How to Buy Paint on eBay

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How to Buy Paint on eBay

Buying paint for children's crafts is a process that requires some preparation, especially because there are so many options available. Whether one is interested in buying paint to be used on paper, wood, or metal, the possibilities abound, it is essential to learn more about each type of paint before making a purchase. Not all types of paint are suitable for all surfaces, so buyers should choose a specific type of paint according to the type of crafts their children are interested in.

A good way to make sure the paint for a craft project is chosen right is browsing through as many brands and nuances as possible. This can be easy to do when a buyer chooses to shop for paint on eBay. By shopping for paint on eBay, buyers can choose the type of paint they need from hundreds of brands and colours available from a variety of sellers. Learning how to find paint on eBay may ease the process and make the buying process a breeze.

What to Look For When Buying Paint on eBay

Craft paints are versatile and they can be used for a large range of home and school projects. They can be used to add colour to an entirely new project or simply for touching up and existing item. The choice of a certain type of paint should be based on the surface one intends to use it on. There are different paints suitable for wood, paper, glass, and fabric, so buyers should make sure the paint they buy on eBay adheres well on the surface of their choice.

Paint Sets vs. Separate Colours

Most types of paint come in a wide variety of colours and it may be difficult sometimes to settle for just a few of them. Those who are looking to buy paint for a beginner's project should look for a set of paints that contains the basic colours. These sets can be easily found on eBay and often come with six or twelve colours. This number of colours is enough for getting a large palette of shades by mixing them according to preference. Experienced users may choose to buy their paint separately. Depending on the type of paint they are looking for on eBay and the size of their project, buyers can choose to purchase small or large containers. Buyers who tend to use a certain type of paint regularly may be better off with larger containers, because they are less expensive in the long run.

Choosing the Right Paint Colours

Possibly a difficult part of buying paint on eBay is choosing the right colours. This can be done by reading the product description carefully and looking for a colour chart. Many sellers provide this feature, which is very useful especially when it comes to buying the colours separately. Experienced users may choose the right colours simply by looking at their names.

Choosing the Types of Paints on eBay

Buyers who are shopping for paint on eBay can select from a variety of choices. Common paint types include acrylic paint, oil paints, tempera paints, watercolour paints, and gouache paints. All these types of paints have their own specific characteristics, and they should be chosen according to the type of craft project. The chart below illustrates the main characteristics of the main types of paint one can find on eBay.

Type of Paint

Main Characteristics


Acrylic Paint

available in both small and large containers; fast drying properties; nontoxic; can be easily cleaned with warm water; thicker than watercolours; easy to blend with other colours; usually diluted with water

ceramics, painting paper, metal, plaster, and wood; acrylic varnishes can be used for a shiny finish; great for beginners

Oil Paint

consists of pigments suspended in a drying oil; slow drying time; durable and easily to blend; bright colours; can be left open for long periods of time; may be more expensive than other types of paint

blending with surrounding paint; ideal for canvas

Tempera Paint

one of the oldest painting mediums; relatively inexpensive; can be easily washed; produces a smooth, matte finish; dries quickly; allows for great precision

paper and canvas

Watercolour Paint

consists of pigments suspended in a water soluble vehicle; has been used since ancient time; employs a variety of techniques specific to the medium; very easy to blend

ideal for paper; the colours appear somewhat transparent on the paper; suitable for smaller children and beginners

Gouache Paint

easy to dilute in water; similar to watercolour, but with larger pigment particles; can be made water resistant when mixed with an acrylic medium; high pigmentation

great for adding texture; better left unvarnished

Spray Paint

comes as an aerosol product; can be dispensed as a fine mist; faster application than using a brush; uniform application; available in a wide range of colours

wood and metal

Fabric Craft Paint

does not soak into the material; does not stiffen the material as acrylic does; can be bought in simple colours or with added glitter

variety of fabrics


come in the form of pencils with pure powdered pigment; come in various textures; easy to blend with the fingers; no waiting for the colours to dry

various types of paper and canvas

When choosing the right type of paint for a crafts project on eBay, buyers should make sure they read the product description offered by the seller. If photos of the product are available, buyers should look at the photos as well. The quality and shades of the paints may vary from one manufacturer to another and it is often a matter of trial and error before finding the right one for a project.

How to Buy Painting Accessories on eBay

When shopping for craft paints on eBay, buyers may also need to buy painting supports and accessories in order to start their projects. Important accessories are paintbrushes and support. These come in a wide variety of models and sizes and their characteristics may vary from one brand to another. Some other types of paint accessories that may prove useful for a crafts project include palettes, varnish, and mediums.

When it comes to brushes, there are several main types to choose from. Some of the most popular include round, pointed round, bright, flat, filbert, fan, angular flat, and detail round brushes. Each one of these brushes is intended for specific uses and buyers should first determine the type of project they want to complete as well as its size in order to be able to find the right paint brush on eBay. This is also true when it comes to selecting the support for a specific craft project. Whether one is interested in working with wood, glass, canvas, paper, or fabric, there are numerous varieties of these materials available on eBay for all preferences and budgets.

How to Find Paint on eBay

If you are looking to buy paint for your child's art or craft projects, you need to make sure you look at what is offered on the market before making a choice. You should also take into account the child's preferences, as well as any specific directions they may have for their project. A great place where you can browse a multitude of types of paint and painting accessories is eBay. By choosing to shop on eBay, you get access to thousands of products available from a wide range of sellers. This way, you can find exactly what you need in just a few minutes.

In order to start searching for the right type of paint on eBay, you should type the name of the product you are looking for into the search bar located on every page of the website. If you are looking for watercolour paints for example, you should type the words 'watercolour paints' into the search bar. In many cases, you are bound to get a large number of results, but you can narrow them down by brand, size, colour, price, and more. Remember that you can save some money on delivery fees if you choose to buy from a local eBay seller.


Paint for children's craft projects comes in a wide variety of types and colours, and choosing the right one for a specific use can be rather difficult. It is important to pay attention to the instructions provided by the manufacturer in order to find out whether a certain type of paint is suitable for a particular support. Shopping around for a quality product at an affordable price may take some time, but by choosing to shop on eBay, buyers can find a large variety of products in one place.

eBay offers buyers an intuitive search system that allows them to locate the exact type of paint they need without too much hassle. It is important to read carefully the product descriptions provided by the seller in order to make sure the product is a good choice for one's specific needs. Regardless of the type of paint or paint accessories buyers are looking for, chances are they can find all they need on eBay.

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