How to Buy Rear Light Assemblies on eBay

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How to Buy Rear Light Assemblies on eBay

Every vehicle is required to have rear lights, and they must be functioning at all times. They are necessary to signal to other cars that the vehicle is about to turn. The rear light assembly also includes the car's reverse lights, which let other vehicles know that the car is backing up, as well as the car's rear running lights, which allow vehicles to see each other, especially in dark or stormy conditions. When one of these lights is burned out or damaged in some way, it is important to replace it in a timely manner.

If the outer covering of the light assembly is broken, it is even more important to replace this part quickly. This type of damage can allow water to accumulate inside the light's housing, damaging the light assembly and possibly the electrical system. This should be avoided at all costs.

Thankfully, rear light assemblies are not difficult to replace. The majority of car owners can replace one on their own at home with only a few tools and the proper replacement part. Choosing to purchase the item from one of eBay's online auctions can allow the consumer to save a considerable amount compared to the cost of taking the vehicle to a mechanic, and especially over choosing to have the work done at the dealership.

What to Know about Buying a Rear Light Assembly on eBay

Many eBay sellers regularly list rear light assemblies for different vehicles for sale. These are typically listed for a specific vehicle. While some rear light assemblies may work with vehicles of another year and model, generally, the assembly must be purchased for the specific vehicle it was manufactured for and will not work on another one. In order to find the right one for the vehicle, is a good idea to have a part number on hand. This number can usually be found in the car's owner's manual or on the part itself.

Without the number, it is still possible to find the correct light assembly by using the car's make, model, and year to search for it. When looking for a part this way, always be sure to check the vehicle itself for the date it was manufactured. This may affect the exact part that works with the vehicle.

Get the Right Side

Just as it is important to choose a rear light assembly that is for the proper vehicle, it is also important to make sure the light assembly is the proper one for the position on the vehicle. The right and left rear light assemblies are mirror images of each other, and not interchangeable. Rear light assemblies are often sold as a pair, including both right and left, but they are more commonly sold individually for either the right or the left hand side of the vehicle. In order to avoid frustration of ordering the wrong part, be sure to double check what side of the vehicle requires new lights and which side the item for sale is intended for.

Choosing Rear Light Assembly on eBay

On eBay, sellers list both new and used rear light assemblies for sale. New assemblies have the bonus of being in pristine condition, generally without flaws, and ready for immediate installation on the vehicle. While these parts typically cost more than a used rear light assembly, the price is almost always considerably less than it would cost from the dealership or buying from an auto parts shop or mechanic shop.

The consumer who is in the market for a real bargain may consider choosing among the many used rear light assemblies the sellers commonly list on eBay. Purchasing a used part does come with some risk. It is important when choosing a used rear light assembly to ensure that the electrical parts are intact and working properly, and that the outer casing of the assembly is not cracked or broken. Inspecting the pictures closely for this is helpful, but some damage may not show up in pictures.

Read the listing very carefully to understand the condition of the part listed, and do not hesitate to ask questions if there is a concern about any damage or malfunctioning part. Most sellers are eager to help the consumer have a real understanding of the condition of any part sold on eBay, and they are generally very happy to answer any question that the buyer may have. Used parts typically represent a much larger savings over buying them new. By being careful, the consumer can easily find used rear light assemblies that still have many years worth of life left on them for a price that is far below market value.

Whether choosing new or used, the decision to purchase online, especially from eBay online auction site, is bound to save the consumer money. These savings, in fact can allow the consumer to consider other options, including upgrading to nicer lighting.

Upgrading the Rear Light Assembly

Some car owners do not come to eBay looking for a simple replacement part. The only reason that some people choose to change the rear light assembly on the vehicle is to upgrade it to a better system. Many manufacturers have produced aftermarket light assemblies for all of the lights on the vehicle, including the rear light assemblies. These light options are often much brighter than the original and can update the look of any vehicle. Typically, they use LED lights, which are known for their low maintenance and high-energy output. When purchasing from eBay sellers, it is often easy to locate a bargain on one of these upgrades, typically acquiring a better quality rear light assembly for less than it could have been purchased from the dealership or other brick-and-mortar stores.

How to Change a Rear Light Assembly

Changing the rear light assembly is not a difficult task. This simple vehicle maintenance procedure often requires the use of only a few tools or none at all. It is something that most vehicle owners are capable of doing on their own, allowing the consumer to save a large sum of money over having a mechanic do the work. The specific instructions for changing a rear light assembly may be slightly different for each car, however, in most instances, the basic instructions are reasonably the same.

The first objective in changing a rear light assembly is to remove the entire assembly from the vehicle. Access to the assembly may be from inside the boot area or from along the doorframe of the boot or hatch. There may be a panel in the boot that covers the rear light assembly.

Once the rear light assembly is accessible, look for the main wire connector that attaches all of the light's different wires to the car's main wiring harness. Disconnect the rear light assembly from the main wiring harness and unscrew any mounting screws or nuts. Gently push the rear light assembly out, stringing the wires along with it. From outside the vehicle, thread the wires into place, and gently insert the new rear light assembly into position. Reattach any screws or nuts that were removed. Connect the wires to the main wiring harness, and check that the new lights work before replacing the access panel.

Buying a Rear Light Assembly on eBay

Choosing to purchase a new rear light assembly on eBay is a wise consumer decision, as it represents a good way to save a considerable amount of money. It is important to first determine which of the light assemblies that are listed are compatible with the vehicle, and then decide from among the many new or used options. To find the listing, simply enter the make and model of the vehicle, along with the term "rear light assemblies" into the search engine on eBay's main page.

When there are number of different options to choose from, consider the seller's rating and feedback score along with the price and cost of shipping. The great feedback from other buyers often helps the consumer to feel confident about this purchase. Many sellers offer free shipping, but not all sellers do, so it is important to calculate the cost of shipping into the budget for the part.


It is important to make sure that all parts of a vehicle are performing properly at all times. A broken or non-functioning rear light assembly can be a signal for danger. A wise car owner can repair these parts in a timely fashion and save considerable amount of money while doing so. Purchasing any car parts on eBay is a great way for a consumer to save money and have many upgrade options available to them.

In order to purchase a rear light assembly, or any car part online on eBay, it is important to ensure that it is the proper replacement part. This includes making sure that it is the right part for the make and model of the vehicle and that it is the right part for the position on the car. And once the right part has been found, replacing a rear light assembly is an easy vehicle maintenance task that many car owners are able to do on their own by following a simple set of instructions.

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