How to Buy Performance Brake Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Performance Brake Parts on eBay

Many people consider the braking system of a car to be the most important part of a car or motorbike. Brakes can help to stop collisions and prevent slides and other potentially accident-causing problems. They have to work well in snow, ice, water, rain, flooding, uneven pavement, and in many other road conditions. The brakes are one of the most important safety systems a car can have. This is why it is so dangerous to have faulty, poor, or old brakes.

In order to buy performance brake parts on eBay, a person needs to know which part of the braking system they are buying. Many of the automobiles and motorbikes today can contain only one or two performance parts. To purchase performance brake parts, people need to know what makes up the braking system of an automobile or a motorbike, which types of performance braking parts are on the market, how to search for them, and the differences between drum and disc brakes.

Parts of a Disc Brake System

The parts of a brake system are not complex, and compared to other parts of a car or motorbike, there are not many individual parts. Each one of these parts has a different function, and they all work to stop a car. Although there are many subtypes of brake systems, there are two main types with individual systems: the disc brake and the drum brake. Most cars combine the two of these, having disc brakes in the front and drum brakes in the rear. When purchasing performance brakes, it is good to know the individual parts of the system, since although it is recommended to change all of the parts of a system at once, many people change only a piece at a time due to expense.

Master Cylinder

The master cylinder is a part of the braking system that controls the hydraulic fluid going through the braking system. It provides power to both sections of the brakes. The power is supplied in the form of pressure. Because it uses two pistons in one cylinder, it acts as its own failsafe. Almost all braking systems use a master cylinder to control the braking system. In a performance braking system, the master cylinder may have superior quality internal components and the ability to provide both smooth leverage and hydraulic power. A good performance master cylinder can warn a driver of other problems occurring in the braking system. Master cylinders are found in both drum and disc brakes and come in both performance and normal styles.

Power Booster

The power booster on the braking system works largely for those that utilise disc brakes. It creates a power vacuum that gives the braking system additional pressure. This additional pressure stops the car faster and makes the car stop more smoothly. A good performance power booster eases the pressure that a person has to apply to the brake pedal to stop the automobile. The power booster multiplies the amount of pressure put on the brake pedal by the foot, so that a person does not have to push down really hard to stop the automobile. These are almost always present in a performance braking system, and can be found on eBay by entering the keywords "performance power booster&", and then select the proper one for the vehicle.

Brake Hose or Line

Although most brake hoses are made the same, one that is labelled "performance" is designed to take more pressure than one that is not. A brake hose has to take a tremendous amount of hydraulic pressure. This is one of the most replaced parts of a braking system, simply because it is not completely metal and has to be designed to be flexible and take a lot of pressure. A high-performance brake hose can be found on eBay by using the search terms "performance brake line&".


Another important part of the disc braking system is the rotor. These are metallic discs that rotate with the tyres. They are ordinarily very heavy and are acted on, rather than actively performing. When a mechanic mentions that rotors need to be turned, it means that they are beginning to have grooves cut into them by another portion of the braking system, and they need to be ground down. When they become too worn where they can no longer be ground down, they need to be replaced. Most rotors are made from steel or other alloys, but many of the performance rotors are made from carbonite, which makes them both lighter and stronger. To find a pair of performance rotors on eBay, simply input the keywords "performance brake rotors&" into the search box and click search. Rotors are specific to disc brakes and are what give disc brakes their name. These discs are the second most repaired, or replaced, pieces of the disc braking system.

Brake Callipers

Brake callipers are a very important part when it comes to stopping disc brakes. The calliper uses hydraulic pressure coming from the brake lines to clamp down onto the rotors. When they clamp down onto the rotors, they stop the rotors from spinning, and therefore, stop the wheels from spinning. These work like a clamp. They lock down onto the rotors and use pressure to stop it. High-performance callipers use multiple methods to clamp down where non-performance callipers use only hydraulic pressure. High-performance callipers are also made to provide more clamping power, and stop the automobile faster. In order to search for high-performance callipers on eBay, a person simply needs to type "performance brake calliper s&" into the search box. A person can also add the type of car that they have to the search. Performance callipers are well worth the money used to purchase them. They wear out less often and are generally stronger. A stronger calliper provides more stopping power to a car. High-performance brake callipers use more pressure and retain less heat than those that are not performance specified.

Brake Pads

Brake pads are essentially what stop the rotor after the calliper clamps down. They are hooked into the calliper and rub against the rotor when the calliper closes, which creates friction between the rotors and pads. Brake pads can be made from a large amount of different substances, and are also the most frequently replaced parts of the braking system. A good performance brake pad is often made from carbonite, and under normal conditions, lasts much longer than ordinary brake pads. This is the part of the braking system that most people usually purchase as a performance brake part. To search for performance brake pads on eBay, simply use the search terms "performance brake pad&".

Parts of Drum Braking Systems

Drum brakes are gradually being phased out of braking systems because they are much harder to work on, are more expensive, and are usually less effective than disc brakes. They are used in many older models of cars. They are also easier to use for emergency braking. Drum brakes consist of a drum, shoes, pistons, adjusters, and a cylinder. All of these parts work in conjunction to stop a car from using pressure to push the pistons onto the brake shoes, which cause the cylinder to stop the wheel from spinning. Each piece of the drum brake has a separate function.

Most of the time, drum brakes are sold in kits because all of the pieces have to be compatible. It is very common to replace the entire drum brake, than it is to replace just a piece of it. When purchased as a kit, it is assured that all of the parts work together. Most often, performance drum brakes are used for heavy duty trucks.

Performance Drum vs. Disc Brakes

There are many different pros and cons to drum and disc brakes, particularly when purchasing performances brake parts. Performance brake parts often last longer and work harder than those that are not considered performance. Performance brakes are usually preferred for harsher climates and rapidly changing weather conditions and needs.

Type of Performance Braking System



Disc brakes


Easily replaced

Easier to have individual parts replaced

More versatile

More choice in performance parts

Easier to maintain

More open so less heat buildup

Better for high-performance cars

More expensive as a whole

More can go wrong

Need more maintenance

Take more damage due to exposure

Can be slightly weaker

Drum brakes

Closed system

Less expensive in whole systems

Better for emergency brakes

Better hold

More expensive to replace parts

Wear faster

Prone to overheating

Closed system harder to repair

Cost more in the long run

This list does not take into account the weight or use of the vehicle. Drum and disc brakes work better in different types of vehicles. Many times, a performance disc brake can be used in high-performance cars. Due to their ease of use, disc brakes are used for performance cars because of the fact that they do not overheat as quickly as drum brakes. Drum brakes are used for heavier vehicles that need more emergency stopping power than a disc brake can provide. Often, the two types are used in conjunction with each other.

Buying Performance Brake Parts on eBay

If you want to purchase performance brake parts on eBay,, all you need to do is type in the keywords for the brake parts that you want to find. Many of these parts are easily found both new and used, although most people prefer new performance brake parts. Once you type in the keywords and click search, a listing of brake parts matching the criteria populates. Browse through this listings, and you should be able to find which part is needed.

Once the part needed is found, click on the listing. When you click on the listing, a detailed description is revealed. The detailed description contains information, such as which type of part it is, the brand, and the specifications. It should also tell you for which vehicle the brake parts are made.

In this listing are also the seller's shipping and return policies. These are important to read, in order to find out when the brake parts are expected to arrive and what to expect if the part is the wrong one. If there are any questions, you can take advantage of the "ask the seller a question" feature. It is also a good idea to take a look at the seller's feedback.


When it comes to performance brake parts, it is important to know that a performance brake part usually lasts longer and provides better stopping power under diverse conditions. When purchasing performance brakes or brake parts, cost must be weighed against benefit. The purpose of the vehicle and the conditions under which it is used are what should be considered when making this decision. Performance brakes are more expensive than brake parts that are not performance, but since braking is one of the most important parts of how a car functions, performance parts are an important thing to consider. Performance brakes and brake parts for both drum and disc brakes can be found on the popular website, eBay. Often, performance brake parts can be purchased at lower prices on eBay than they can at other outlets. As you consider which type of brakes to purchase, consider the conditions under which they are to be used and the type of brakes the car already uses.

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