How to Buy Rolling Stones Tickets

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How to Buy Rolling Stones Tickets

The Rolling Stones are a household name not just in Britain but also throughout the world. In spite of 50 long years in the music industry, The Rolling Stones continue to perform and release music,, celebrating their signature style with a passion that appears undimmed by age. Classic songs by The Rolling Stones include "Paint It Black", "Can't You Hear You Me Knocking"? and "Street Fighting Man", among others.

Members of The Rolling Stones are all in their sixties or seventies, so fans have a limited time to enjoy their music live. Buyers can purchase tickets to the band's concerts through The Rolling Stones website, or look for them on eBay.. Often, eBay sellers offer competitive pricing on tickets. If one is planning to attend a Rolling Stones performance, then learning a little about The Rolling Stones' history is a good idea. Those who are looking for tickets to the band's concerts should also be aware of the practice of scalping so that they can avoid being overcharged for tickets.

About The Rolling Stones

In 1962, a handful of talented young artists formed a rock band in London. The chart below lists the original line-up and the role of each member of the band.

Band Member


Mick Jagger

Lead vocals and harmonica

Brian Jones

Harmonica and guitar

Ian Stewart


Bill Wyman


Charlie Watts


Keith Richards

Backup vocals and guitar

Keith Richards and Mick Jagger took over the leadership of the band after the physical and mental health of Brian Jones began to decline. Richards and Jagger wrote many of the songs for the Rolling Stones.

Throughout the years, a few band members have come and gone. Bill Wyman decided to retire from music in 1993. The current members of the band include Ronnie Wood, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts.

Fame and Record-Breaking Achievements

The Rolling Stones were very popular in Britain, and their music resonated with audiences in the United States and many other countries as well. Rolling Stone magazine named The Rolling Stones fourth in its list of the hundred greatest artists of all time. When Billboard magazine compiled a similar list of top all-time artists, they placed The Rolling Stones at number 10.

The Rolling Stones have been a part of the Rock and Rock Hall of Fame since 1989. They have sold well over 200 million copies of their albums to fans throughout the world. Of their albums, 24 were recorded in a studio and 11 recorded live before an audience. Compilation albums are also popular amongst their fans.

Musical Style

The music of The Rolling Stones is usually classified as rock and roll. However, it has subtle elements of rhythm and blues, carrying some soul and passion with it. Human nature and the human condition are reflected in both the lyrics and in the musical style, and this underlying layer of meaning allows the music to transcend cultural barriers and span decades.

The Rolling Stones 2013 Tour: 50 and Counting

In 2012, The Rolling Stones celebrated the 50-year anniversary of their first gig with a concert at London's O2 arena on November 25. Songs included "Get Off of My Cloud" and "I Wanna Be Your Man". The show kicked off "50 and Counting: The Rolling Stones Live". During May and June of 2013, fans can see the Rolling Stones in various major cities throughout the United States and Canada. Los Angeles, Oakland, Anaheim, Toronto, Boston, and other large cities are on the schedule, with performance venues such as Toronto's Air Canada Centre, the Staples Center in Los Angeles, and the Oracle Arena in Oakland. The Rolling Stones also plan to perform in London and Glastonbury in July of 2013 before wrapping up the tour.

Some hardcore fans of the group believe The Rolling Stones still have the moves and the vocals necessary to do rock and roll. However, many fans recognise that ageing bodies, lungs, and voices make it likely that "50 and Counting" is the group's final tour. At the time of the O2 reunion performance, the youngest member of the group was Ronnie Wood at 65, while the oldest was Charlie Watts at 71. Lead vocalist Mick Jagger was 69.

Scalping and New Ticket Regulations for The Rolling Stones Tour

Many fans or famous bands and artists become victims of ticket scalping, which occurs when individuals buy up large amounts of coveted tickets and then resell them at much higher prices. Fans who want to attend the event end up paying much more than the artists and event managers intended for them to pay. Sometimes, the tickets cost two or three times more than the original price.

Because of the practice of ticket scalping, The Rolling Stones instituted measures to protect fans. Rolling Stones tickets are sold at a variety of price points, with 1,000 or more tickets available at low prices for every performance. These affordable tickets are intended to provide every fan with the opportunity to see the band live. For fans who want better seats or other extras, tickets are available at a higher cost. Buyers should remember that service charges are usually added in. Some sellers also charge shipping fees.

If fans purchase tickets from The Rolling Stones website, they should collect tickets in person when they arrive at the event. Guests should be sure to arrive with plenty of time to pick up their tickets and go in to the show. Once they have the tickets in hand, they cannot leave with them, but must immediately find their seats or standing room. The venue staff typically ask for a confirmation number, the credit card with which the tickets were purchased, and a picture identification.

Unfortunately, even stringent anti-scalping measures can fall short. At the 50th anniversary tour in London's O2 Arena, many of the tickets were resold for hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Buyers should investigate the average cost of a ticket to a Rolling Stones event to ensure that they do not end up paying too high a price.

Rolling Stones Memorabilia

Over the years, a variety of Rolling Stones memorabilia has become available. Signed photos, signed albums, and other autographed items are prized by collectors. Concert memorabilia such as guitars and musical instruments that were used during performances are particularly valuable, especially if the items are signed by one or all of The Rolling Stones.

Many collectors enjoy having signed photographs of Rolling Stones members. However, these photographs are only valuable if their authenticity can be proven. Sellers should supply a certificate of authenticity or some other form of proof that a Rolling Stones artist signed the picture in person.

Fans should consider investing in Rolling Stones memorabilia, as they can increase in value once the group splits up for good. After the passing of one or more of the group members, memorabilia typically achieves a higher value. Since The Rolling Stones are important in musical history as well as in the hearts of fans, their memorabilia should hold its value for generations.

Buying Rolling Stones Tickets on eBay

eBay has an entire area devoted to event tickets so that you can enjoy a special night listening to your favourite band play live. You can search for Rolling Stones tickets by typing "Rolling Stones tickets&" into the search bar on eBay's main page. Supplies of tickets may be limited since The Rolling Stones are such a famous band doing what may be their final live performances. Search for tickets within your price range using eBay's price filter, or apply other search filters to find tickets to a performance near you. You can save a search if you want to keep an eye on the listings and be notified whenever new Rolling Stones tickets become available from eBay sellers.

Sellers on eBay often supply free shipping or return policies for their products. In the case of Rolling Stones tickets, return policies are unlikely. However, some sellers should offer free shipping for tickets. You can also look for tickets from eBay's Top-rated sellers.. These reputable sellers have highly positive ratings from customers. If you cannot find what you need on eBay's main website, try looking in eBay Shops,, where search results appear as links to sellers' shops rather than individual listings.


Some fans may enjoy Rolling Stones favourites like "Rip This Joint", "Jumpin' Jack Flash", or "Sympathy for the Devil". Others prefer the gentler ballads, such as "Loving Cup". No matter which songs fans place in their top 10 lists, The Rolling Stones have charmed and rocked audiences across the globe for decades. As The Rolling Stones approach the latter years of their music, fans must ensure that they score tickets to one of the upcoming performances.

eBay is an excellent place to search for Rolling Stones tickets. However, buyers must be careful to ensure authenticity and fair prices. If buyers plan to travel to see the Rolling Stones, they may be able to combine a holiday package deal on eBay with their Rolling Stones tickets, creating their own customised, unforgettable getaway. With a little research and patience, buyers should be able to obtain Rolling Stones tickets and be well on their way to a memorable experience.

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