How to Buy Scented Candles

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How to Buy Scented Candles

Scented candles add an attractive, warm, and calming effect to any living space. Flickering flames grouped together, a single candle for a romantic meal, or a small tea light twinkling at Christmas, can all alter the ambience of a setting significantly. Scents can be light or intense, varying from those that evoke a sea breeze, to the headier smells of cinnamon or clove. Aromas can be relaxing, encourage a feeling of nostalgia, or uplift the user’s mood.

About Scented Candles

Scented candles are made from wax which is then infused with essential oils or synthetic aromas, usually natural ingredients will be more costly. In the centre of each candle is a wick made from a fibrous material, its job is to merge the flame and the wax, allowing it to burn at a regular rate. The fragrances are released from the wax as it heats up, filling the room with scent. Candles have been used in homes and work places for thousands of years, both for light and timekeeping. Depictions of rudimentary candles are found in cave paintings and there are methods of more advanced candle making procedures in Greek and Roman records. From ancient times to the present day the candle has endured, although it is not the essential tool it once was, the ambience that scented candles create through their fragrance and appearance is enjoyed by many people. The huge variety of aromas, styles, and forms of scented candles, means buyers can search brands and discover a candle to fit their requirements.

Choosing Scented Candles

Scented candles come in a contrasting range of sizes. These can be used to refine a search according to the personal preferences of a buyer. This table illustrates the standard types of scented candle available.



This is a small tester product, idea for trying out different fragrances before settling on a favourite. Place it inside an appropriate holder to contain the heated wax when burning.

Tea Light

Again a small candle often set in a thin case of plastic or metal in which the melted wax is thoroughly contained.

Tumbler or Jar

A medium or larger size candle, where the wax has been poured into a glass vessel strong enough to contain the heat.

Pillar or Church Pillar

A wide candle, where often more than one wick is used. They do not need a holder, but a suitable base will be needed to contain the heat and melted wax.

Taper or Dinner Candle

A tall, slim, elegant candle which looks great in a candle stick holder.

Using Scented Candles in the Home

There are a plethora of fragrances available when buying a scented candle, however, these can be put into categories in order to narrow a search. This table illustrates six generalised groups available when purchasing a scented candle.


Food and Sweets

The smells of a sweet shop, candy floss, popcorn and jellybeans are available. Or choose the smoother vanilla, apple pie, or butterscotch options.


Often known as the sunshine scents, fruity fragrances can be clean and crisp like zesty lemon, sweet like peaches or tropical like coconut.

Herbs and Spices

These are more intense tones that can include grassy basil or earthy cinnamon.


Flowers can offer a delicate fragrance, like rose or lavender, or a more heady potent scent, in the case of honeysuckle or violet.


Cut grass,, leather and salt water, bring the best of natures scents inside.

Holiday Candles

Cranberry, holly, pine and cinnamon enhance the seasonal atmosphere in a home.

Using Candles in Specific Rooms in the Home

Candles are an effective, economic and relaxing way to enhance the atmosphere of a home. However, as each room has its own purpose and use, certain fragrances will be better suited in one domestic location than another. The following table provides suggestions regarding which room benefits from and is complimented by which aromas.


Suggested Aroma



Use naturally relaxing scents like lavender to aid sleep, sandalwood to relax and unwind, or romantic floral tones like rose.



Ensure your kitchen smells fresh and banish lingering cooking odours with the scents you would associate with food. Vanilla, cherry pie or even chocolate would be effective.



Keep bathrooms fresh with a sea breeze or citrus scented candle. These scents are invigorating for early morning starts, but not intense enough to be cloying in a small space.



A scented candle contained in a decorated jar or tumbler may fit in more comfortably in with the decor. Use an uplifting fragrance containing mint or bergamot during the day, followed by a more tranquil rose or patchouli fragrance later, to correspond to the changing mood in the house.


Scented Candle Safety

Investing a little time in learning about safety, where to position candles and how to get the longest burn time is worthwhile for anyone who is interested in buying one. When using candles be sure to follow these simple safety tips, to reduce the minimal risks involved. If children or animals are present, keep the candle well out of their reach, never leave a candle to burn unattended under any circumstances. If you are leaving the room, going outside or even think you may fall asleep, extinguish the flame and relight it when you are present. Keep the lighted wick far away from any material which could burn or catch light through being heated. This is especially important to remember at festive times of year when homes are decorated, and there may be less surface space available.

Scented Candle Burn Times

In general, smaller candles will have a burn time of around 8 hours and the larger ones can last up to 19 hours or longer. It is difficult to give an exact number of hours as the burn time of an individual candle will vary significantly depending on a number of factors, some of which are at of the control of the user, i.e.; the manufacturing process used, raw materials, and the quality of the wick. However, taking proper care of any scented candle will ensure its burn time is maximised.

Scented Candle Maintenance and Care

Learn to look after the candles and use them wisely to get the smoothest, long lasting burn time. When using larger candles, be prepared to trim the wick from time to time, as this will not only reduce the smoke and heat released, but make the candle burn more consistently. Also, burning away from drafts reduces the risk of a flickering wick heating the sides of a candle and melting the wax unevenly, or causing melted wax to spill. Cooling candles in the fridge before use will extend the burn time, as the cold wax takes longer to reach melting point. Always wrap the candle carefully before cooling as the wick could become moist, creating an erratic burn.

Scented Candles for Men

Scented candles aimed specifically at men are being produced by many manufacturers. The aromas generally contain more earthy notes, with natural undertones of pine or fresh smells echoing the aroma of flowing water. These scented candles are marked by their similarity to male aftershave fragrances.


Scented candles come in many shapes and sizes, with each style offering numerous scent options to choose from. The aromas vary from those which occur in nature, to smells from the home and those tailored to complement the changing seasons of the year. Fortunately, many scented candles come in trial sizes, which gives buyers the opportunity to test smaller scented candles, before making a larger more expensive purchase. With such a large amount of sellers, be sure to do a little research before deciding on which scented candle to purchase, there are budget buys and deals to be had. Bundles of candles are frequently offered by sellers, enabling a purchaser to buy in bulk and save money on postage. Look into both the item and the seller, to get the right product at the best price.

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