How to Buy Radio Control Helicopter Parts

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How to Buy Radio Control Helicopter Parts

eBay is a fantastic place to buy radio control (R/C) toys, spare parts or new components and associated products online. No matter which radio control vehicle the buyer owns: a car, truck, 4x4, boat, airplane, tank or helicopter, eBay sells them all and the right parts to match.

Regardless of the R/Cs power type (electric, petrol or nitro) eBay also stocks a wealth of R/C components from radio control helicopter parts and spare batteries to fuels and cleaning products. Thanks to the growing popularity of radio control as a hobby there is now a healthy selection of radio control products currently on the market.

The aim of this guide is to inform potential buyers about radio control helicopter parts and explain how to purchase them from eBay.

Radio Control Helicopters

Radio control helicopters first came into the public domain in the late 1990s after toy manufacturers successfully launched remote control toys earlier that decade. Just like all radio control vehicles, R/C helicopters come in all different shapes, sizes, styles and power types. There are four main types of radio control helicopter:

  • Micro Coaxial
  • Micro Single Rotor Fixed Pitch
  • Single Rotor Collective Pitch
  • Multi-rotor  or Quardrocopters

Despite the different types, each R/C helicopter utilises the same mechanisms to govern its movement. Every R/C helicopter has a remote (or transmitter as it is sometimes referred to as) which sends radio signals to the receiver embedded in the R/C to determine which movements the helicopter makes.

Essential Radio Control Helicopter Parts

If you have just purchased a radio control helicopter, unless you bought a high-spec comprehensive R/C helicopter package then it will probably need a few parts in order for the product to be enjoyed as fully as intended. Many R/C helicopter kits only come equipped with a remote, a battery and a charger.

Here are some of the essential components to complete any radio control helicopter kit:

Fire Extinguisher

Regardless of the R/Cs power type, every R/C helicopter owner should own a fire extinguisher- especially as helicopters usually endure more frequent and flamboyant crashes than any other R/C type.

Find a small portable fire extinguisher that is easy to carry and is suitable for the R/Cs power type (i.e. electric R/C should have a foam extinguisher).

Wind Meter

As the name suggests, a wind meter measures the winds speed and is an invaluable tool for any R/C owner as it can save the owner hundreds of pounds and many hours repairing your helicopter by simply warning them that the wind conditions are not suitable to fly your R/C.

Electric Starter

An electric starter or extension shaft is the first must-have for nitro and petrol-powered R/Cs as it is the easiest and best way to start the vehicle.

Try to buy one with a coiled power lead as these are the safest as the cord is kept clear from the rotor ensuring that is doesn’t get trapped.

Power Panel

Power panels are great as they can simultaneously control the glow plugs and fuel pump as well as providing power to the starter. These can be easily mounted on the top of an R/C tool or field box for convenience.

A 12V battery will also be require to power the panel so find one that is specifically for hobby purposes as they are more compact, better sealed and are lighter in weight- an important consideration when packing your R/C tool box.

Glow Plug Driver Cord

A glow plug driver cord is then also needed to connect your glow plug into the power panel to complete the circuit. Be wary of cheaper cords as they can vibrate loose and come out preventing charge. A decent cord will stay in place and aren’t much more in price.

Digital Volt Meter

A digital volt meter is a vital piece of any R/C helicopter owner’s kit as the device checks the voltage of the receiver’s battery so you can act accordingly (a reading of 4.5V or less means the battery needs recharging/replacing before the next flight).

Field Box

A tool box (or Field Box as it is known in the R/C ring) is a must-have for any R/C enthusiast as it is a place to safely store your tools and spare parts. Any tool box will do so make it yourself or buy one (a heavy duty tool box is not necessary and will be too expensive as well as too heavy).

Essential Radio Control Helicopter Tools

As well as the essential parts to compliment the R/C helicopter, you must have certain tools in order to be able to set up, modify, repair and tweak the helicopter when out in the field. It is worth mentioning that standard non-electric versions of the following tools are often best as electric screwdrivers and so on are just one more thing to run out of battery when out flying the radio control helicopter in the middle of nowhere.


It’s always best to put a varied selection of screwdrivers into the toolbox so choose Phillips and regular drivers in different sizes. A small-flat engine tuning screw driver is a must-have for any R/C tool box.


Again, it’s always best to be prepared and equip the toolbox with a selection of pliers so make sure there is at least one of the following: standard pinch pliers, needle-nose pliers and ball-link pliers. For smaller radio control helicopters, it is often worth putting in some tweezers also for the tricky smaller components.

Glow Plug Wrench

A real must-have for any nitro helicopter enthusiasts is a glow plug wrench as these components are constantly being put in and taken out of the helicopter. Some versions available can even hold spare glow plugs in the side if desired.


Besides the above, there are some self-explanatory tools and items that should be included in an R/C helicopter toolbox:

  • Wire cutters/strippers
  • A set of Allen keys
  • Surgical gloves
  • Electrical tape
  • Fuel pump and spare glow plugs (for nitro/petrol R/Cs)
  • Misc. cleaning products (hand sanitizer, cleaning solution and paper towels)

How to Buy Radio Control Helicopter Parts on eBay

Buying radio control helicopter parts on eBay is easy. No matter the R/C type, make or model, eBay stocks a wealth of radio control helicopter parts and products. Whether the buyer is a novice or an enthusiast in the radio control arena, there is an extensive range of radio control helicopter parts available to purchase on eBay. From new rotors or batteries to a new body shell or complete new exhaust system, eBay is a fantastic place to purchase any and everything radio controlled. 

With their competitive pricing and great customer satisfaction, ecommerce websites like eBay are the ideal place to buy radio control helicopters and their crucial components.

Authoritative online shopping websites like eBay welcome all kinds of shoppers regardless of their buying preferences. Whether the buyer wishes to purchase the desired item without delay (by clicking the Buy Now button) or the buyer wishes to seek out the best price by entering into an auction (by clicking the Bid Now option), eBay is ideal for every kind of shopper.

Finding the right radio control helicopter part on eBay couldn’t be easier with the help of the search and advanced search functions. Simply type in the name or manufacturer of the desired R/C helicopter part (along with any other relevant information relating to the product) and press enter. Then a results page will appear full of appropriate products for the buyer to choose from. From here click a search result to be taken to that products individual listings page where the item is described in great detail.

The products page will be amok with vital information surrounding the item including: a detailed specification, a product analysis, and comments about the condition of the item as well as photographs of the R/C helicopter part.

eBay also presents information relating to the seller, including their eBay rating and history. Information about the location of the seller is also provided which is particularly beneficial for those who live near the seller as they can avoid delivery costs.  

Once the buyer is satisfied that they have found the right product to suit their needs, they can purchase the radio control helicopter part in two ways: purchasing immediately (by clicking the Buy Now function) or bidding for the item in an auction format (by clicking Bid Now and entering a bid).

eBay is one of the most respected ecommerce websites on the internet today and as such employs the safe and secure third party payment scheme PayPal. The comprehensive auction-themed website is not only known for the security of payments, it is also renowned for providing a great customer experience and competitive pricing.


Buying components and parts for a radio control helicopter can take a lot of consideration. However with the aid of the information provided in this guide and the easy customer experience that the popular ecommerce website offers, buying radio control helicopter parts from eBay couldn’t be easier.

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