How to Buy Parts for a Horse Trailer

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How to Buy Parts for a Horse Trailer

The United Kingdom has provided major contributions to equestrian sports, as evidenced by the worldwide popularity of the term "English riding" to describe the broad umbrella under which many horse riding disciplines fall. Many British horse owners find themselves travelling across the UK for horse events, be they riding competitions or shows. In order to safely transport their equines from place to place, horse owners use horse trailers. It is important that these trailers be stable and comfortable for horses, so horse owners must keep their trailers in good working order.

A critical aspect of maintaining a horse trailer is replacing old parts with new ones and buying parts to maintain quality care for horses. In order to buy the right parts for a horse trailer, consumers must know the legal requirements in the UK for horse trailers. Shoppers should also have specific purposes in mind when they buy parts for the exteriors or interiors of horse trailers. If one is already equipped with the necessary knowledge, eBay is a good source from which to buy parts for horse trailers. One can utilise the many functionalities of this website to search and find the right parts to accommodate needs.

Check Horse Trailer Legal Requirements

One of the more important steps to buying parts for a horse trailer is checking legal requirements. Many horse trailer owners familiarise themselves with these requirements when they first purchase horse trailers. However, it helps to review these requirements when purchasing parts so that the horse trailers do not violate UK's laws regarding these vehicles.


Individuals who need to purchase horse trailer tyres should know that UK law requires a minimum tread depth of 1.6 mm. If a tyre does not meet this standard, the operator could be fined and prohibited from using the trailer on the road. Consumers may wish to consider changing horse trailer tyres when the tread depth dips below 3 mm. Although this is almost twice the minimum required by law, tyres with tread depths below 3 mm have more difficulty dispersing water on wet roads. Safe operation of horse trailers therefore requires tyres with sufficiently deep treads, despite what the law requires.

Officials also recommend changing horse trailer tyres after six years even if the tyre meets regulations. Horse trailer owners can consult Regulation 27(1) of The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 at the UK government website for more detailed descriptions of the regulations regarding horse trailer tyres.


UK law requires that all horse trailers have a braking system. Many trailers have overrun brakes that brake the trailer when the car brakes. Regulation 86a of The Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 mandates that horse trailers have a device, such as a breakaway cable, to stop the trailer should it become detached from the car hitch. Servicing a horse trailer's brakes regularly is recommended in order to make sure they are working properly. This can also help the brakes last longer.


Just like a car, a horse trailer requires functioning lights. Rear lights enable the drivers behind a trailer to see when the trailer is braking. Although not required by law, trailer owners may want to fit their horse trailers with hazard lights in case of a breakdown. These lights can help protect a trailer and the horses inside it while awaiting help by the side of the road.


Although UK law does not go into specifics regarding trailer weight, a generally held standard is that a loaded trailer should not exceed 85 percent of the unloaded car's weight. If the trailer has a higher weight ratio, it is more difficult for the car to control the trailer's direction. Every trailer specifies on the rear its unloaded weight. Horse trailer owners should factor in how much their trailers weigh when carrying a horse and other equipment, and they should compare this to their cars' weights. The heavier the car is, the heavier the loaded trailer can be. Many four-wheel drive vehicles can tow weights that exceed their own. Individuals who own such vehicles should check the specifications for their towing capacities.

Exterior Parts of a Horse Trailer

Once they educate themselves about the legal regulations, trailer owners can begin to shop for exterior trailer parts. Shoppers can buy exterior parts to secure a horse trailer, make it easier to hitch, and ventilate it for horses inside.


Horse trailers and the horses inside are valuable possessions. It therefore makes sense to buy parts for securing a trailer. Wheel locks fit to trailer wheels to prevent them from turning. They also act as a visible deterrent to thieves. Hitch locks secure trailers to cars at the hitch so that thieves cannot detach them. Hitch balls are one popular type of hitch lock. They prevent thieves from re-hitching trailers to their own towbars by filling the hitch sockets. It is also possible to set up an alarm on a trailer that activates when intruders break a trailer open.


Accurately lining up a hitch lock with a tow bar can make it difficult to hitch a trailer to a car. Placing a mirror on either the front of the trailer or the rear of the car helps operators hitch trailers by giving them an overhead view of the connection. Additionally, towing mirrors are available that enable drivers to better see the area around the horse trailers, making it easier to tow and drive in reverse.

Windows, Vents, Domes, and Fans

Horses need air while in their trailers, especially on warm days. A trailer's ventilation system may be insufficient, or components of the system may not function properly. Consumers can purchase windows, vents, domes, and fans to enhance a trailer's ventilation system or replace broken components. When planning to purchase any of these parts, consumers should make sure that they know the specifications that match their trailers. This helps them buy parts that are sure to fit.

Parts for Travelling Horses

In addition to buying parts that secure a horse trailer, owners can purchase components that keep their horses comfortable and safe while on the road. Horse owners can also buy accessories that make it easier to care for their travelling horses.

Horse Comfort and Safety

The table below lists the parts in a horse trailer designed to keep horses comfortable. These parts a especially of use when the horses travel.




A tether for securing a horse to a trailer's ring; strong enough to hold the horse, but breaks so that a panicking horse cannot hurt itself


A device for limiting trailer movement while on the road; a more stable trailer makes for a calmer horse

Padded Collar

Horse collars that are padded to provide extra protection for horses; help prevent pain when bumping against trailer walls

Feed Bag

A container for a horse's oats; enables a horse to eat on long journeys so that it is not irritable on arrival

Travelling can be an unsettling experience for horses, so it is important to keep them comfortable and calm during their journeys. The parts in the table above are therefore considered essential in horse trailers.


In addition to horse trailer parts that help horses, there are parts that also help horse owners care for their horses. A brush rack is a convenient place to keep grooming tools inside a trailer. Individuals planning to ride their horses may wish to consider outfitting their horse trailers with saddle racks. As powerful as horses are, they can also be fragile, so it is important to keep an emergency kit on hand. Horses are also not shy about relieving themselves inside of trailers on long journeys. Owners may therefore find rakes to be handy for cleaning up. Many horse owners also like to travel with water carriers in their trailers to make it easier to hydrate their horses while on the road.

Buying Parts for a Horse Trailer on eBay

It is possible to buy parts for a horse trailer from various sources, including local and online retailers of horse trailers and horse-care equipment. eBay can be a great an online source for horse trailer parts. There is a large selection of many different kinds of parts on the website, and it is easy to search for the ones that you need.

To perform a search, visit any eBay page, type the name of the part you are looking for, such as "equitie", into the search bar, click the Search button, and choose the appropriate category when the results appear. Some parts may be under the Equestrian category, while others, such as a "horse trailer tyre" may be in the Vehicle Parts & Accessories category.

You can find low prices on horse trailer parts on eBay, and you can save even more money on shipping by buying them from a local seller. To find local sellers, specify the preferred distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located, and eBay filters sellers outside the specified range from the results.


Horse trailers are necessary for a horse owner who wishes to travel with his or her horses. The safety and comfort of travelling horses depends on a fully functioning trailer and the right accessories. The importance of horse trailers necessitates that horse owners periodically buy the right parts to replace old ones and care for their horses while on the go.

Horse trailers must also be safe for cars to tow. For this reason, consumers should check UK legal regulations regarding horse trailers. They should make sure not to buy parts that can render their trailers illegal to drive. Other important horse trailer parts include those for the exterior of a trailer and those that help horse owners with the upkeep of their travelling horses. Parts for trailer exteriors help keep trailers secure. Parts for the travelling horses help keep them stable and comfortable inside moving trailers during journeys.

Consumers who already possess the required knowledge about horse trailer parts can avail of the online auction site eBay. At this website, they can successfully shop for horse trailer parts and find the parts that they are looking for.

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