How to Buy Saracens Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy Saracens Tickets on eBay

No matter what the sport, no matter what the team, the one thing every fan agrees with is that there is no substitute for being at the match. Nothing creates emotion like the experience of being part of a crowd that is united in support of a team. Watching a favourite team on television loses a big part of the emotion of the experience, and watching the Saracens on TV is no exception. Sports are also something that most people do not watch on their own. If there is a team on the pitch and fans in the stands, the fans feed off each other. Even viewers at home often recruit other people to watch games with them. It is the raw emotion that television lacks, even though it does offer the magic of replays and high definition sound and video quality.

There is just no comparison between the artificial clarity of the television, no matter how good it might be, and the visceral experience that can only be found at the match. This is why buying Saracens tickets is vastly important to many fans. Fortunately, tickets to games can often be found on eBay, even after they are completely sold out.

The Saracens Football Club

The Saracens are a Rugby Union team that currently competes in the Aviva Premiership, the top league in the country. Like many teams, they were originally founded as an amateur team back in the 19th century, and they retained that status for more than a century.

Saracens Early Days

The Saracens were founded in 1876 by members of what later became the Marylebone Grammar School. Two years later they amalgamated with a neighbouring club, known as the Crusaders, and the new club took the name Saracens. For the next century, they remained an amateur club. In fact, the majority of the sport remained amateur until the 1990s. The first few years were hard, and they played on several fields before settling on Bramley Road in 1939, although the war prevented them from actually playing there until 1945. Unfortunately, the facilities at Bramley were not good, and this held them back for years, although they did compete in the Courage League several times.

Professional Rugby

The Saracens were in the top league, although they were at the bottom of the table in 1996 when the Rugby Union went professional. This would have normally led to relegation, but there was no relegation for the first professional season of Rugby Union. With their position safe, they moved to Vicarage Road and shared a pitch with Watford. This gave them the stability of knowing they would be playing on a first-rate pitch and they gained strength and won the Premiership in 2010-2011. Their fortunes took another step forward in 2013 when they moved into the new Allianz Park.

Allianz Park

The Saracens moved into Allianz Park in February 2013 and christened the pitch with a 31-11 victory over the Exeter Chiefs on February 16. This was their first game at the new park, and their first game on artificial turf. Allianz Park is a new stadium in North London that was built to the highest standards of excellence. It provides seating for more than 22,000 fans to enjoy games in a stunning environment that provides all the latest technology, from LED banners to huge television screens. Everything is there for the devoted Saracens fans, from tickets and merchandise to stands on both sides and both ends of the pitch. Fans can watch matches however they wish, from private boxes to standing room on the edge of the pitch. A state-of-the-art audio-visual system ensures that no matter where a fan is in the stadium, he or she can enjoy the experience.

Types of Saracens Experiences at Allianz Park

There are Saracens tickets for every kind of fan experience and for every budget, from the Platinum Plus experience right down to the Red and Black. For those with more planned than just attending the match, Allianz Park offers more than just tickets and concessions. Saracens fans can enjoy the Tulip Club, the Hundred Club Carvery, and even the Fez Club lounge in addition to watching the match. Each offers a unique experience that makes attending a Saracens game at Allianz Park an event like no other. The following table showcases the benefits of these rugby experiences.



Tulip Club

All the benefits of an exclusive London Club

Watch the match in luxurious style

Hundred Club Carvery

Outstanding seats and delicious meals

Fez Club

Pre-game lounge and premium seats

All of these experiences begin with tickets to see the Saracens at Allianz Park. Any Saracens fan should look into these clubs as well as tickets to the game.

Saracens Ticket Options at Allianz Park

There are two primary options for buying Saracens tickets at Allianz Park. Interested fans can either buy tickets for a single match of their choice, or they can buy season tickets that allow them to attend every home match in a given season. Single match tickets are great for casual Saracens fans and fans with tight budgets, while season tickets make sense for fans who are completely invested in the team and who want to attend as many matches as possible every year.

Advantages to Buying Saracens Tickets on eBay

There are a number of advantages to buying Saracens tickets on eBay, especially for the casual fan or the dedicated fan on a tight budget. Not all season ticket holders can attend every match, and some of them resell tickets to matches they cannot attend. In other cases, people may buy tickets for a single match and then find that they are unable to attend, so they decide to sell their tickets on eBay.

Budgetary Advantages

One big advantage to buying Saracens tickets on eBay is that they are often available at lower prices than at the gate, and this allows fans on tight budgets the opportunity to attend more matches than they might otherwise have been able to afford. eBay often magnifies a sports fan's financial resources, whether by lowering the cost of tickets or enabling access to more matches.

Access to Sold Out Matches

One problem that many fans face is the realisation that the match they most want to see is already sold out. This is when eBay can be very valuable. Fans can often find tickets for sold out matches on the site when they cannot be found anywhere else.

Bypass Season Ticket Waiting Lists

One issue with buying season tickets for any sport is that there is sometimes a waiting list, and the Saracens are no exception. Fans who want season tickets but are unable to get them can sometimes find those season tickets on eBay, without having to wait on a waiting list.

Buying Saracens Tickets on eBay

For those fans who want to buy their Saracens tickets on eBay, it is quick and easy. All you need to do is put your requirements in the search box that is conveniently located on every page. Once you have a screen full of results, the next thing to do is separate out the best listings by using the filters. You can sort by everything from price range to buyer location to make sure you get the Saracens tickets that you want. After that, you can use the sort tools eBay provides to arrange the results so that the ones that best fit your needs are at the top of the screen.

The final step before buying is to decide which seller to work with to buy tickets. One good place to start is the seller's profile page where you can see everything from his or her feedback to a physical location. Some sellers may allow local buyers to pick up Saracens tickets in person. Others may offer bundles so you can buy tickets to several matches at once.


Hardcore Saracens fans want to attend matches as often as possible, and eBay can help make that happen by serving as a source for hard to find tickets. Buying tickets can be expensive, and tickets to some popular matches sell out quickly through traditional channels. Fans who use eBay can also sometimes find better prices for tickets than those who do not, and over the course of a season, that savings could result in being able to attend an extra match or two on the same sports budget. That is definitely enough to make a fan smile.

For various reasons, ticket holders are sometimes unable to attend matches, and eBay gives fans the chance to get their hands on tickets they may have missed out on when they first went on sale. Not only does eBay provide access to tickets that are sold out, but it may also be the single easiest way to buy tickets to a Saracens match. Every Saracens fan may want to get in the habit of checking eBay for deals before purchasing any game tickets.

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