How to Buy Pearl Drop Earrings

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How to Buy Pearl Drop Earrings

A pearl is one of nature's gifts to mankind, delighting people with its iridescence. Pearl jewellery is very versatile. It can be worn to both casual and elegant occasions. Though diamonds are the height of elegance in jewellery, pearls give both vibrancy and elegance without an air of boastfulness. A woman wearing a pearl wants people to see that she can be a woman of power and a woman of humility at the same times.

There are many types of pearl earrings. The common ones are the stud, leverback, hoop, chandelier, and, of course, the pearl drop earrings. Pearl drop earrings are best for special occasions, but with enough sense and style, a woman can match the earrings with casual and corporate outfits. Buyers of pearl drop earrings must consider a number of things. A discussion about the types of pearls and the features of pearl drop earrings is needed for buyers to gain better understanding of the jewellery in order to take the guesswork out of purchase decision.


Although any type of mollusc can create a pearl, only two groups of special clams can produce pearls that are valued as gemstones. For many centuries, pearls were harvested in the "wild", which means divers needed to scour the ocean floors or riverbeds to find pearl-producing clams and harvest precious pearls. For this reason, pearls commanded a high price in the past.

Today, however, pearl farms can produce cultured pearls with quality that can rival that of the wild pearls. A pearl's iridescence is as playful as a soap bubble, producing the different colours of the rainbow. The best pearls have a metallic, mirror-like surface. Dyeing pearls can produce eye-catching colours of green, blue, yellow, pink, purple, and black. Lastly, pearls can be found in freshwater and saltwater.

Pearl Varieties

Pearls come from different parts of the globe, and each type of pearl variety can differ in size and other features. The following section provides a comprehensive description of the various types.

Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls

Akoya pearls come from the Pinctada fucuta oyster, which lives in saltwater. They are round and have sharp reflections. Pearls of this variety can grow from one to ten millimetres and are a good investment.

Chinese Akoya Cultured Pearls

Saltwater hybrid oysters found in the oceans of China produce these pearls. They are round and can grow up to eight millimetres. Because of the dull reflections of most Akoya pearls, they are not considered investment grade.

White and Black South Sea Cultured Pearls

Originating in Australia and Indonesia, the Pinctada maxima oyster produces round, black, or white pearls that have sharp reflections. The oysters can be found in saltwater and can produce South Sea pearls from seven to 20 millimetres. White South Sea cultured pearls are considered investment grade.

Black South Sea Cultured Pearls

The Pinctada margaritifera oysters create magnificent black pearls that have sharp reflections and can grow up to 20 millimetres. The oysters reside in the oceans of French Polynesia, and the pearls they produce are of investment grade.

Freshwater Cultured Pearls

The Hyriopsis cumingi mussels of China make two types of pearls: the irregularly-shaped pearl that can grow up to 20 millimetres and the round shape that can grow up to eight millimetres. The former is not investment grade while the latter is.

Natural Pearls

Wild pearls can be found anywhere in the world. This type is common to many species of invertebrate or molluscs. They can grow in different sizes and they come in different shapes. Natural pearls are found in both saltwater and freshwater, and although these pearls are common to all countries with oceans, they are hard to find, making them worth of an investment.

Considerations for Pearl Drop Earrings

A slight variation in a pearl drop earring can make a difference on how it is valued. It is important to scrutinise the lustre, shape, colour, and overtone of a pearl in order to know if it is worth an investment


The level of lustre of a pearl can change its value. High-lustre pearls are on top of the pearl hierarchy. High-lustre pearls are bright and have a deep-seated glow. On a high-lustre pearl, buyers can very well see their own reflection, and overhead lights should have a clear reflected image. A pearl that looks too washed out, chalky, or dull is indicative of low quality.

Basically, a pearl that has the most metallic glow has an AAA quality and that which appears the dullest is a low-quality pearl. Pearls that grow in colder waters have a potential to be more lustrous. The lustre level of a pearl is equal to its durability level. A high-lustre pearl is most durable because it has a thicker coating.


It must be noted that the body colour of a pearl is not indicative of its quality. It is just a matter of preference. There is a wide variety of pearl colours. The most common colours are white and black. Pearls also come in pink, dark cream, medium cream, light cream, pink, blue, gold, and grey. People usually prefer white pearls because they are the standard colour, but black and gold are popular choices too, especially when intended to use in formal settings.


The shape of the pearl affects its value. A perfectly round pearl commands the highest price. Pearls are not only round but also come in different shapes, such as baroque, which is used to describe a noticeable protrusion in one part of the pearl. A semi baroque-shaped pearl has a less noticeable protrusion compared to the baroque shape. Even round-shaped pearls have a variety, from mostly round to slightly round, to off-round variety.


An overtone is like a phantom colour of a pearl that reveals itself in a certain light or when matched with a contrasting colour. The three types of pearl overtones are rose, silver, and green. Rose and silver are the most valued overtones. Overtones, aside from being a price consideration, are also a skin type consideration in certain cases, such as wearing pearl earrings.

Women who have fair skin prefer pearl drop earrings with rose overtones because they complement the skin, while women who have tanned or dark skin, go for pearls with silver overtones. Because the overtones are subtle colours, they are sometimes barely noticeable. When it comes to choosing an overtone for a pearl drop earring, it is really a matter of personal colour preference and budget.

Metal Type

It is a question of what type of metal to set a pearl in. Gold is a popular choice because it is durable and pleasing to the eyes. There are people who claim that gold is hypoallergenic compared to other types of metals and paste metals. The same people become allergic to paste metals. Gold can come in a variety of colours: rose goldwhite gold, and yellow goldPlatinum is also a very popular option because it is long-lasting and develops a patina film over time that look vintage. Silver, a relatively cheap metal, is also an option. Fine silver and sterling silver are two varieties of silver used.

Summary of Considerations

The table below shows the different considerations when buying a pearl drop earring. It also summarises the desirable quality or qualities for each consideration.


Desirable Qualities


Buyers can very well see their own reflection, and overhead lights should have clear reflected image


Preferential; white and black are popular choices


Perfectly round is ideal


Preferential; rose and silver command higher price; fair skinned buyers prefer rose overtone and tanned or dark-skinned buyers prefer silver;

Metal Type

Preferential and budget consideration; gold, platinum, and silver are common choices

High-quality pearls have a metallic glow, are set in gold, and perfectly round in shape. Only the colour of the pearl appeals to personal preference rather than budget consideration.

Buying Pearl Drop Earrings on eBay

eBay offers a great number of earrings, ranging from stud earrings to chandelier earring. You can also choose from different main gemstones for pearl drop earrings on eBay. The site is dedicated to providing buyers the most convenient way to search for a product. Among the many ways to search a product on eBay, the most popular is typing the keyword in the search bar. Adding specific keywords such as "Akoya" or "white gold" to your search can make the process easier.

There are many manufacturers and individual sellers on eBay that post pearl drop earrings for sale, and you would be amazed to see the wide variety. You must exercise caution when buying on eBay, or on any online shops, in general. Check first if the seller has a very good track record in selling and addressing customer concerns. You can see how credible a seller is by browsing the feedback other customers have left.


Pearl earrings are a real treasure in a jewellery collection. Women wearing pearl earrings send across a strong message. There are different types of pearls that adorn a pearl drop earring, and they may come from different parts of the world and differ in size, colour, and shape. Akoya and South Sea pearls are among the most popular options for a pearl drop earring.

When choosing the right pearl drop earring, buyers must check the lustre, colour, shape, and overtone of a pearl, as well as the type of metal used. High-lustre pearls command a high price because they are durable and resilient. The colour of the pearl is a matter of preference, while the shape makes the price of a pearl go up or down. The rounder the shape of the pearl, the higher the price is its price. Rose and silver overtones are priced higher than silver, so aside from preference for shades, budget is also a consideration when choosing a pearl based on its overtone. Quality pearls are considered as gemstones, and it is essential that buyers must know how to choose the ones that are a good investment. Pearl drop earrings not only make the wearer radiate but also add value to his or her total assets.

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