How to Buy Replacement BMW Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Replacement BMW Parts on eBay

BMW is well known for its luxury line of automobiles. In fact, BMW has been one of the most popular manufacturers of luxury cars and sedans for many years, and the company produces very long-lasting cars. Because BMWs are expensive, many owners prefer to purchase replacement parts to keep their vehicles running instead of moving on to other cars when there is a problem. Before shopping for replacement parts, a BMW owner needs to note what model of BMW he or she has because not all parts are compatible with different models.

BMW owners often want to know where they can purchase replacement parts, and one very good place to find these parts is eBay.. A buyer on eBay can choose between new spare parts and used replacement parts, depending on his or her budget and needs. A buyer can also find many accessories for various BMWs. Some parts are easier to install than others, so a buyer with some automotive experience may be able to also install certain parts, but installation of some parts may require the assistance of a mechanic.

Commonly Replaced BMW Parts

Every BMW owner should become familiar with the parts that need to be replaced most often. For instance, clutches tend to wear out more frequently than other parts, at least on older BMW models. New clutches are easy to find, though, so they are easy enough to replace. Older BMWs may also need a cleaner exhaust installed for inspection and emission purposes. The suspension is another part of a BMW that a buyer may need to replace after a while. The buyer should keep an eye on the different components in the suspension system, such as the shocks.. Brakes do wear out after a certain number of miles, so they should also be checked on a regular basis. An owner should remember to check the entire braking system and not just the brake pads..

Common Problems with a BMW

Part of knowing what parts need to be replaced most often is knowing some common problems that different BMW models face. Not all BMW models have these problems, so a buyer should verify to see if the problem is common for his or her model. The most common problems are included in the following table.



Water Pump

Problems with coolant leaking around the water pump


Bottom of the radiator may leak

Steering Wheel

Vibrates when braking in some models

Air Conditioning

Commonly experiences some problems

These are just a few BMW parts, but they are among the most common components replaced. If someone is looking to purchase a used BMW, he or she should keep this information in mind and check out these parts to see if they need to be replaced before purchasing.

How to Find Replacement Parts

Many buyers want to find replacement parts for their BMWs, but they do not want to pay dealer or high retail prices. As an alternative, these buyers can always shop on eBay, where a buyer has the choice of purchasing new parts or used parts at prices that are often much less than standard retail. Both options have pros and cons, so the buyer's choice should depend on his or her needs and budget.

New Spare Parts

Spare parts may be a popular option because owners of luxury vehicles may only want brand new parts in their vehicles. When it comes to new parts, a buyer may be able to get them much cheaper from eBay. Additionally, if a buyer has an older BMW model, then he or she may find it impossible to find new parts for the vehicle at any other location besides eBay, where NOS (new old stock) parts can sometimes be found. These parts may be expensive, even at eBay prices, but it may be worth it for a buyer who wants to keep a classic BMW in mint condition.

Used Parts

A buyer may want to consider used parts because they are usually less expensive than new parts. Used parts are typically fully functional parts that have been salvaged from cars that were damaged in other ways. By choosing to buy on eBay, a BMW owner can choose from parts that have been salvaged from all over the world. Although used parts tend to be much cheaper than new parts, a buyer may not want to buy used parts because they do tend to wear out more quickly. A buyer also needs to be careful about choosing a seller when it comes to used parts, and it is also a good idea to look for used parts that come with a warranty of some kind or at least a return policy that lasts for a decent period of time. After a BMW owner has found a reliable dealer for used car parts on eBay, he or she may want to use that dealer exclusively.

How to Find Compatible Parts

When shopping for BMW parts, a buyer needs to make sure the parts found are compatible with his or her vehicle. The model of the BMW and the parts should be verified, as there are a number of replicated parts and fakes on the market.

Model of BMW

The buyer needs to know his or her BMW model before shopping for replacement parts because parts from a different model may not work with the buyer's vehicle. Some of the information to remember includes the model number, the chassis code, and the engine type. These usually come in a series of letters and numbers so the car owner should learn how to read them.

Choose Legitimate Parts

Especially when purchasing parts on the Internet, a buyer needs to make sure the parts are legitimate ones from the manufacturer. No one wants to be fooled into purchasing imitation parts. It is always a good idea to request the part number if it is not included in the product description. Additionally, the buyer should ask questions if he or she needs more information about a product.

Checking Out Accessories

At the same time a buyer shops for replacement BMW parts, he or she should consider searching for accessories. A wide variety of BMW accessories are available, including custom door handle parts and shift knob replacements. Depending on the buyer's needs, he or she may be interested in other accessories, as well, including car racks, custom lights, and car covers. These accessories are also a great way to transform an older BMW into a stylish new ride with a ton of personality and helpful features.

How to Install Replacement BMW Parts

Before purchasing replacement BMW parts, a buyer may want to find out how to install the parts, especially considering that some parts may be rather easy to install, such as replacing a belt. However, if one is replacing a complicated part, he or she may need to get professional help to install the part. When looking for a mechanic, it is a good idea to choose one who is experienced in working on BMWs. The buyer may also want to take the vehicle to a dealership for repairs.


BMWs are a very popular luxury brand of vehicle. Many owners want to buy replacement parts because of the quality of these vehicles. The buyer should consider problems that are common to his or her specific model of BMW and do some research to see which parts most frequently need to be replaced. Although a car owner may be able to install belts and some other parts himself, an experienced BMW mechanic might be needed to install some of the different parts. Replacement parts for BMWs are not that hard to find if a buyer knows what to look for when shopping and where to look.

Both new and used parts for BMWs can be found on eBay, and the choice depends on a variety of factors, including the age and overall condition of used parts and how much the buyer is willing or able to pay. When searching for replacement BMW parts, a buyer can also consider purchasing a variety of different accessories. By fully using the resources available on eBay, it is possible to get a BMW up and running again and looking good in a short amount of time.

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