bikes, the full fairing may be condensed in size to further reduce wind drag, necessitating the rider to crouch below a short windscreen and hug the motorcycle tightly with the knees.

Half Fairings

Generally, a half fairing covers the area from just below the handlebars up to the height of the windscreen. Attractive and functional, half fairings may incorporate a molded stylish front flare that encircles the headlight of the motorcycle.

Bikini Fairings

Sometimes called quarter fairings, bikini fairings are more of a fashion statement on the motorcycle than an accessory to protect the rider. Bikini fairings usually only amount to a decorative front flare that encircles the headlight assembly. Some bikini fairings come with a windscreen to deflect a small amount of the elements encountered on the road; however, many of the shields are half the size with reduced height.

Belly Pan Fairings

Generally, belly pan fairings are used in conjunction with other fairings to improve the aerodynamics of the motorcycle. The belly pan fairing, as the name suggests, covers the bottom of the bike beneath the engine and transmission.

Fairing Attachments

Fairings attach to the frame of the motorcycle with nuts and bolts. These attachment points must be secure to hold the fairing in place against the turbulence of the wind that passes over the fairing. The feature of fairing attachments that appeal to many motorcycle owners is the ability to customise the fairing bolts and nuts. The various types of fairing bolt attachments provide a means for the owner of the bike to express his or her personality and sense of style. The following chart provides a listing of some popular fairing attachments that can be found on eBay.

Fairing Bolt Type

Customisation Feature

Coloured or Chrome Fairing Bolts

Coloured fairing bolts are often matched to fairing colour or used as a contrasting colour to add distinction. Chrome is always a popular option

Fairing Bolt Tags

Fairing bolt tags actually install with the bolt and provide a place to display a logo or a customer design plate.

Geometric Design Fairing Bolts

Domed headed bolts, square heads with dice spots, spikes, bullet points, hex heads, and ball-shaped bolt heads can be used to match other bolt heads or nuts on the motorcycle

Engraved Fairing Bolts

Having the head of the fairing bolt engraved can provide customisation to the bike

Custom-Designed Fairing Bolts

For a motorcycle owner who has adapted a style to the bike using custom parts such as skulls, animal heads, or other designs, the theme can be carried onto the fairing bolts

Quick-Release Fairing Bolts

For the convenience of riders who want to remove portions of the fairing depending on riding conditions

Most fairings, when purchased, come with standard attachment hardware. However, custom fairing bolts are an option available to motorcycle owners, but the special bolts must be purchased separately.

Buying Motorcycle Fairings on eBay

The ease and convenience of shopping on eBay is a major reason many people choose to buy through the website. Using the tools eBay provides can make locating the correct fairing for your motorcycle a simple process. Getting to know the seller can provide the assurance of a positive buying experience and using the website's secure payment methods adds a level of comfort in the process.

Shopping for Fairings on eBay

If you are looking for a fairing for a motorcycle, then you can use the 'Search Parts & Accessories' tool on the eBay Motors home page to find parts specifically designed for your type of bike. On the search tool, click the tab for motorcycles, use the drop-down menu to select the make of motorcycle you own, and enter the model of the bike in the next field. You can type a search term such as "fairing" in the search bar, and a list of all parts that match your motorcycle is displayed.

Shoppers can also enter keywords such as "black fairing" into any eBay search bar, and a list of all parts that meet the description is displayed. Many fairing parts have a universal fitment, so searching with keywords such as headlight fairing produces a large list that can then be narrowed down by using available qualifiers such as motorcycle parts or scooter parts and new parts or used parts.

Buying From a Specific eBay Seller

Buyers can have confidence in the specific seller who is offering the fairing parts by reviewing that seller's feedback rating. Previous buyers who have purchased from that seller rate their satisfaction with the manner in which the seller handled the transaction and may leave comments for future buyers to read. By reviewing that feedback, you can get a sense of the manner in which the seller deals with customers. To communicate with the seller about specifics of the items you are considering purchasing, you can use the contact information to pose your questions related to the items, purchase process, or shipping of the part. Buyer feedback is a valuable tool that helps you make smart decisions about who to work with on eBay. The feedback also ensures smoother transactions on the website.

Completing the Purchase on eBay

Finalising your purchase with the seller is easy and safe with the tools eBay has provided. After committing to purchase the fairing or fairing parts, you need to transfer funds online to the seller in order to complete the transaction. By using any of the secure methods of payment that eBay provides access to, you can complete the sale quickly and easily, with the assurance that the transaction is protected.


The appearance of a motorcycle often says a lot about the personality of its owner. Accessorising motorcycles has grown to an art form amongst many motorcycle enthusiasts. Outfitting a motorcycle in a specific theme can entail using accessories that depict that theme right down to the nuts and bolts used to assemble parts on the bike.

Fairings are no different; a motorcycle owner can match the fairing to the bike's style through the design of the fairing or the use of custom fairing bolts. In addition to making a style statement, motorcycle riders also install fairings on their bikes to protect them from the force of the wind when riding and to prevent road debris from striking them during a trip down the motorway. Fairings can also offer bike owners an aerodynamic advantage that helps the motorcycle handle better in the wind, and with the reduction of drag, the engine can deliver better fuel economy.

eBay can help motorcycle owners find the fairings they are looking for. Prospective buyers are likely to find sellers who have the exact style of fairings they need. And, thanks to the website's many useful tools, making a purchase is easy and convenient.

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