How to Buy Old Mobile Phones for Salvaging Replacement Parts

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How to Buy Old Mobile Phones for Salvaging Replacement Parts

When a mobile phone goes wrong or breaks down, the cost of repair can be significant. If a phone is out of warranty, even buying the parts can be very expensive. However choosing to buy old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts can be a cheap and effective solution.

The Advantages to Buying Old Mobile Phones for Salvaging Replacement Parts

Though new parts may be considered the first choice, there are a lot of advantages to buying old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts that cannot be provided from alternative sources of repair.



The overwhelming advantage to buying old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts has to be the cost. Buying an old mobile phone can be significantly cheaper than buying standard replacement parts either when they are new or second hand. And costs can be reduced even further by buying a phone that doesn't actually work. Such a handset will be of little use to the vendor, and, therefore, the price on offer can be much more attractive. Furthermore, though only one part will be used in the current repair. By buying an entire phone for parts, it is possible to store other elements of the handset so that they are available for future repairs, thus decreasing the cost of maintaining a handset for years to come.


When buying a complete phone that has not been repaired before, it is possible to guarantee the quality of the parts being purchased. And though branded spare parts may be out of budget, taking used parts from the same handset and using them to repair the phone means the phone has a greater chance of operating at the same level of quality as it did before.


Ultimately the best way to know whether a phone part is going to fit in a particular handset is to take it out of the same make and model of phone. In this way, it is possible to be confident that the correct part has been purchased and that the fit is going to be accurate.


As new models of mobiles and smartphones come out all the time, many older models are now being discontinued. And when production of the handset stops, it is usual that production of the parts for those handsets also wanes. This makes it very difficult for the DIY enthusiast to find parts for repairing phones in the long term. However, by buying an entire old phone, it is possible to obtain parts much more easily and continue the operation of a much loved handset for a lot longer.

Environmental Impact

By recycling an old phone and using it again, the impact of such technology on the environment is also being improved. Though many say that technology is eating away at the natural world, improving the level of recycling and reducing the level of wastage can have a significant impact on anyone's carbon footprint.

Cosmetic Benefit

Though the colour of spare parts is not an issue when used inside the phone, the actual colour of a replacement battery cover or replacement antenna is another matter altogether. When buying brand new parts, there is always the risk that the manufacturer has changed the style or shade of the parts produced so that it is only clear when the new part is in place that there is a cosmetic disparity. However, by using an old phone that was built at relatively the same time as the one that needs repairing, it is much more likely that the spare part will not look out of place. And though it is never wise to choose a part that has been damaged, by using a part that has been used before, the new piece is also more likely to be in keeping with the overall image of the phone and not stand out like a sore thumb.

Points to Consider When Choosing to Buy Old Mobile Phones for Salvaging Replacement Parts

When carrying out any DIY mobile phone repair, key points should be considered and addressed before moving forward.


The key to effectively buying old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts is to get exactly the same phone as the one that needs repairing. Even if the model number is slightly different, do not buy a phone for parts that is not the same as the original handset unless it is obvious that the part required is going to fit. Though most makes of phone will have a standard size for screens and batteries for most models, the product only has to be a millimetre or so different and the repair will fail.

Cost of Tools

Though the parts themselves may not cost much, it is also necessary to understand the cost of any tools required to carry out the repair. Some older phones may only require a small screwdriver to get the job done, however, newer smartphones may require more specialised equipment that can be very costly. If this repair is likely to be a one off, then the cost of buying the necessary equipment must be taken into consideration to ensure such a course of action is still viable.


Before opening any technical equipment, it is essential to obtain the necessary expertise to get the job done. Though a mobile repair shop may be happy to undertake a repair after a failed DIY attempt, this could be very costly. Gather all the necessary information before starting to obtain the best chance of success. Online guides are available for most types of mobile phone repair and can make all the difference between success and failure for a novice.

Impact on Warranty

Check on the status of the warranty on the damaged phone before attempting to carry out any repair. It is usual for the warranty of a phone to be invalidated if it is repaired by anyone who is not a licensed operator, even if using manufacturer endorsed parts. Balance the cost of the loss of any outstanding warranty with the benefit of a cheap repair and make a decision before even opening the case. Once the case is opened, there may be no turning back.

What Parts of a Mobile Phone Can Be Salvaged for Replacement Parts

The number of elements that can be repaired using parts of a mobile phone that has been salvaged is only limited to the number of working parts in the phone itself. Buy the best quality old phone possible with the least amount of damage, and it is possible to replace almost any section of the handset with a little expertise and know how. Even if professional expertise is required to actually carry out the repair, it is always worth asking whether it is possible to provide the parts from salvaged mobile phones. By doing this, it can significantly reduce the cost of the repair and the time taken to get the handset back in working order.

Find Old Mobile Phones for Salvaging Replacement Parts on eBay

There are two key sections within eBay to find old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts. The first is to use a mobile phone that is in working order. This will reduce the risk that the part required is not operational and will ensure that maximum amount of remaining parts can also be salvaged for future repairs. To find working old phones for parts, first go to the Electronics & Technology category which can be found on the home page. From here, select the Mobile Phone & Communication sub section. Mobiles & Smartphones is then an option within this section which will list all the phones available on the site. This search can then be further refined using the brand, model, and other features available on this page. However, phones that are specifically for parts or not working can be found by selecting this option under the Conditions feature on Mobiles and Smartphones page. Due to the limited ability of such units, prices in this section are usually considerably cheaper and can provide a cost effective alternative when repairing an existing handset. For more refined searches, it is also possible to use the search engine on eBay's homepage so that the list created will match the requirements that are entered.


Buying old mobile phones for salvaging replacement parts can be a cost effective and reliable way for any DIY repairer to restore their phone. It can be cheaper than buying branded new parts and it provides other parts that can then be used in further repairs at a later date. By buying the exact model as the handset in need of repair, there is no question over whether the parts will fit and it will even show the novice how the part needs to be installed. For a fast, effective, and cost efficient method of repairing a mobile phone, salvaging replacement parts provides the ideal solution.

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