How to Buy Shakira Tickets on eBay

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How to Buy Shakira Tickets on eBay

Every Shakira fan wants and deserves to go to one of her concerts at least once. Shakira puts on a great show, and there is no substitute for the experience of being there in person when she steps out onto the stage. CDs and other recordings showcase her music, but they can never match the emotional intensity that only comes from hearing her in person. Even playing her music on a state-of-the-art home audio system does not compare to the experience of being surrounded by other fans as the music washes over the crowd.

Tickets to Shakira concerts typically do more than just buy fans seats at the various venues. Concert tickets buy memories that can last a lifetime. Local ticket sellers and concert venues always sell tickets a few months in advance. However, tickets for extremely popular acts like Shakira may sell out quickly and leave many fans wishing they had acted sooner. In those cases, online sites like eBay can be a lifesaver for finding tickets at the start of every concert tour.

About Shakira

Born in Colombia in 1977, Shakira has released eight albums to-date that have sold more than 70 million copies combined. The popularity of her music reflects the presence of a lot of fans, particularly when one considers that her first album, recorded at age 14, was only released in her native Colombia and sold a mere 1,200 copies. She has certainly expanded her horizons since then. Originally breaking into the Latin American market with two Spanish language albums, she moved into the English market and immediately hit it big by selling 15 million copies of her first album in English. She also had the best-selling single of 2002. She currently serves as a judge on the American TV series, The Voice, as of the spring of 2013.

As a musician and performer, Shakira has always been known for her willingness to expand her musical horizons by drawing on different genres and styles of music. Her work runs the gamut from pop and dance to folk and rock in both Spanish and English.

The Keys to Buying Shakira Tickets

The one thing that matters most when making any important purchase is knowledge. Information is what enables any buyer to become a satisfied customer with a minimum of bother. Before buying a single ticket, it is important to know what kinds of tickets are available. This makes it easier for buyers to decide which ticket options best meet their needs. There are a number of things to consider, including the date, venue, and the positions of available seats. There is no reason for a buyer to jump online and buy the first set of Shakira tickets he or she finds.

Start with a Budget

Before buying Shakira tickets, it is a very good idea for any prospective purchaser to start by setting a budget. This first step puts buyers in control of the process because they know how much they can spend. People who do not set budgets often find themselves spending more than they really intended, with predictable results. Those who do set budgets can easily sort out the tickets they want and ensure they have a great experience without the regret that comes from not being able to afford something else.

Study the Dates and Venues

Once buyers know how much they can spend, the next thing to do is look at the various dates and venues for the current tour. This information is priceless when deciding which tickets to buy. Some venues have better seats at different levels, while others may be more easily accessible for a given purchaser. The key is knowing when Shakira is going to be where. It may be that the best time to see her in concert is not when she is at the closest venue, but when she is at one a little farther away because it is easier to arrange everything for that date.

Learn the Seating Charts

Every venue has its own seating chart that shows all the sections and seat locations. As a general rule, the better seats are more expensive, but the degree of difference may differ from venue to venue. Understanding the chart can be a real advantage when buying tickets on eBay because it makes it possible to accurately judge where a seat or group of seats may be. Sometimes it may be better to find seats that are a little farther back but closer to the centre of the stage, rather than off to one side. Knowing where to buy seats can help buyers stretch their budgets a little bit farther and make the whole experience that much more memorable for everyone.

Pay Attention to Blocks

One thing that can be very important when buying tickets for a group is paying attention to seating blocks. Just because a given seller has several Shakira tickets available, buyers should not presume that they are all contiguous. Some sellers, especially those with a large number of tickets, may only have scattered tickets available, especially as it gets closer to the date of the performance. Careful buyers should take the time to be sure that tickets purchased for a group are all together so that no one has to sit away from the group and possibly alone.

Looking for Tickets on eBay

An important step for any eBay transaction is reading the listing carefully to make sure prospective buyers know exactly what a seller is offering for sale. When dealing with concert tickets, this includes paying attention to both the venue and date for every ticket. There are some tours where Shakira may play more than once in the same location, and while that may be wonderful news for fans who want to see more than one performance, it does mean they have to make sure they are not buying multiple tickets for the same date. This is also the time when seating charts become very helpful, particularly when comparing tickets from two different sellers. Without charts, it can be very difficult to compare two or more offers to see which one is the best choice for any given buyer.

A quick perusal of the following checklist can help potential buyers make informed decisions when buying Shakira tickets:




Not all venues are created equal

Thoroughly compare all the nearby venues hosting the concert


Some dates may be better for some buyers than others

Seat Location

Good seats depend on more than just the section

Block Availability

Buyers should make sure they can get seats together as needed

By comparing eBay listings against these factors, buyers can be sure they are making informed decisions and purchasing the Shakira tickets that best fit their own personal needs. It is all about having the right information and knowing how to make sense of the information.


Buying Shakira tickets on eBay is one of the best possible ways to ensure that fans can enjoy the experience of seeing her perform live and in concert. There really is no substitute for being present at the concert, where fans can take in the entire emotional depth of the concert experience. Before buying tickets, buyers should take some time to do the research required to make informed decisions. This means paying attention to not only the dates and venues of the concerts, but also the seating charts for each venue. Without knowing the seating chart of a given venue, it can be very difficult to compare different sets of tickets to see which ones offer the best fit for a given buyer's needs. For some venues, it may be the closeness to the stage that matters most, but for others, it may be important to be near the centreline of the stage.

It all comes down to buyers knowing what they want and understanding what they are buying. Buyers only need the right knowledge and a reasonable spending budget to buy tickets on eBay to the Shakira concerts of their dreams.

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