How to Buy Pairs of Bedside Tables

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How to Buy Pairs of Bedside Tables

Bedside tables are a great way to add extra storage and appeal to a bedroom. Bedside tables come in a variety of materials, shapes, sizes, and colours, so buying a matching pair for a room requires consideration and care. Learn about the different types and sizes of bedside tables before shopping in order to choose matching bedside tables that suit your needs and the room's decor.


Bedside Table Size

Bedside table pairs come in several different sizes and heights, and while width and size is mostly a personal concern, height is another issue. Many people prefer their bedside tables to be level with or lower than the bed so that they do not bump into the table. Measure the height of your bed and then choose a pair of bedside tables accordingly. Wider tables offer more tabletop space and storage but also take up more room while slimmer tables have the opposite effect.


Bedside Table Colour and Style

Colour and style are important considerations because they affect how the room looks. The best way to go is to take the current style of the room, such as art deco, modern, chic, or shabby chic, and then try to find a pair of bedside tables that match the current decoration. It may also be possible to find bedside tables that match the bed, although this may be difficult unless you buy a bedroom set. The colour, such as black, white, red, or similar is also important, but you can choose based on the room's colours.


Bedside Table Material

Pairs of bedside tables come in several different materials, and the material affects both the price and the quality. With some materials, it also affects the durability. For example, glass bedside tables are less durable than most other types of tables, but do have their own aesthetic appeal. In other instances, the material directly affects the quality. Wood is higher quality and more durable than composite, but also costs more.


Bedside Table Storage Options

Bedside tables come with a couple of different storage options. Some bedside tables feature drawers for socks, magazines, and other items you might want to keep by your bed. Others feature shelves that are more convenient for storing books or magazines. Try choosing bedside tables based on what items you want to store on the table or in its drawers or shelves.

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