How to Buy Reptile Supplies on eBay

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How to Buy Reptile Supplies on eBay

As many owners of reptiles know, reptiles make rewarding and interesting pets. Usually cold blooded, reptiles may not be as cute and cuddly as some more traditional pets, but have other advantages that have seen them become popular. Such as the fact that they're relatively low maintenance pet that does not require daily brushing or to be taken for a walk. To keep your reptile in peak condition, a few items and supplies are needed, all of which can be found and easily bought at reasonable prices from eBay.


The first item required is a place for the reptile to dwell in. The name for a reptile container is a Terrarium, and eBay has many different styles and sizes available depending on differing needs and budgets. It is important to have a terrarium that is the right size for a reptile when it becomes fully-grown, as well as one that will give the correct climate for the reptile in question. There are many different climate types that available ranging from aquatic to rainforest and desert terrariums.

Aquatic Terrariums

These terrariums can vary from totally water based with small areas above the waterline like pads and logs to a mixed habitat, which blends a land area with an aquatic area. These are used mainly for turtles and terrapins but there are a few other exotic reptiles that like this type of environment; one is the tentacled snake, which is a native of Southeast Asia. It is a fresh water aquatic reptile and it has small tentacles on its head near its mouth.

Desert Terrariums

The desert terrarium is a classic terrarium that is popular for its simplicity and the interesting and varied reptiles that can be kept in them. When selecting the size of a terrarium keep in mind how big a reptile will be when it reaches adult size. A popular choice of reptile for this style of terrarium is the Egyptian or Kenyan sand boa. It has many attractive colour variations is easy to care for and docile when handled. This snake likes to have a burrow to rest in and thrives in a dry sand environment. It is ideal for terrariums as it usually less than 3 feet or 90 centimetres in length.

Outdoor Terrariums

This type of terrarium can be used for any environment and being outdoors it is ideal for larger reptiles. An outdoor terrarium needs special care so that weather variations do not affect the reptiles living in them. Larger snakes, lizards and turtles enjoy the added space and the climate-controlled area can be used to grow plants that would normally be in the environment. A favourite of outdoor terrariums are the box turtles although they require a varied diet and can be stressed if handled too often.

Savannah Terrarium

A savannah environment is an area that is normally grassland with more rainfall but without a dense tree-scape found in forests. The savannah terrarium emulates this, and is ideal for snakes, lizards and tortoises from a savannah environment. Savannah reptiles can grow to be quite large so care needs to be taken on the reptile chosen.

Heat Source

Reptiles are cold-blooded animals that do not have the ability to internally regulate their temperature. Instead, they heat and cool themselves by moving in or out of the sun. In a terrarium, it is vital that they have a heat source so that they are comfortable and thrive. A reptile without an area to warm itself and shade to cool itself will quickly become sick.
A heat source is an essential item to purchase when housing a reptile, and they come in many varieties:

Basking Lamps

A basking lamp is a heat source that gives an intense focused area of heat that is ideal for daylight use. The reptile can easily move in and out of the beam regulating its body heat. To keep seasonal cycles remember to adjust the hours that the lamp is active between summer and winter. It is a good idea to use an automatic timer that starts the basking lamp and some models include this function to make life easier. Many different models can be found on eBay.

Ceramic Heaters

These come in a range of styles and normally resemble a normal bulb with a squared-off top. They are made from ceramic rather than glass and different models provide light and heat while others only produce heat. They are similar to a basking lamp in that they have a tight area where the heat is concentrated.

Heating Mats and Pads

Heating pads or heating mats are used to keep a constant temperature in the terrarium. They do not take the place of a point heat source for the reptile’s body temperature control but provide a suitable base temperature. This is particularly useful for reptiles that are from natural environments that are much warmer than where they are kept as a pet. It is important to only use devices made for terrarium use as general heating pads for people are not suitable.

Hot Rocks

These are a relatively new innovation that gives the reptile in a terrarium a natural looking rock that it can use to warm itself. It has a heating element inside the hot rock that produces an even heat. It is wise to check reviews of different models as some have a tendency to develop hot spots that can burn the reptile so be cautious when reviewing and researching models to purchase.

Porcelain Heaters

A porcelain heater is a lamp body designed to take various high voltage, high heat bulbs. The porcelain ensures that the constant high temperatures do not deform the socket like some plastic models.


Reptile Food

Reptiles, like all pets, require a balanced, healthy diet. Some reptiles may require live food and, depending on the species, this could mean worms or larvae. A snake may require mice or rats, and being aware of the correct choice of food required is essential.


A cricket is similar to a grasshopper is a common food for many reptiles. Anglers also use them as bait when they are after freshwater fish. Live crickets are available on eBay.

Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are very popular and are used by pet owners that have fish, birds, reptiles and amphibians. They are available in different stages of their life cycle depending on how much trouble you wish to take to grow them. They can be bought in kits at the egg stage, in the larval stage or ready for use in their adult stage.


The mealworm is a popular insect to feed to birds and reptiles. They are not actually worms but a beetle, and the mealworm stage is its first stage after leaving the egg. Some types can be quite large and grow to over 2 inches long.

When Buying Reptile Supplies on eBay

  • Check the photos of the item carefully.
  • If purchasing live food items from a seller, check how to store the goods once they arrive, and also clarify how they will be shipped.
  • Feel free to ask the seller questions if further information or clarification is needed.
  • Check if any of the components are missing and how easy they are to replace if so.

A seller may choose to sell their terrarium or heat sources for a range of reasons. It is often possible to bid on items that are in very good condition but are used and available at a reduced cost from a new product. When buying a used item such as a terrarium, heat mat or other reptile care item, check for any areas of wear and tea. If an item has components which may need to be replaced over time, do some research online and find out how easily the parts may be found.

Blogs and reptile owners’ sites are great sources of advice when considering purchases for your reptile. Ask around for advice when looking for items, and take into account the experiences and reviews of other reptile owners who may have opinions on certain brands, makes and models of items.

How to Buy Reptile Supplies on eBay:

eBay has a huge range of sellers offering thousands of reptile supplies which makes it easy and simple to shop for items required whilst benefitting from the flexible payment options available by buying on eBay.

  • Type in specific searches such as “reptile terrarium”, or a particular brand name required, and available listings that match the criteria will appear.
  • Check reviews of sellers and their activity when considering a bid, and check reviews of the product where possible by other horse owners to get a balanced viewpoint of a particular product.

When searching through listings, carefully review all the data to ensure the item matches what you are looking for. Feel free to ask the Seller any questions, and look over the photographs to be clear on the condition of the item.
When ready to buy, either place a Bid, Buy it Now, or put down your Best Offer. Buying with PayPal will ensure the transaction will go smoothly. eBay users are protected by the Buyer Protection Program.


Owning a reptile as a pet requires some specialist equipment, all of which can be easily found and bought on eBay. From food to terrariums, different reptiles have different needs and requirements for climate and environment.

eBay has a wide range of reptile supplies available for sale in the marketplace which are competitively priced and come with a safe payment option and feedback facility for safety of mind when making a selection.

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