How to Buy Replacement Kawasaki Parts on eBay

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How to Buy Replacement Kawasaki Parts on eBay

Kawasaki is a leading manufacturer of motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles. Based in Japan, the company is world renowned for its versatile collection of bikes. Kawasaki vehicles are designed with innovative technology that delivers a high level of performance, comfort, safety, and reliability making it one of the bestselling brands available. The result of such a high degree of popularity is a large selection of replacement parts available for owners.

Due to the vast number of Kawasaki models and parts on the market, selecting the right replacement Kawasaki part is challenging for many owners. Learning a bit about the different types of Kawasaki vehicles and developing some basic knowledge about the various parts and systems on the vehicle sets owners on their way to a successful shopping experience. Owners can find replacement Kawasaki parts quickly and easily on eBay. From filters and fuel pumps to camshafts and cylinder heads, eBay offers shoppers one-stop shopping from the convenience of home.

Kawasaki Vehicles

Identifying a vehicle by type or purpose is a good place to start for buyers in search of replacement parts on eBay. Kawasaki manufactures vehicle for a variety of uses, to include off road riding and long distance travel. The chart below offers descriptions and examples of the various categories of Kawasaki vehicles.




Off Road Motorcycles

Equipped with features specially made to handle the rugged terrain common in off road environments

The KLX450R, one of the fastest models, combines a liquid cooled, four-stroke engine with race-orientated technology

Motocross Vehicles

Powerful, lightweight vehicles that deliver fast performance

The KX250F, a bike with a five-speed transmission, is designed to deliver championship performances in the competition arena

Sport Bikes

Street motorcycles with high-performance output and rider-friendly handling

The Ninja ZX-6R, is a fast, stylish motorcycle that enjoys widespread popularity


Motorcycles designed for long distance travel and comfort

The Vulcan 900 Classic is Kawasaki's flagship cruiser and a top choice of road trip warriors

Fun Bikes

Vehicles specifically geared toward introducing younger riders to off road riding

Designed with safety in mind, the KLXis suitable for young adults, teens, and young children

When purchasing replacement Kawasaki parts, buyers should begin by shopping within the correct vehicle category. Knowing the make, model, and year of the vehicle, as well as the type of part needed makes locating replacement Kawasaki parts on eBay faster and easier.

Types of Kawasaki Replacement Parts

With such a large number of vehicles on the market, buyers have an enormous selection of replacement Kawasaki parts available to them. Time spent getting familiar with the many different components available on the market helps buyers select the right parts for the job and avoid mistaken purchases. Parts and components for a variety of vehicles can be found on eBay.

Air filters

Replacement Kawasaki air filters deliver exceptional air filtration, while boosting horsepower and acceleration. For optimal performance, air filters need to be replaced regularly. When it comes to shopping on eBay, this is one component buyers want to purchase brand new.

Breather Components

Breathers are another critical part of a motorcycle's filtration system. Breather components allow the PCV to draw filtered air through the crankcase. eBay has a broad range of Kawasaki breather parts available, including breather engine covers, breather vent pipes, and breather tubes.


Camshafts are vital to the performance of four-stroke engines. They control the operation of the intake and exhaust valves in the engine. Buyers can find a variety of individual Kawasaki camshafts on eBay. Camshaft combination pieces that feature components such as cams and cylinder heads can also be found.

Cylinder Heads

The cylinder head performs many essential functions. The cylinder head contains the engine combustion chamber, as well as the spark plugs and valves. Fuel and air enter the combustion chamber and exhaust fumes exit it. The cylinder head also aids in cooling the engine. eBay stocks a broad selection of Kawasaki cylinder heads and accessories for replacing worn parts.

Fuel Pumps

Kawasaki fuel pumps force fuel from the vehicle's fuel tank to the engine. A vehicle that is difficult to start or that does not stay running may have a bad fuel pump. Buyers can locate fuel pumps and accessories on eBay.


Starters perform the simple, yet essential, role of starting the engine. Starters carry a heavy workload and, therefore, it is normal for them to wear out. Buyers can find a huge selection of Kawasaki starters and starter parts on eBay, including starter relays, starter motor covers, and sets of starter motor screws.


Also known as rectifiers, regulators reduce heat and maintain a stable voltage level. Stable voltage enables a vehicle to produce consistent power at any RPM. Replacement parts for Kawasaki regulators are available for numerous models on eBay.

Oil Filters

Oil lubricates an engine and an oil filter captures impurities and prevents them from circulating in the engine. Kawasaki oil filters require replacement more frequently than most other parts. This is another important component buyers want to purchase brand new.


A dipstick allows riders to easily measure the oil levels in their vehicle. Due to frequent oil changes and the small size of this part, it is commonly misplaced. When replacing a lost or damaged dipstick, it is crucial for owners to find the exact replacement for their vehicle. A poorly fitted Kawasaki dipstick could result in major issues down the road.

Wire Harnesses

A wire harness complements a well-conditioned ignition system, which is paramount to the performance of any vehicle. Buyers are cautioned to learn all they can about specific Kawasaki wire harnesses when dealing with sellers, since a poor harness can easily cause a safety hazard.

The Lowdown on Replacement Kawasaki Parts

When it comes to Kawasaki components, aftermarket parts offer a less expensive alternative to the parts produced by the original vehicle manufacturers. However, the quality of aftermarket products is not always on par with original equipment replacement parts, so buyers should spend some time researching individual items before making a purchase. It is also important to consider that some parts, such as spark plugs and brake pads, typically offer the best performance if they are recommended by original manufacturers.

Another dilemma buyers face is the decision to purchase new or used replacement Kawasaki parts. Similar to the aftermarket aspect, used items are a cost effective alternative to their new counterparts. And while condition is always an important factor, well-kept used parts can deliver exceptional performance as well as tremendous value. From OEM and aftermarket parts to new and used replacement parts, eBay has it all. Buyers in search of Kawasaki parts should spend some time figuring out which category is best suited for their specific replacement needs.


Kawasaki vehicles are known the world over for their attractive presentation, superior design, and impeccable performance. The company uses innovative design technology and high quality parts to assemble vehicles that are dependable and high-performing. However, even the best technology and highest quality workmanship cannot guarantee eternal functionality. Parts can fail, and when they do, shoppers should look to eBay for replacements.

Discovering that a vehicle is experiencing mechanical problems is frustrating, but in most cases, a little repair work can quickly get the vehicle ready for the road once again. Next to the skills necessary to perform the work, the right replacement parts are the most important ingredient in the repair process. Kawasaki owners who shop for replacement parts on eBay realise the simplicity and efficiency the site offers. In fact, combined with a bit of research as to the part needed, eBay makes locating those parts a hassle-free experience.

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