How to Buy Stick Barometers

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How to Buy Stick Barometers

An instrument widely used for measuring atmospheric pressure, a barometer is a useful tool for weather forecast. While the device does not actually foretell the weather, it measures the weight of the air above it at any time, allowing the user to make a forecast. Barometers come in several styles, including stick barometers, aneroid barometers, barographs, wheel barometers, and more. Stick barometers are one of the most popular choices for home use and learning more about how they work and how to purchase them can help you get the right instrument for your needs.


How Does a Stick Barometer Work?

The oldest type of barometer is the mercurial barometer, or stick barometer. It usually consists of a glass tube filled with mercury sitting upside down in a container. The barometer works by balancing the weight of the mercury against the pressure in the atmosphere, with the level rising when the weight is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and the other way round.


What to Look For When Buying a Stick Barometer

The first thing to consider when shopping for a stick barometer is the manufacturer. This is especially important if you are a collector. You should keep in mind that a high-quality barometer signed by a reputable marker and in original condition tends to be quite expensive. Many of the stick barometers you can find on the market date from the eighteenth or nineteenth century and they vary in construction and design. Some of them feature a classic, standard design, whereas others have various types of engravings. By the eighteenth century, barometers started to bear a thermometer as well, so this is a common feature of many vintage and antique barometer models. The original use of the barometer is another thing to consider, as you can choose from nautical barometers or models intended for home use.


Assessing the Condition of the Barometer

When shopping for a barometer for your collection, check its condition thoroughly prior to making a purchase. The stick barometer should be functional and without any major scratches and other types of damage. If the product comes in the original box, evaluate its condition as well. Be aware of anonymous barometers and try to find out the name of the manufacturer and the year of production before making a purchase in order to estimate the barometer's value.

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