How to Buy Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

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How to Buy Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

One of the great advantages of replacing a tube television with a brilliant flat screen LCD or plasma television is the ability to mount the new television on a wall, creating a home theatre experience without much fuss. Adding a motorised wall mount to the television viewing experience allows the screen to be positioned so it can be seen from nearly any spot in the room. Using a motorised wall mount that tilts and pans is an efficient, convenient way to adjust the television’s position when viewing issues such as glare or obstacles interfere with a clear view of the screen.

Several types of motorised wall mounts are available in the market, including those made for a specific brand or model of television by the manufacturer, or universal mounts that are compatible with multiple brands of flat screen televisions. After researching the various types of wall mounts, a potential buyer can browse the continually changing listings on eBay for a motorised wall mount that accommodates the needs. These space-saving devices offer a simple way to add ease of viewing and style to a living room, home theatre, or office space where a flat screen television is installed.

Types of Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

A motorised wall mount for an LCD, LED, or plasma television set is a bracket that is installed on a wall, allowing for the television to be positioned using a remote control. The adjustment position is described in degrees off the center axis, whether it pans around the vertical axis or tilts around the horizontal axis.

Two primary types of motorised wall mounts are available for use in the home. The swing-out wall mount is well suited for substantial televisions and rooms where a wide viewing angle is required. The flush wall mount is a good option for those with low-profile televisions and where a very wide viewing angle is not necessary. Both kinds of wall mounts often feature convenient preset positions to automatically set the television to the desired position when the television power button is activated. When the television is turned off, the mount reverts to its original position. Some wall mounts are compatible with universal television remote controls.

Swing-Out Wall Mount

The swing-out television wall mount comprises of a sturdy bracket, installed on the wall as a base, and a moveable arm bracket that holds the television. Utilising a remote control to activate an electric motor to adjust the position of the arm bracket, the consumer can easily adjust the position of the television for an optimal viewing experience. With sufficient wall clearance, the television can be positioned along the vertical axis so it can be turned up to 180 degrees. The tilt function of the bracket can adjust the television so it can be adjusted above or below its horizontal axis. The arm of the swing-out wall mount can be installed to open to the right or the left.

A variation on the swing-out wall mount is the one-way wall mount. Instead of using a long arm to position the television, a small mounting plate rotates the television up to 90 degrees in one direction. This type of wall mount is a good choice for a room where bidirectional visibility is not required.

Flush Wall Mount

The low-profile flush wall mount is a popular choice for consumers who have ultra-slim televisions. This style of wall mount includes a bracket that attaches the assembly to the wall, a perpendicular arm that extends the television from the wall, and a mount that holds the television away from the wall. These motorised wall mounts generally allow the television to pan approximately 20 degrees on either side of the central axis for additional visibility within a room. A tilting wall mount adjusts the television along the horizontal axis, so it can be adjusted down or up, usually 5 degrees towards the ceiling and 15 degrees towards the floor.

This style of wall mount is well suited for rooms where the audience is centrally positioned in front of the television. It is also a good solution for use in rooms where the sun's glare may make it difficult to see the image when the television is stationary, especially when the owner cannot or does not want to manually reposition the television.

Considerations in Buying Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

As the size, layout, and lighting conditions differ for each room, it is important for a consumer to consider several factors before choosing a motorised wall mount. If there is any question about whether the wall mount being considered is compatible with the television, the buyer should verify this information with the seller.

Motorised Wall Mount Compatibility with Television

While some television manufacturers produce wall mounts that are designed for specific brands and models, it is important to verify that the year the television was made is within the wall mount’s compatibility specifications. Wall mounts customarily identify the screen size range that fit the assembly, and each wall mount has specific weight limits. The consumer should also ensure that the television does not exceed the load the mounting assembly can bear and that it is the proper size for the wall mount. Additionally, the buyer should verify the limitations, if any, on the type of television inputs the motorised wall mount is compatible with.

VESA Size of Television

To simplify the process of determining whether a television fits a particular wall mount or bracket, a consumer needs to identify the VESA size of the television. The VESA size was developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) to standardise television brackets and fit them to matching TVs. The television's VESA size is detailed in the owner's manual. One can also determine the VESA size by measuring the distance between the horizontal mounting holes and the vertical mounting holes. For example, mounting holes that are 200 mm apart horizontally and 400 mm vertically indicate a VESA measurement of 200x400.

Installation Requirements of Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

Motorised wall mounts usually require electrical wiring to power the bracket motor. Moreover, the bulk, weight, and fragility of a costly LCD or plasma television makes it essential that the assembly be mounted and wired by a professional installer or someone who has experience with the process. Many wall mounts include templates and directions for a successful and safe installation. A cable management system should be included to keep the cables and wires neatly tucked out of sight and away from the motorised components of the assembly.

Operational Features of Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts

Many motorised wall mounts include a safety feature that stops the unit from moving if it is too close to the wall. This protects the wall, the television, and bystanders from any damage that may occur. In some instances, the proximity settings are calibrated to be too sensitive, and this can stop the movement of the mount if it detects cables bunched up near the wall. Issues such as this can be solved by referring to the owner's manual. In addition, the buyer should determine how far from the wall the unit sits while fully retracted when not in use.

When considering a motorised wall mount, a potential buyer should ensure that the accompanying remote is included with the assembly. The buyer should also enquire whether the mounting assembly is compatible with a universal remote control, or whether it requires a specific remote to activate the motor. Motorised wall mounts utilise infrared, IR, or RS-232 remote controls.

The motor should be silent or near-silent when in operation, and it should have a rating of 40-45 dB when in operation. Units that produce a higher decibel level can interfere with the enjoyment of the viewing experience, distracting the audience or even drowning out the audio.

A motorised wall mount with a variable speed motor is a plus, allowing the user to control the adjustment rate of the television. This is a useful feature when the user is moving the television away from the sun's glare or is precisely customising the viewing angle

Find Motorised LCD and Plasma Wall Mounts on eBay

While motorised television wall mounts can be purchased from electronics stores or various online sources, the continually changing listings on eBay allow you to select the right wall mount for your television with ease. Your search begins on any eBay page, where you may enter "motorised wall mount" or "electric wall mount" in the search box. The subcategories displayed include the type of assembly, VESA size, condition, style, and brand. If you want a particular type of wall mount, you may enter that information in the search field. For example, by entering "Samsung TV mount", listings that match this term are displayed.

eBay offers comprehensive information on each seller, including feedback ratings, customer comments, and selling policies. It is important to communicate with the seller to ensure that your questions are adequately answered. Because some motorised wall mounts are heavy, it is important that you clarify the seller's delivery and return policies. You may wish to buy from a local seller within a certain distance from your postcode. If the seller is amenable to a local pickup, you may choose to collect the wall mount in person after the transaction has been successfully concluded.


A flat-screen LCD or plasma television can be the focal point of the entertainment system in a living room, home theatre, or office conference room. Having the ability to mount the television to a wall is a great way to display the unit, and utilising a motorised wall mount makes the viewing experience more vivid and more comfortable. Choosing the wall mount that suits the consumer's television, room, and viewing needs transforms an ordinary television or movie night into a customised screening experience.

Motorised wall mounts allow the television to tilt up and down, pan left and right up to 180 degrees, and swing away from the wall. Flush mount assemblies allow a slim television to be positioned to suit the viewer's preferences while maintaining the unit's sleek and stylish appearance. Buying a new or used motorised wall mount on eBay is a budget-friendly way for a consumer to enhance an entertainment system. By researching the seller's policies, comments from buyers, dispatch reliability, and delivery costs on eBay, consumers can find the right motorised wall mount for their LCD or plasma televisions in an efficient manner.

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