How to Buy Puppy Food on eBay

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How to Buy Puppy Food on eBay

For people who have never welcomed a new puppy into their home before, it can be a rather daunting trying to decide what to feed it because there’s so much choice on eBay and elsewhere. There is so much variation in prices, quantities and ingredients that new puppy owners need to bear a few things in mind so that their puppy receives the right type and amounts of puppy food it needs to grow and develop properly.
Breeders, veterinarians and local pet shops can be good first stops for information about this, and they can offer independent advice that is not normally forthcoming from a supermarket. Different breeds of puppy have somewhat different nutritional requirements, and making the correct choice can mean all the difference between a healthy or unhealthy dog.

Easy Does It

Any new food need to be introduced reasonably slowly. It cannot reasonably be expected that a small puppy just removed from the warmth and security of its mother will be able to start digging in to commercial dog food from eBay as soon as the new owner gets it home. This in fact will just cause unnecessary intestinal and stomach upsets in most cases, and small portions of the new food should just be added daily at the beginning.
Solid food can be increased over a period of a few weeks in order for the puppy to successfully make the often-traumatic transition from its mother’s milk.
It is in fact often the case that many new puppies get along best by being fed a combination of dry and canned food. The canned food can be added to main meals of dry food because a small puppy’s teeth may not at first be able to manage dealing with purely dry food. The softer canned food can subsequently be gently phased out as the puppy’s permanent teeth start to grow as it gets older.

How Much?

Some trial and error is needed for determining what quantities of puppy food from eBay to give a puppy, or for that matter any new pet. The labels very often recommend larger portions for one sitting than are really necessary, and it is necessary to observe and learn in order to get the amounts right for a particular puppy.
The best way of approaching this is to start out by offering the puppy the amount recommended on the label of the puppy food or treats from eBay. This figure will normally be associated with the weight of the dog, and merely by watching the puppy whilst it feeds the new owner can determine whether this amount is too much or too little. It will usually consume the amount it wants within about 15 minutes of the offering, and more can be given at the next feeding if it wolfs down the lot in that initial period.
If on the other hand it can’t manage the whole amount, make the next feeding slightly smaller. The more usual scenario is for a new puppy to gorge itself, and if this happens it should be fed a bit less but at more regular intervals. One recommendation that seems to work is to place a few spoons on top of the puppy food so that it can’t be gulped down so fast.

Do Not Free Feed

Free feeding is never a good idea. It means leaving a quantity of food in the bowl all the time and there are several reasons why this is not recommended:

  • Ants and other insects will be attracted into the house.
  • Food left in an outdoor bowl can attract insects that may infect the puppy.
  • Dog food goes off fairly quickly and can smell as well as cause food poisoning.
  • Free feeding makes it difficult to keep a check on the dog’s appetite, and often the first sign of sickness will be a loss of appetite.

Food Regimes

The puppy needs to be fed about four times a day until it reaches four months, and then three times to six months and usually then twice a day for the remainder of its life.  
There are several different regimes to choose from, such as tinned or semi-moist food that may or may not include a biscuit mix, dry complete diets and home-made meals, and there are varying qualities within each of these groups. All these types are available on eBay.
The best puppy diets are easily digested and will produce at the other end of the process firm, dark brown stools.
An unsuitable diet can be identified by the production of diarrhoea or wind, or by light or overly soft stools which indicate a problem with the digestive system, and at that point a vet may need to be consulted.

Feeding tips

Fresh water

Should always be readily available

Table scraps

Avoid feeding these to the puppy

Food storage

If a half-full can is kept in the fridge, let it regain room temperature before feeding


Great for bonding, but remember to adjust main feeds in proportion to avoid weight problems

Half-empty bowls

Dump the half-finished meal and provide smaller and completely fresh meals for each mealtime.

Dry Complete Puppy Foods

On eBay there is a comprehensive range of dry complete puppy foods, and the premium types usually contain the better quality of ingredients. The fact that they mostly contain chicken with proportions of rice and corn makes them ideally suited to small puppies. The amounts of these quality products that are offered to the dog need not be as high as in the case of lower grade products and so they can work out more cost effective in the long run.
Many puppies are however not capable of dealing with complete dry foods from eBay just after they have been weaned, but after a few weeks or months they normally grow to prefer them. A puppy that turns up its nose at these meals could be tempted by mixing in a small amount of tinned puppy food or by simply soaking the dry food a little in warm water.

Tinned nad Semi-Moist Puppy Foods

Semi-moist and tinned puppy foods on eBay come in varying qualities, and choosing a good quality one with a recipe that makes it easily digestible is recommended, for example rice and chicken specially formulated for puppies. As ever, once a nutritious diet is found that is also to the liking of the puppy, the best advice is to simply stick with it.
Puppy Treats
On eBay there are a great number of dog treats and snacks available which are also suitable for puppies. These are generally prepared and completely natural and are perfect for rewarding a puppy for good behaviour as it is being trained.
The eBay site offers many puppy treats that are of high quality and which have been specifically designed with the dietary needs of the animal in mind. It is however important to remember that all puppy treats should be offered only sparingly and they should never account for more than about 15 per cent of the dog’s complete intake of calories.

Some treats can help significantly reduce various gum and dental diseases. If treats are given on a fairly regular basis then the amounts of the puppy’s main meals should be correspondingly reduced to avoid obesity as it gets older.

How to Buy Puppy Food on eBay

The easiest way to buy puppy food on eBay is to explore the site and get an idea of what puppy foods are available either by navigating through the menus or by enter search terms in the search box at the top of the page. To get started, go to the drop-down menu of different product categories at the top of the home page. Select Pet Supplies and this will then open a list of sub-categories. Go to Dogs and click on Food/Treats to be directed to the full list of dog foods and treats available on eBay.
There are also several secondary options in the eBay side bar which can be used to refine the search. Because there are so many different puppy foods available on eBay, if you know just what you are looking for you can type the specific phrase into the main search box to be taken directly to that product.


New puppies can often present problems when it comes to feeding them. This is not only because they’ve suffered the recent trauma of being separated from their mother, but also because they need the right sorts of food for their immature and vulnerable digestive systems and teeth.
Just remember to introduce the new food from eBay slowly and to mix it with softer foods if the puppy is having trouble in dealing with it. Observation will enable new owners to pick up on the various signals given off by the puppy and these will often point to actions that need to be taken in terms of providing more or less food at mealtimes and the types preferred.

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