How to Buy Motorcycle Levers on eBay

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How to Buy Motorcycle Levers on eBay

Every motorcycle lover knows the thrill that comes with pulling in the clutch, shifting the gears up and down, and rolling on the throttle on a bike. The most basic components for running a motorcycle are found in the motorcycle levers that allow the rider to use the clutch, gear shift, and front and rear brakes. The motorcycle levers that come with the original bike are known as the stock levers, which refer to the original manufacturer's designed parts for the main body. Many riders like to customise different aspects of their motorcycles by changing the parts, such as the levers. Levers also can break over time, especially the gear shift and the rear brake by the feet, if the bike is not handled with care.

Buying replacement motorcycle levers does not have to be difficult; they can be purchased in stores or online, though ordering online saves the shopper time and money by letting customers compare prices and deliver to any address. Shoppers can use websites like eBay to customise their search criteria and order motorcycle levers that meet their desired price range, customisation, or fit.

How Motorcycle Levers Work

Motorcycle levers are the main component that controls the mechanism for the brakes, clutch, and gear shifts of the bike, which allow the motorist to control the motorcycle's speed, stopping, and gear shifting capabilities. The lever is characterised by a rod-like or somewhat cylindrical shape, and they are located on both grips on the handlebars as well as by both foot pegs on the sides of the motorcycle. This allows the motorcyclist to control speed and braking without having to be distracted from controlling the motorcycle itself. Like in manual vehicles, the clutch can be found on the left side; however, on motorcycles, the clutch lever is controlled by the left hand rather than the left foot. The gear shift lever is at the left foot and is controlled by the toe, which pushes the lever up or down to switch from gear to gear. Both the gear shift and the clutch should be operated at the same time when changing gears. The front brake lever is on the grip by the right hand, and the rear brake lever is by the right foot. Both brakes should be used simultaneously to give the motorcyclist the utmost control when needing to slow down or stop.

Different Types of Motorcycle Levers

There are four main types of motorcycle levers that are available for purchase: the front brake, rear brake, clutch, and gear shift levers. Each lever has a different specific location on the motorcycle, as well as a different function in operating the machine.

Lever Type


Front Brake Lever

Generally found on the right side of the handlebar.

Controls the front brakes of the motorcycle by squeezing the lever.

Intended to be used simultaneously with the rear brake of the motorcycle.

Applying the front brake lever to come to a quick stop, to slow down on treacherous road conditions, or to slow or stop when the front tire is turned, can lead to an accident.

Rear Brake Lever

Found by the right foot pedal.

When pressed with the foot, the rear brake lever slows the motorcycle by controlling the rear tire.

Applying the rear brake can help stabilise and control the motorcycle during turns or wobbly instances.

Front and rear brakes should be operated simultaneously to safely control the motorcycle.

Clutch Lever

Allows the motorcyclist to shift the gears by disengaging the clutch with the left hand on the handlebar.

Necessary for shifting gears up and down.

Gear Shift Lever

Located by the left foot pedal for easy shifting of gears.

Moves up or down with the rider's toe.

Allows the motorcyclist to increase speed or downshift brake by changing gears.

Works simultaneously with the clutch lever.

Some may want to replace all four levers on their motorcycles, while others only need to quickly replace one. The gear shift lever and the rear brake lever can be easily damaged during abnormal riding, since they are close to the ground and can stick out if not fitted correctly for the occasion. The clutch and the front brake levers are displayed on the grips of the handlebar, showing off any custom designs right away on the front of the bike.

Stock Levers

Stock motorcycle levers refer to the original equipment manufacturers designed product for the model of the motorcycle. Stock levers are ideal for the individual who needs to buy new motorcycle levers but does not have a desire to customise the look of the bike with different levers. Stock levers are fairly affordable as they are common to find in stores or online, and they are mass-produced by manufacturers, which drops the price down. Besides affordable prices, stock levers also are more likely to function flawlessly with the motorcycle, as the lever's design is intended to be compatible with the make and model of the bike of the same manufacturer.

Shoppers can buy stock parts either new or used. The benefit of purchasing new stock motorcycle levers is that motorcyclists can enjoy the warranty that comes with new parts for the bike, in case anything malfunctions or is damaged upon delivery. New stock levers might be more expensive than used ones, but they relieve a large chunk of doubt regarding the performance of the levers on the motorcycle. The other option for shoppers is buying used stock levers, which is the more affordable option for motorcyclists. For the most part, used stock levers are sold on the market when motorcycle owners decide to change out stock parts for customised aftermarket parts, leaving the preexisting stock levers in excellent condition and usable for other riders. However, it is still important that shoppes thoroughly inspect the lever for any kinks or damage done to the lever. The lever should be tested on the motorcycle thoroughly before going for a cruise, in order to avoid any accidents from malfunctioning levers.

Aftermarket Levers

Aftermarket levers refer to any lever that is built by a different manufacturer from the one that built the motorcycle. Purchasing aftermarket levers for one's motorcycle gives the motorcyclist options when seeking to customise the bike's look. Aftermarket levers allow shoppers to pick from a diverse selection in various sizes, lengths, shapes, and styles, which can come in handy when riding motorcycles in certain environments or styles. For instance, dirt bikes do not benefit from long levers; thus, buying an aftermarket lever that is shorter and is less likely to hit the ground on turns or uneven trails is a wise purchasing decision. Buying aftermarket motorcycle levers can mean that the levers do not fit well since they are not made by the original manufacturer as the motorcycle.

What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Levers

When shopping for the right motorcycle levers, it is important to consider three factors: price, customisation, and brand preference. Many motorcyclists enjoy customising their motorcycles for ultimate comfort and performance, as well as to represent a favourite brand like Triumph or Yamaha. The price of customisation, however, also comes into play and may limit the levels of customisation that a motorcyclist can do to the bike.

Price is perhaps the most central factor for motorcyclists who want to buy new levers. There is an option for shoppers of every budget. The stock levers are the most affordable option, since they are mass-produced, designed for one's bike, and not customised in any way. For those who are willing to spend a little more, the aftermarket levers offer shoppers freedom in customising their motorcycle with levers of varying shapes, sizes, and even design. Both stock and aftermarket motorcycle levers are available in new and used conditions, and used levers are often more affordable. Many used levers even come in fairly brand-new condition, as they are replaced with aftermarket levers by motorcyclists who want to customise their look.

Besides price, shoppers should also take into consideration the level of customisation that they want to apply to their motorcycle's look and feel. The levers are just a small aspect of customising one's bike; other parts of the motorcycle's body like the saddlebags, pipes, and gas tank can also be changed from stock parts to create an entirely new motorcycle. For those who do not desire a heavy custom makeover for their motorcycle, purchasing stock levers is the best option. Aftermarket motorcycle levers, on the other hand, give the shopper more customisation choices.

Lastly, many avid motorcyclists have a strong sense of loyalty to a given brand, especially for the brand of one's motorcycle. Aftermarket motorcycle levers are made by several manufacturers to provide more custom designs that the stock levers do not have; loyal Triumph customers can purchase aftermarket Triumph levers to create a bike more unique than what people see in dealerships.

Shoppers should consider price, customisation opportunities, and brand loyalty when looking for the right motorcycle levers. There are options for shoppers with every budget level, customisation preference, and favourite brand, and the desired levers can be found easily by using eBay.

Buying Motorcycle Levers on eBay

When customising or replacing the levers on one's motorcycle, finding the right part to fit the bike does not have to be a tricky task. eBay offers its users intuitive search tools and a large database to find the most relevant items for sale, such as the search box and eBay motors. The search box can be found on every page at eBay, and shoppers can simply insert keywords like 'Yamaha clutch lever' or 'aftermarket Triumph lever'. The search box is helpful for those who want to quickly type in a keyword and find relevant results as soon as possible. The search results that appear on-screen can then be filtered by price range, brand, and shipping location. The other helpful feature on eBay is eBay motors, where shoppers can specify the year, make, and model of their motorcycle before searching for the levers they desire to buy. This ensures that every search result is completely compatible with the shopper's motorcycle.

When buying motorcycle levers on eBay, it is important that shoppers research the reputation of the seller by looking at feedback left from previous customers. The feedback provides insight into the overall shopping experience with the seller, as past clients can give ratings and write descriptions about the seller's trustworthiness and the product's quality.


Operating one's motorcycle and looking good doing it should not be mutually exclusive. The function and safety of a motorcycle greatly depends on the quality of its levers, which are located on the grips as well as by the feet for easy manoeuvring while keeping an eye on the road. The clutch, gear shift, and brake levers can be purchased either as stock or aftermarket. Stock levers come from the original equipment manufacturer, which guarantees a perfect fit on the same-brand motorcycle, and the stock levers are more affordable options as well. The aftermarket levers, on the other hand, generally refer to the levers not made by the brand and allow for more liberty with the customisation that the motorcyclist desires.

Motorcycle levers of every size, shape, brand, and price range can be found when using eBay to search for relevant items. The price range can also be set while searching the web for more affordable choices. So whether riders are taking the motorcycle to the open road or enjoying dirt bikes on the beaches, eBay is a great place to start when shopping for motorcycle levers.

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