How to Buy Pedals for Your Car on eBay

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How to Buy Pedals for Your Car on eBay

Every car has between two and four pedals on the driver's side of the vehicle. These pedals are foot operated switches that allow the driver to accelerate, brake, or engage the clutch to change gears. Pedals experience a lot of use over the course of a car's life, so they tend to wear out and to be need replaced. Some car owners replace the original pedals with customised versions for a more personal look. Customised pedals can be thin metal, and slightly more expensive when compared to the original car parts.

Buying pedals for your car on eBay is more complex than it seems at first. Most car pedals are designed to fit different makes and models of vehicle, so may be longer or shorter, bent at a particular angle, or have different fastenings. Identifying the type of pedal that is compatible with the car is very important. Buyers also need to consider the quality of the pedal and its price. On eBay, buyers can search for pedals by using the search field that appears of each page, and apply the details of the type of pedal to refine the results. Using the make and model of car, and the condition of the pedal when searching ensures that the right part can be purchased.

Original Equipment Manufacturer vs. Third Party Pedals

There may be a few reasons why pedals need to be replaced on your car. Sometimes the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) pedals wear out or stop functioning, and at other times, the pedals may be changed to add something of the driver's personality to the car. There are many different car pedals available. These usually come as an OEM part or as a third party spare part. When buying a pedal for your car on eBay, consider which category of manufacturer provides good quality parts at the right price.

Quality of Car Pedals

Buyers that want the best quality products for their cars usually choose OEM pedals that are appropriate for their make and model of vehicle. These parts are produced by either the same manufacturer that produced the vehicle or the one that made the original pedals that were fitted in the factory new car. Buying OEM pedals ensures that they are compatible with the car. However, many third party manufacturers produce high quality pedals, as well. The best way to confirm that a third party spare part is good quality is to research the maker and read customer reviews to find out whether the pedals perform well and are reliable.

On eBay, it is also a good idea to research the seller that listed the pedals. Look for sellers that have plenty of positive customer feedback and have sold lots of other car parts. Sellers with their own eBay Shops that focus on car parts or other accessories like body kits, steering wheels, and gearsticks may be specialists when it comes to offering good quality parts.

Cost of Car Pedals

Car pedals are not an expensive item to replace. However, it is still a good idea to consider the cost when looking at any new part. Third party spare parts tend to be less expensive compared to OEM parts. The higher price should not be interpreted automatically as an indication that the pedals are better quality, longer lasting, and better performers. Look at the manufacturer's reputation to confirm this assumption before buying the product.

eBay allows buyers to filter the results to compare prices offered by different sellers. This tool is easy to use and allows the buyer to set the minimum and the maximum price. This feature is available on all search results pages. Decide on the budget for the pedals and use the eBay tools to find products in this price range.

Make and Model of Car

Car pedals vary with different makes and models of vehicle. To ensure that you purchase the right pedals, you should search for products on eBay by using the part number or by using the make and model of your car. Part numbers vary by year, style, and brand. You may need to remove the original pedal from the car to see the number embossed or stamped on the unit. Alternatively, identify the make and model of the car. This ensures that you find a pedal that is fully compatible with your vehicle.

Condition of Pedals for Your Car

The condition of any car part is also important. It indicates how many years remain in that component, how well it can be secured into place, and how good it looks. Many buyers replace the pedals on their cars for aesthetic reasons, so this is a factor to consider. Pedals are not too expensive, so deciding whether to get a new or used pedal comes down to personal preference. When looking for a pedal for an older car, used may be the only option. Look out for the "Condition" refinement on the eBay search results page that allows you to see only listings for new or used pedals. This menu option is usually available for any product on eBay, as buyers tend to look for products by their general condition.

Components of Pedals and Pedal Covers

When shopping for pedals on eBay, you also need to determine if you need a pedal arm, pedal cover, or the pedal linkage that connects the arm to the brake, clutch, or fuel system. When replacing a pedal due to wear and tear, most buyers require the pedal arm or the linkage because it has a tendency to wear away naturally after repeated use. The pedal rubber wears out frequently because it is the part of the pedal that comes into direct contact with the driver's shoe; this part may need to be replaced before the actual pedal. Identify all of the components of the pedal that need to be bought and make a specific search for each of the elements on eBay.

Customised Pedals for Your Car

Customised pedals resemble those used in racing cars. They are thin metal with holes and are sometimes painted with decorative patterns. The standard polished alloy pedal is probably the most popular style. Customised pedals usually just include the pedal plate and not the arm, unless the original pedal was designed in just one piece. When purchasing customised pedals, some drilling may be required in order to secure them firmly and safely.

Searching for Pedals for Your Car on eBay

You can search for pedals for your car on eBay. Both new and used pedals are available. Use the research performed on the pedals to determine the best terms to enter in the search bar on the home page. This search bar is also available conveniently from any page on the website. Any terms can be used to find products. However, it works best when tailored to the item, its brand, model, year, or features. For instance, you can search for a set of "aluminium racing pedals".

Read the Item Description

After finding the right pedals for your car, read the item description carefully. It should contain full details of the pedals, including which vehicle they are appropriate for and any components that are required to fit them.

Seller Reputation

Before purchasing any product on eBay look at the seller's reputation. This is indicated in the seller's feedback rating. To find out more about the seller, click on his or her username in the listing. This presents the seller's previous customer feedback. This feedback can be used to determine the quality of the seller's products, whether he or she dispatches items promptly, and the level of customer service offered.

Top-Rated Sellers

Top-rated sellers are known within the eBay community for providing professional levels of service and excellent products. Sellers can only be classified as Top-rated when they have achieved a high level of positive customer feedback consistently. Look for the Top-rated seller badge on the listing for car pedals.


Buyers have a number of factors to consider before purchasing car pedals on eBay. Determine whether OEM or third party spare parts offer the quality and affordability that is desired. OEM parts are typically more expensive, but they are compatible with the car and certain to perform well. Third party spare parts may be more affordable, but that does not mean that they are not high quality. Read product reviews and customer feedback before deciding which manufacturer provides the best products.

Searching for car pedals on eBay provides buyers with many options for narrowing down the selection. By using information, such as the make and model of the car, buyers can find the right products quickly and easily. Consider the condition of the pedals. eBay sellers offer both new and used products. If shopping for an older car, a used pedal may be the only option if the parts are no longer manufactured. Buyers need to consider the components of the pedal that they need to ensure that it can be installed correctly. eBay provides a range of functions that help you to buy pedals for your car.

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