How to Buy Power Tool Parts and Accessories on eBay

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How to Buy Power Tool Parts and Accessories on eBay

Power tools are a good investment for both personal and professional use. However, power tools can be somewhat expensive when they are initially being acquired, so replacing a broken or worn out tool is not always easily possible. Most power tool users, especially those who use them on a personal level, opt to buy power tool parts and accessories to upgrade or repair their power tools instead of buying new ones.

Buying power tool parts is not a difficult process but can be quite tedious if the buyer is unsure of what is needed. Additionally, some power tool parts and accessories are bought for the purpose of having a surplus, not so much to replace a damaged or misplaced part. Before buyers attempt to purchase these parts, they should have certain information readily available such as the power tool brand, model number, and desired part type. Buyers can also take the time out to find out which parts often need upgrading or replacing and stock up on a few of those items for future needs.

Popular Power Tool Parts and Accessories

Whether the buyer already has a collection of power tools or is planning to acquire one soon, the parts and accessories listed below should be considered in order to have a complete powerhouse. These power tool parts and accessories are used and needed quite often in everyday construction and repair jobs.

Drill Parts and Accessories

There are mainly three types of parts and accessories associated with a power drill. Each buyer should ensure that they own at least one drill cases, various size drill bits, and a few replacement brushes before considering their collection complete.

Drill Cases

Drill cases simply refer to the carrying or storage case for the actual tool. Some cases also facilitate the accessories, but most of them are simply built with a form-fitted area that is moulded to accommodate the drill.

Drill Bits

A power drill is basically useless without the required drill bits. Buyers should strive to purchase a drill bit set that contains various types of bits for diverse materials as well as a few chisel bits. The most common drill bit types are the twist bits and bullet pilot points, which are designed for drilling into plastic, wood, and metal. The bit sizes can range from as small as 0.8 mm to as large as 12 mm or more. Masonry bits should also be in the collection for drilling into concrete, stones, blocks, and bricks; and glass and tile bits should also be bought for tile or glass drilling.

Drill Brushes

There are some drill brushes that are simply brushes used to clean carpets and upholsteries. However, this segment refers to the carbon brushes that are often built into the electrical armature of the drill's motor. These brushes can wear out over time, thus diminishing the performance of the power drill. Therefore, buyers should have a pair on hand when it is time for replacement.

Router Parts and Accessories

A power router is a tool that was initially designed to hollow out areas in hard wood or plastic. This tool is often found in woodworking shops and some garages. Similarly to a power drill, the router uses extensions such as a cutter and chisel bits. These router parts are sometimes sold in sets.

Router Bits and Chisels

Typically, there are three types of cutter bits used for cutting with a router; they include the fluted cutters that are used in trimming and edging, the profile cutters that are used shaping and trimming, and the helical cutters that are used mainly in shaping, drilling, and trimming easily machined materials. The most common types of router bits used in woodwork are ball end router bits, beading and fluting router bits, joinery router bits, keyhole router bit, and dovetail router bits.

Jigsaw Parts and Accessories

Jigsaws are cutting tools that were designed to cut specific curves into wood and metal materials. They are often used when finesse is needed to make artistic or complex curves. Contemporary jigsaws are now powered by electric motors and utilize a reciprocating saw blade.

It should come as no surprise that saw blades are the most common jigsaw parts and accessories, but other popular tools include brushes for the motor, side fence and circle guides, foot base plates, and jigsaw modification kits.

Jigsaw Blades

There are many types of jigsaw blades, which are sometimes measured by "teeth per inch" (TPI). They are generally differentiated by their intended purpose, such as the blade edge, which is used for cutting into soft materials; thin blades, which cuts tighter curves; push stroke cutting blades, which minimizes top surface damage; and cranked blades, which overcome blade setback to allow flush cutting.

Fences and Circle Guides

The side fence and circle guides for various jigsaws are made to fit to the associated base plate, which in turn guides the saw to create a circle through the locking centre pin. The guide can also be used along a straight edge when the locking centre pin is not engaged. The circle can often be created up to 300 mm in diameter.

Power Tool Batteries

Cordless power tools have become popular over the last decade, especially with brands like DeWalt and Makita. Buyers who own cordless power tools often need to replace the power tool batteries at some point, but buyers can pre-empt that situation and purchase an extra battery for their tools before it is actually needed.

Buyers should be informed about the various types of batteries available for their cordless power tools. There are three main rechargeable types of batteries used: nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride, and the common lithium ion batteries.

Nickel Cadmium (NiCd)

NiCd batteries can be considered old technology when compared to the other two battery types. However, there are still some modern power tools that utilize these batteries because they tend to cost less but still have a long life cycle. Nonetheless, the other two counterparts almost always outperform NiCd batteries.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

NiMH is considered an improvement on the NiCd batteries in a number of ways. Some environmentalists prefer this type because it contains less toxic materials. Aside from its "green" advantages, the NiMH batteries also have two or three times the capacity but may not store or charge as well as the NiCds.

Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)

Li-Ion batteries, at the forefront of the battery technology era, are also used with cordless power tools. They are the best option of all three batteries, which also means that they are the most expensive. The only real issue with Li-Ion batteries is the amount of heat that they generate, but charging them does not wear them down. They simply grow old and wear down over time. Below is a chart detailing the battery characteristics of each rechargeable battery type.

Battery Type




Cycle Life

Long; 1000+ charge cycles

Varies; can last as long as NiCd if stored and charged correctly

Short; 300-500 cycles or about 2-3 years


Moderate, 15-20 per cent

Fast; 20-30 per cent

Very slow or not at all


Low; 1.2 - 2.2 Ah

Moderate; 2.2 - 3.0 Ah

High; 3.0 Ah+

Optimal Charge Time





High; deep discharge once per month

Moderate; deep discharge once every three months


Memory Effect

High if not maintained properly

Moderate; can be avoided with proper charging



Not very sensitive

Very temperature sensitive

Sensitive to heat and impact

The chart below not only highlights the pros and cons of each battery type, but it can also help buyers to determine the usage that they can expect from their power tool battery. Some batteries are better for use in heavy duty power tools, while others may not fare as well.

Preparing to Buy Power Tool Parts and Accessories

Before buying any power tool part or accessory, buyers should procure the right information to confirm compatibility. The best way to do this is to have the model number of the power tools ready. Most power tools display their model information via an ID plate on the tool. The handheld power tools often have the plates on the sides, while the table top tools may have it displayed on the back or the top as well.

How to Buy Power Tool Parts and Accessories on eBay

If you plan to buy multiple power tools or accessories or if you are unsure of the types of parts that you need, you can start out by performing a general search. Type "power tool parts and accessories" in the eBay homepage, then browse through the various results that are displayed. Additionally, filters can be used to narrow down those results so that browsing is less tedious. These filters may include brand and power tool subtypes.

If you are not planning to buy multiple part types or are sure of the exact part that you need, you can forgo the filtering process by inputting specific keywords in your initial search. These keywords automatically filter the results before they are returned and displayed to you. Therefore, if you plan to buy a Bosch jigsaw power tool part or accessory, ensure to place those keywords in the search. This way the results would have already filtered all other brands and tool type. After you find the tools of choice, you can add them to your cart to continue shopping and checkout later, or you can choose to checkout immediately.


After stocking up on the necessary power tools for personal or professional use, buyers need to maintain the operation of these items by securing certain parts and accessories. Some items may be needed for repairing or upgrading the performance of a power tool, while others are just necessary accessories that are needed to perform certain duties. Buyers need to find out which parts and accessories are most needed for the tools that they own. In essence, they should know which parts may need changing soon, or may be needed to perform certain foreseeable tasks.

Buyers who have invested in cordless power tools should find out the type of battery that the tools need and then opt to secure a backup for emergency purposes. They should also learn about the types of batteries available and make a formidable choice that suits their equipment. Once buyer decides on the parts and accessories needed, they should find out their tools' model numbers so that purchasing a compatible part does not pose a problem. eBay houses many parts, accessories and brands, so finding the right items is easy with the right information.

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