How to Buy New vs. Used Thermal Body Suits

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How to Buy New vs. Used Thermal Body Suits

Thermal body suits are used as a means of keeping the wearer as warm as possible while in cold or windy conditions. They are used in a wide variety of sports.

Those who take part in sports that require them to be outside for extended periods of time, perhaps in cold conditions, wear thermal body suits as a means of retaining body heat. There are also sportsmen, such as cyclists, who wear thermal bodysuits as a way of preventing cold weather affecting their core temperature and the cold winds that occur when riding at speed.

Whilst most prefer to buy thermal bodysuits as new, there are those available on the likes of eBay for more affordable price as used.

This guide is written for the purpose of taking prospective thermal bodysuit buyers through the decisions and deliberations between buying one as new or as used.

Types of Thermal Body Suit

There are two types of thermal body suit. These two types are used for different purposes and for different sports. It is important to know which type of thermal body suit is best suited to personal requirements, especially as one of the types has an abundance of used body suits available on sites such as eBay, whereas the other do not.

Overall Thermal Body Suits

Overall body suits are designed to be worn as a form of overall, on top of other clothing. They provide a thick layer of protection from many of the environmental elements that affect sportsmen who are outside for long periods of time, often in rough conditions.

Here are some of the properties of overall thermal body suits:

- Windproof: Overall thermal body suits are made to be extremely windproof. The thick materials and features used such as wrist cuffs and ankle fasteners mean that windy conditions do not affect the warmth of the wearer. Thermal body suits of this nature also tend to have hoods that can be detached or adjusted to further the wearer's protection against wind. Thermal body suits of this type tend to be worn by the likes of fishermen and occasionally hunters.

- Waterproof: Thermal body suits of this nature are also intended to protect the wearer from rain and wet conditions. If clothing gets wet during a fishing or hunting trip, the body temperature is lowered and can potentially cause illness. The waterproof nature of overall thermal body suits prevents this from happening via the waterproof material that it uses.

There are overall thermal body suits available as both new and used on the likes of eBay.

Under Garment Thermal Body Suits

This type of thermal body suit differs to that of overall thermal body suits in that they are recommended to be worn underneath items of clothing or as a means of warmth retention on their own. They are also often worn by avid campers. Cyclists and even motorcyclists often wear this type of body suit as means of protection from the cold air that rushes past them whilst riding in colder conditions.

They are also worn by swimmers and surfers who wish to keep warm in colder waters and retain body heat.

Under garment thermal body suits are:

- Thinner: The material used in the production of under garment thermal body suits is thinner. This makes it more suitable to be worn under clothing, as it is much less conspicuous and restrictive than the likes of an overall thermal body suit. This does not detract from the thermal body suits ability to keep out water, however.

- Tighter: These body suits are tighter to the skin of the wearer than overall body suits. This is done as a way of retaining body heat and ensuring that it does not escape, in order to keep the wearer as warm as possible.

Thermal Bodysuit Materials

Whether one wishes to buy a thermal body suit as new or used, the materials that are used in their manufacturing are often important in regards to their quality or the price that should be paid for them. Furthermore, there are certain materials that are less likely to be available as brand new and may need to be found on the likes of eBay as second hand or used.

The following is a table designed to explain the various materials used in the production of thermal body suits in order to help potential buyers decide which material to go for:


This material is most commonly used in the production of overall thermal body suits. It is tightly woven so as to prevent wind affecting the wearer and can also be specially blended and treated to make it waterproof, if not water resistant. It is a light material, meaning that the wearer of a polyester overall thermal body suit is not too restricted in the nature and speed of movements. However, it is thick enough, especially with a lining inside, to ensure that wearer stays warm throughout.


Lycra is used a lot in the production of thermal body suits that are to be worn underneath clothing or as a single means of protection against the cold. It is a stretchy material, which means that it is made to a size smaller than the wearer so that it fits tightly but comfortably. One of the advantages of lycra is that it is a breathable material. This means that they can also be worn as a means of keeping cool.

Lycra/Cotton Mix

A lot of under garment thermal body suits will use a mix of cotton and lycra to ensure that the material of the body suit is both light and comfortable, whilst also providing the protection against cold conditions that is required. The cotton provides the lightness and comfortability, whereas a high percentage of lycra in the mix will provide the water resistance and tight fitting nature that is needed for an under garment thermal body suit.

Advantages of Buying a New Thermal Body Suit

There are several advantages to buying a new thermal body suit, whether it is to be worn over the top of clothing as an under garment or as an overall on top of clothing.

Here are the advantages to buying a new thermal body suit:

- Better Condition: The condition of the thermal body suit will be perfect if bought as new. In this instance there is no need to worry about wear and tear or stitching imperfections that may play a role in decreasing the effectiveness of the body suit.

- Better Fit: This is especially true if one is buying an under garment or tight fitting thermal body suit. As the body suit will be new, it will fit tightly and comfortably on the skin. When buying a used body suit it is possible that if it has been worn many times that the fit will be looser due to extensive wear and stretching. A better fit allows for an all round better performance.

- Longer Lasting: A new thermal body suit will generally last longer than a used body suit that has been worn a number of times. The wear and tear that eventually occurs when wearing a body suit will happen later on in the life of the body suit, making it more of a worthwhile investment.

Advantages of Buying a Used Thermal Body Suit

Whilst there are advantages to buying a brand new thermal body suit, buying used from a site such as eBay also has its benefits. These benefits include:

- Previous Owner: This may not seem like an obvious benefit but it can play to the advantage of those who wish to buy a used thermal body suit. On the one hand, if the thermal body suit has been worn multiple times, its been shown to be effective and that it actually works. Most of the time, second hand sellers are selling because they would like the money or do not use their product anymore. On the other hand, if the body suit has not been worn a lot then one is acquiring a body suit that is pretty close to brand new but for a lesser price.

- Affordability: Buying a used body suit means that the price will be less than that of a new thermal body suit. This is an advantage to those who may have budget constraints or may wish to purchase a thermal body suit that is only going to be used semi-regularly and does not warrant the spending of any more money to buy new.

Buying New and Used Thermal Body Suits on eBay

Regardless of whether one wishes to buy a new thermal body suit or a used thermal body suit, one of the best places to go to acquire one is eBay. The site allows buyers to purchase their desired items in a number of ways that also means that the prices may be lower than can be found elsewhere, both online and on the high street.

To view the range of thermal body suits available on eBay, head to the Sporting Goods category of the site. The good thing about thermal body suits is that they can be used in a number of sports, so select either FishingCampingSwimming or even Cycling and then use the keyword search bar to find the body suit of choice.

When buying used, most sellers will allow the buyer to place a Bid to try and win the item in an auction, whereas a lot of new sellers will provide the option to buy the thermal body suit instantly with the Buy It Now facility. Some sellers may even offer the chance for potential buyers to put forward a Best Offer. There is a Buyer Tips page set up by eBay to help first time buyers further understand these buying options.


Thus, it is a completely subjective decision as to whether to buy a new or used thermal body suit.

If one has a budget limit or wishes to purchase a thermal body suit that is not going to be used on a regular basis, then it is recommended to buy a thermal body suit as used. If this is the case, one should look out for any signs of wear and tear and only pay a price that is representative of the condition of the body suit.

On the other hand, if monetary limits aren't as much of an issue, it is ultimately better to buy a thermal body suit as new. New thermal body suits that can be used for fishing or cycling are readily available as new on auction sites such as eBay.

When using the site, in order to ensure that a secure and sensible transaction takes place, be sure to read through the terms and conditions of both eBay and PayPal.

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