How to Buy Parts for Aprilia Scooters and Bikes on eBay

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How to Buy Parts for Aprilia Scooters and Bikes on eBay

As the maker of some of the world's fastest and most successful racing bikes, it should come as no surprise that Aprilia also makes the world's fastest scooter. Buying an Aprilia means buying into the mystique generated by the marque's racing success, as well as demonstrating a desire for both quality and performance. Regardless of any given buyer's reasons for buying an Aprilia, be it a scooter or a bike, chances are good that they may find themselves needing to buy parts for their ride. Even the finest motor vehicles require maintenance, and the nature of riding means that parts do wear out over time, no matter how carefully the owner treats their Aprilia. With that in mind, many owners like to handle their own maintenance and light repair, which means they need to keep a stock of parts on hand for their scooter or bike. One of the best places to buy these parts is eBay.

A Brief History of Aprilia

Founded in Italy after the Second World War as a bicycle factory; Aprilia did not put an engine between two wheels until 1968 when they introduced a 50cc engine that went into their first mopeds. For most of the next three decades they focused primarily on off-road bikes as well as small-capacity vehicles such as scooters. By the mid-to-late 1990s they were looking to expand into sports and superbike territory which they did with the RSV Mille in 1998, and the RSV4 of 2008. By 2010 they had become the most successful racing marque in all of motorbike history with their record 276th win.

Before Buying Aprilia Parts

While it is easy enough to simply go on eBay and start typing "Aprilia Parts" in the search box, there are a few things buyers should do before getting to that stage in the process. The first is to get their hands on a full factory manual for their bike or scooter, which not only lists all the parts they might need but also all the part numbers, which are extremely important. The manual is probably the single most important thing a buyer can have, because very little is worse than ordering a part only to find out when it arrives that it only fits the previous year's model and not the model the purchaser has on hand. Prospective purchasers should also take some time to decide whether they want original or aftermarket parts.

Buying Original Aprilia Parts for Scooters and Bikes

The simplest option for Aprilia parts is to go with genuine Aprilia. By getting the official factory parts, buyers can ensure that the part they have ordered fits their ride, whether scooter or superbike, and that it does exactly what it is supposed to do. This makes original factory parts a safe choice for any buyer. Unfortunately, some factory parts may be expensive, and those for bikes and scooters that are out of production may not be available from Aprilia.

Aftermarket Parts for Aprilia Scooters and Bikes

The other main option after genuine Aprilia parts is to go with aftermarket parts made by a third-party company. These parts can often fill in gaps in the manufacturer's product line, serving customers who still possess older bikes or scooters that may not be economical for Aprilia to continue to support. They also may provide parts to improve the appearance or performance of certain models. One thing a buyer should do when considering aftermarket parts is take the time to research them so they know exactly what they are getting. Aftermarket Aprilia parts from a company focused on serving budget-minded scooter owners may not prove the best choice for a performance-minded superbike owner.

Used Aprilia Parts from eBay

Some buyers may choose to look for used parts for their Aprilia bike or scooter, and eBay is an excellent place to do that. One of the most important things to consider when buying used parts is that unlike new parts, each individual part is unique. When buying new parts, it is generally accepted that the part in one box is no different from the one in the next box. With used parts that is not always the case. Used parts have wear, and each part wears differently from the next. This means that the buyer not only needs to research the type of part, but also that specific part so that they know exactly what they are getting. It can take a little more time but buying used is often worth it.

Possible Sources of Used Aprilia Parts

There are two main sources of used parts for vehicles and Aprilia scooters and bikes are no exception. The most common source is from scrapped or otherwise no longer working vehicles. These parts can be perfectly usable, particularly if they had nothing to do with the failure. However, they may require a little more due diligence than some other parts. Another source comes from people who like to customise their bikes and scooters, removing perfectly functional parts in order to replace them with ones that offers better looks or performance. These used parts often provide excellent value for money.

Used Aprilia Parts to Avoid

Even though there are a large number of very good used parts available, there are some used parts that should be avoided by every buyer. Parts such as gaskets, which cannot be removed without damage. Seals, also, should never be bought used. Neither should certain mounting bolts which are subject to stress and potential metal fatigue. All of these parts are relatively inexpensive, so there is no reason to attempt a very small saving at such a high risk of failure.

Identifying the Aprilia Parts Buyer's Need

Before buying any parts, it is important to know exactly what the buyer needs. This not only means knowing which specific parts the person is looking for, but also why they are looking to replace parts on their existing Aprilia bike or scooter. Many buyers are simply wanting to restore their bike or scooter to working order. These buyers are often either repairing their vehicle after a breakdown, or getting one they bought in non-working condition into roadworthy shape. Others may be more interested in customising their ride. They are more likely to be interested in aftermarket parts, whether for improved performance or just because they like the appearance. Knowing what parts they want and why is an important part of any purchase decision.

Before buying anything, prospective buyers should follow these simple steps to help ensure both a satisfying purchase transaction, and many happy rides.


What to Do

Step 1

Inventory existing parts

Step 2

Determine which parts are needed

Step 3

Research part numbers

Step 4

Buy on eBay

As long as a buyer takes the time to do their due diligence before making a purchase, everything should go well. Any transaction is aided by knowledge, and the more money that is involved in the purchase, the more knowledge the buyer needs.

Buying Parts for Aprilia Scooters and Bikes on eBay

eBay is an excellent place to buy parts for Aprilia bikes and scooters, whether you are looking for a factory replacement or an aftermarket accessory to turn heads. All you need to do is enter the search terms you want into the search box, there is one on every eBay page, and watch as the results fill the screen in front of you. Once you have the results, you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow them down by everything from price point to the seller's location. You can even limit yourself to used parts if you want. Then, once every example on the list meets your requirements, you can use the sort function to put the ones you like best at the top of the page.

After you have found the right parts, the next thing to locate is the right seller for you. The logical place to start is at their profile page, where you can see everything from the seller's feedback to their location. You can also see if they can bundle several parts together, or even allow local purchasers to pick up heavy parts in person.


Anyone looking for parts for their Aprilia scooter or bike should look no further than eBay to meet all their needs. The key to buying the right scooter or bike parts begins with knowledge, it begins with a buyer who knows exactly what they want and why they want that specific part. Buyers can look for everything from original factory parts to restore a scooter to roadworthy condition to aftermarket performance enhancements to make a superbike that little bit faster. Budget-minded buyers can even look to stretch their funds by looking for used parts, many of which are just as good as buying brand new. Whatever a buyer is looking for, a proper factory manual is a must, as it contains the part numbers which make any order that much easier. Buying an Aprilia scooter and parts on eBay does take a little time, as well as money, but the results are truly worth it.

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