How to Buy Rectangular Sunglasses

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How to Buy Rectangular Sunglasses

Some buyers purchase sunglasses to make a fashion statement, but many women buy them because they are a necessary accessory. Sunglasses are made in various shapes and colours, but rectangular sunglasses have increased in popularity over the past decade because they adds a sense of elegance and style to any outfit or ensemble.

The main purpose of sunglasses is to deter bright sunlight and other high energy, visible light from causing damage or any discomfort to the eyes. Some sunglasses also double as a visual aid when the lenses are built to correct certain sight issues. Some lenses are also coloured, darkened, or polarised to suit a specific purpose rather than simply blocking out the sunlight.

Rectangular sunglasses are often worn during various outdoor activities including many sporting events, such as jogging or golf. They are used to protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, which could cause serious medical issues if prolonged exposure occurs. Sunglasses were initially popular because celebrities often wore them, and many people simply followed the trend because they thought it made them look cool. However, sunglasses manufacturers have since incorporated many features and benefits that women should explore before they make a purchase.

Types of Rectangular Sunglasses Lenses

Different sunglasses lenses are built for different purposes, so a woman must first understand their benefits before selecting any particular type. Additionally, some sunglasses may combine lens features to suit multiple purposes. Three basic sunglasses lens types are discussed below.

UV Rays Protection

Some sunglasses are made with UV ray protection. This feature is the most important factor that a buyer should consider when purchasing new sunglasses. It is common knowledge that UV rays may cause skin cancer, but more people need to become aware of the damages that it may cause to the eye.

The fact is that exposure to UV radiation increases the odds of cataracts and macular degeneration. While these eye issues are treatable, they are also incurable and lead inevitably to diminished eyesight. Aside from the obvious eye protection, rectangular sunglasses with UV protection also help to prevent the onset of wrinkles and crow’s feet because they can also be caused by UV exposure.

Polarised Sunglasses

Light travels in a straight line, but it also bounces from reflective objects. When sunlight bounces and creates a glare, this can be especially dangerous to the eye. Polarised lenses are built to reduce the amount of glare by filtering out the sunlight that bounces off reflective surfaces, such as snow, bodies of water, wet pavement, and glass.

Polarised rectangular sunglasses are great for women who spend a lot of time on the sea or on the road during the day. However, they may cause difficulty for the wearer when reading certain LCD devices, such as a cell phone or a GPS system.

Some people confuse polarised lenses with UV protection lenses, but they are not the same. If a woman is interested in polarised lenses, she should also ensure that it offers UV protection, which is often indicated on a sticker.

Transition Lenses

Transition lenses are built to facilitate going from brightly to dimly lit areas. It transitions to a clear lens when indoors and to dark sunglasses when outdoors. This lens type is often seen in corrective prescription lenses or reading glasses so that the wearer does not need to change from one pair of glasses to another in different settings. They are also generally built to block 99 to 100 percent of the sun’s UV rays.

Lens Colours

People often choose dark brown or black lenses for their sunglasses because they think that darker lenses block out more UV rays, but that could not be farther from the truth. The UV coating on sunglasses is actually clear so they do not need dark lenses to provide UV protection. The colour of the lenses, however, is important because some colours may hinder sight when walking, driving, or during any other activity. The hue of the sunglasses can affect colour and depth perception.

Most contemporary sunglasses, especially rectangular ones, have grey lenses. This is actually a good thing as grey lenses have the least effect on colour and contrast. Therefore, women will have no problem distinguishing between the different colours in a traffic light, for example. This is why grey lens sunglasses are best for driving.

Brown and green lenses are also good choices for regular wear and driving because they minimise colour distortion, reduce glare, and also increase clarity and contrast. Yellow, rose-tinted, or orange glasses help minimise glare and increase depth perception, but they distort some colours and are not the best choices for driving.

Lens Quality

The quality of a lens has nothing to do with its price. It is true that better quality lenses are often more expensive, but buyers should never assume that a high cost means more UV protection. The main issue with cheaper lenses is not so much their UV protection, but the inconsistencies within the brand.

For instance, a buyer may purchase a particular cheap brand today, and it works great and provides crystal clear sight, yet she may purchase another of the same brand tomorrow that distorts her view. The fact is that these lenses are often mass-produced via stamped molds instead of being grounded and polished, and that may affect the output quality.

The Fit of Rectangular Sunglasses

How sunglasses fit has a lot to do with its protection level and wearability. The rectangular frame should not be too tight on the nose or ears, which could cause rubbing and pinching, but it should fit snugly. The glasses should fit close enough to the face to prevent overhead light from hitting the eyes, but the wearer’s eyelashes should not be touching the lenses.

Size Chart for Rectangular Sunglasses

When buying rectangular sunglasses online, women should at least have an idea of the size that would fit them. They can often discern this from examining a comfortable pair of glasses that they already own. Additionally, if buyers want to purchase a repeat pair of glasses, they can find the model number, frame size, and designer name on the inside of the arm pieces. Buyers can use the guide below to help determine their frame and glasses size in the event that an old pair is not available.



Length (mm)


Measurement of one of the lenses in the frame

40 - 62


Distance between the two lenses; area that rests on the nose

14 - 24


Length of the arm piece from the hinge to the tip

120 - 150

Women with prescription glasses will find it easier to determine their size because the exact measurements of the glasses will be engraved on the inner arm pieces or the inner bridge. For instance, the engraving 50 15 - 130 would mean that the eye size is 50 mm, the bridge size is 15 mm, and the arm piece length is 130 mm. From that information, a sunglasses size can easily be selected using the chart below.


Measurement (mm)


Less than 56


56 - 64


Greater than 64

Before making a purchase, buyers should compare the measurement and size of their current glasses with the size chart provided by the seller. If one is not provided, the buyer can use the charts above to determine their correct size and consult with the seller to ensure a comfortable fit.

How to Buy Rectangular Sunglasses on eBay

Buying sunglasses is relatively easy once you know what you are looking for. Buying them on eBay is even easier, and you can get started with a general search for "rectangular sunglasses" on the eBay homepage. eBay is a popular online store, so it is expected that a large collection of rectangular sunglasses will be generated on the results page. However, this amount can easily be filtered down by specific characteristics like brand, frame, and lens colour.

For instance, if you are particular to the Ray-Ban, Armani, or Gucci brand, you could perform a search with the brand name entered as an additional keyword. A search for "Ray-Ban rectangular sunglasses" will narrow down the search to make the selection process quicker and easier.

All the criteria do not need to be entered in the initial search because the filters will still be available. Therefore, after the page shows all your Ray-Ban options, you can simply select the grey lens filter, the 100 per cent UV protection filter, and anything else that you deem necessary to get you to your desired rectangular sunglasses. Select more than one option if you can and then contact the seller to hash out sizing, shipping, and any other details that you need to clarify before making a purchase.


Whether buyers choose to purchase brand name, high priced, or cheap, generic sunglasses, they can always find options that will be both functional and flattering as long as they know where and how to look. Protecting the eye should always be the first priority; thus, there are certain features that should always be considered regardless of brand or price. Buyers should look for rectangular sunglasses with 99 to 100 per cent UV/UVB protection and then consider additional features based on their problem areas. Buyers should also consider the lens colour because the wrong colours may cause more harm than good.

A pair of sunglasses could have all the right features and the best lens colour, but it may still not be ideal if the wrong size is selected. Women need to take the necessary steps to ensure that the right size glasses are purchased to avoid discomfort while wearing them. Finding the right pair of rectangular sunglasses is easy as long as they take the time to utilise eBay’s search engine and personalised filters.

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