How to Buy Pressure Washers on eBay

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How to Buy Pressure Washers on eBay

There are some tasks where the simple garden hose is just powerless. A pressure washer is designed to help out with projects of this kind. The science behind it involves the pressure pump of a washer, turning ordinary water output into one that has up to seventy five times greater pressure. This makes it a pressure washer an effective tool with many cleaning applications.

There are plenty reasons why one should consider using a pressure washer. It effectively cuts down the time needed to complete cleaning tasks, and with all the accessories available, it can provide thorough cleaning on many surfaces. It is a tool that has various uses and does not take a professional to handle it.

Individuals seeking to buy a pressure washer on eBay face the difficult task of choosing the right models that meets all their needs. Without previous experience with this type of tool, this is not a simple task. The search can be eased by becoming acquainted with the washer's features and all the available accessories. With this information, it becomes simpler to choose the right power washer. The many search functionalities on eBay make the task of finding a pressure washer easier.

Performance Measurements

Choosing the right pressure washer, or power washer, is largely dependent on acquiring basic knowledge about the performance measurements used to describe its features. The important measurements are the ones that indicate the water output. The typical rule of thumb with all of these measurements is that bigger is better. However, keep in mind the task a pressure washer is needed for, as one might not need a lot of power for some tasks.


The pressure measurement is used to describe the output pressure created by the pump. This is expressed in units called 'bars', and the greater the pressure, the higher the number. With more pressure, the cleaning job can be done faster and more thorough.

Flow Rate

The flow rate expresses the quantity of water used by the power washer during a certain period of time. It is expressed in litres per minute or lpm. Since water is the main cleaning agent in a power washer, more water means faster cleaning.

Cleaning Unit

The cleaning unit, or CU, is used specifically for power washers. It is an abbreviation of cleaning units and expresses the combined work of the pressure and the flow rate. Both the pressure and the flow rate can be expressed in different measurements, so to get a good sense of the performance of a power washer the universal CU measurement is used.

Petrol-Powered vs. Electric Pressure Washers

One of the important decisions when purchasing a pressure washer is to decide between a petrol-powered or an electric unit. Both have strong and weak points, and the choice is dependent on the intended use. The chart below provides a quick summary of both types.



Petrol (Consumer Use)

Petrol (Professional Use)


90-125 bar

135-205 bar

205+ bar

Flow rate

Up to 5.5 lpm

Up to 9.5 lpm

Up to 15 lpm


Work around the home and yard.

Frequent, more demanding cleaning of areas such as sidewalks

Industrial jobs that require heavy-duty cleaning

These numbers should serve as basic guidelines when choosing the model. The more powerful the model, the more expensive it is, so stay within the power requirements needed to complete the tasks. Pressure washers on eBay are categorised by the power source, so it is fairly easy to find either type of pressure washers on the website.

Petrol-Powered Pressure Washer

The petrol-powered pressure washer is more powerful than the electric one, making the former more effective. However, its use is limited to the outdoors as it releases toxic fumes while it operates. The petrol power washer has increased portability, as it is not dependent on a power cord. The unit still must always be connected to a hose so this advantage only applies to areas where water supply is available but electricity is not.

Electric Pressure Washer

The fumeless electric pressure washer is one that can be used indoors. It can operate outside as well. When purchasing an electric model, keep in mind that the unit needs a 30-amp power supply in order to operate. This might pose a problem for some households. Another consideration one has to make regarding the electricity supply is owning a residual-current device, or RCD, protection socket. The RCD socket is a crucial guard that cuts off power to prevent electric shocks.

Hot vs. Cold Water Pressure Washers

Hot water pressure washers clean more thoroughly than cold water models. Hot water pressure washers also need less soap to sanitise an area and dissolve grease stains, cutting the cleaning time considerably. This makes them ideal for industrial use. They can offer splendid performance, and the only field where cold water pressure washers surpass them is compactness. The cold units are smaller and lighter. When purchasing pressure washers on eBay, it is important to read the description on the listing of a pressure washer to determine if it is a hot or cold water washer. If this information is not provided, then it advisable to ask the seller.

Pressure Washer Accessories on eBay

Many accessories can be used in accordance with the pressure washer to improve its function. Different tasks call for different types of accessories. Some of them are universal, while others are designed for specific pressure washers. Always check for compatibility information before purchasing these accessories on eBay. Information on the subject is usually provided in the detailed description of the products on the website.

Foam Nozzle

The foam nozzle is a basic accessory that makes cleaning tasks a lot easier. It is a type of nozzle that distributes a mixture of water and detergent with the aid of a detergent container usually placed underneath. Detergent recommendations and container capacity are usually listed within the product specifications. Before deciding to purchase one of these on eBay, it is a good idea to seek out the detergent and include its price into the decision-making process.

Extension Lance

The extension lance is a fine accessory that can be helpful for cleaning jobs around the house. It helps reach tall places like the upper levels of a house, or it can be used to place greater distance between the operator and the water action. Some vendors include the extension lance with the pressure washer, while others sell it separately.


Different types of brushes can be added to a pressure washer to increase its effectiveness. The brushes are made of different materials, each made to suit the surface that needs to be cleaned. Some of the more common types of brushes are described in the chart below.



Car Brush

The car brush is made wide and soft in order to cover more area and leave no scratch marks on a delicate paint job.

Garden Brush

The garden bush is rough, narrow, and ideal for cleaning the garden fence or other angled areas with hardened dirt on them.

Patio Brush

A brush with a large surface, sometimes with a built-in detergent tank, effective for removing dirt and moss from block paving.

The brushes even add direction to the water flow and distribute it in a way that does the job faster. Using a brush saves both time and water. Needless to say, doing the job faster also saves petrol or electricity, depending on what the pressure washer runs on.

Pressure Washer Maintenance Accessories on eBay

A pressure washer does require some level of maintenance, especially that of monitoring the oil level. Checking the oil level before every use of the pressure washer helps keep it in good shape. When the oil level drops, adequate oil should be added. Usually, it is a brand of four-cycle motor oil. As in all other machines, mixing oil brands is not recommended. eBay has a large selection of motor oils, and the right one can be found easily with the help of the search tools.


The need for antifreeze is often overlooked when it comes to a pressure washer. Any machine that has a water system should be protected against below-zero temperatures. The pressure washer always has some water left within it, and if that water freezes inside, it can cause a lot of damage. At the end of the season, the system should be filled with pressure washer antifreeze. To fill the system with the fluid, the adequate antifreeze can be mounted on the water supply entry of the pressure washer.

Water Filters

Increased sediment levels in the water are a common occurrence in some regions. Sediment can accumulate in layers throughout the washer and render it useless over a period of time. Various universal filters can be used with the water supply to prevent such a thing from happening. They are easy to install and create no obstacles in the water flow.

Pressure Washer Safety Accessories on eBay

The pressure washer looks like a simple tool, but there are many measures that a user has to take to ensure safety. The owner's manual which comes with the tool offers instructions on proper assembly, operation, and protective equipment. All recommendations should be followed to prevent injuries from occurring. Acquiring the protective equipment that is needed is easy on eBay, given its large number of offerings of such products.

Protective Goggles and Ear Protection

Protective goggles are among the basic pieces of equipment that the operator has to wear. Cleaning with water under pressure often results in high-velocity debris shooting in all directions, so shielding the eyesight is a must. There are many types of goggles available, and almost any kind with a clear visor can do the job. The same goes for ear protection. Ears are as sensitive and vulnerable as the eyes, so they should be provided with at least basic protection.

Working Gloves

Working gloves are also important pieces of safety equipment. Hands are particularly exposed during the use of the pressure washer, as it is a hand-operated device. Gloves offer protection from flying debris or burns from the water spray if hot water is used. The surface of the pressure washer can also become heated during prolonged use, so the gloves serve their protective purpose in handling heat too.

Slip-Resistant Soles

All footwear offers some level of protection for the feet, but shoes with slip-resistant soles are ideal for jobs involving pressure washers. The floor can become dangerously slippery during the cleaning process, especially when working with a soapy detergent. Rubber boots are a good choice as they do not retain any water.

Buying Pressure Washers on eBay

Entering the term 'pressure washer ' in eBay's search bar is a good way to illustrate the vastness of choices available on the website. It can take anyone a lot of time to go through all the results that this query returns. To approach the search more wisely, one needs to either use the filters offered, or enter a more specific query. Among the properties given for filtering is the power of the pump in watts. The more powerful the pump, the greater pressure it can produce, so try filtering a few times to see which power margins give the desired pressure requirements. Other helpful filters include brand and condition.

Aside from all the new pressure washers, eBay offers a good selection of used washers as well. The used power washers come at a fraction of the price. This makes them a fine choice for people who need power washers for only minor chores. If there is not enough information provided by the seller, feel free to communicate with the seller on all subjects until you are satisfied. Purchase only from eBay sellers with good track records, and do rate your satisfaction with the purchase.


There are many uses for a pressure washer that one might find of interest. It is a tool that can ease chores around the house and provide fast and effective industrial cleaning. To choose the right power washer, one needs to first understand the measurements that express its power and relate them to personal needs. Knowledge of the accessories that can be combined with a pressure washer is also helpful.

A pressure washer is a powerful tool, so proper protective equipment should be worn when operating it. Goggles and ear protectors are necessary to secure the safety of sensitive areas. Gloves are also highly recommended. Slip-resistant soles are a good idea for situations where the floor might get wet and slippery.

A great selection of pressure washers and all related accessories can be found on eBay. It is also a great place to shop for protective equipment and all the items needed for keeping the washer in proper condition. With so many pressure washers to choose from, there surely is an adequate washer for anyone shopping on eBay.

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