How to Buy Suits for Petite Women

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How to Buy Suits for Petite Women

For women that are petite, it’s not just a matter of buying regular women’s clothing and having the garments hemmed, altered, or taken in. Petite women’s clothing is created differently, and made especially for smaller women whose shapes differ from women that are over 165 centimetres tall. It’s simple for a petite framed woman to get lost in a boxy, blousy, or too-big business suit, so it’s time to invest in a few key pieces that are the most flattering for petite women when it comes to work clothing.

Many popular brands have their own petite line of suits and business clothes for smaller women, such as Marks & Spencer and Next. Stick to these brands and others that create specific styles targeted towards petite women to ensure the most flattering fit and cut for work clothing. Petite women need suits that fit proportionate to their smaller figures, and there are several styles of jackets, skirts, blouses and blazers that will be fashionable and flattering. Find all the latest trends in women's fashion on eBay today.

What to Consider Before Buying Suits for Petite Women

Before a petite woman purchases a suit, she may want to look in her closet and take an inventory. What types of suits does the consumer need? What is she more comfortable wearing to work; does she need jackets and skirts, a few pairs of great trousers, or a heavier blazer for cooler weather?

Buyers should think about what colours of suits are best, and what petite women’s suits will go with existing shoes, blouses, and accessories. Keeping a budget in mind when purchasing suits is also a factor. Petite clothing is sometimes a bit more expensive than regularly sized clothing, but this all evens out in the end due to the fact that the petite woman is saving money by not having to have her suits altered anymore.

Types of Suits for Petite Women

The word “suits" brings up several different images. For a career woman, a suit can be made up of a matching jacket and trousers, a skirt and a women’s blazer, or a skirt and a light jacket. A blouse usually goes underneath, and the outfit can then be pulled together with the right pair of heels and perfect accessories such as scarves and jewellery. Here is a breakdown on which types of suits will work best for petite figures. For the most flattering look, stick to monochromatic tops and bottoms when purchasing a suit.

Suit Tops

What a petite woman wears on top can make or break the look of the suit, so she needs to know what to avoid and what will look best on her shorter and smaller frame. Jackets for taller women are going to be longer and wider, so these need to be avoided. Petite women should only purchase jackets and blazers that are specifically made to fit petites, so the proportions will match and the overall look will enhance the figure, not make her look lost or boxy in a too-large jacket.


Jackets for petite women should be double breasted. This adds a little bit of depth to the frame, and creates curves on a smaller chested woman. Jackets should be structured as opposed to loose. Structured jackets create a great shape on a petite woman and highlight her figure as opposed to covering it up too much and making her look even smaller. As far as fabrics go, a lightweight linen or polyester fabric will be perfect for petite jackets.

Fabrics that are bulky or too heavy will add too much extra fabric to a petite woman’s shape and be too overwhelming. Belt the jacket in to create an hourglass shape that’s flattering.


Blazers that hit at the highest part of the hip are going to be the most flattering. Petite suit blazers tend to be heavier weight than most standard jackets, but petite women should steer clear of anything heavier than a knit fabric. Make sure the shoulders aren’t too wide and the blazer fits properly, and lapels should be small.

Colours are fine but petite women should avoid large or busy patterns; stick with classics like small pinstripes, which actually make the body appear to be taller than it is. This optical illusion doesn’t look as good with matching pants, so skip pinstripes on the bottom and opt for a solid colour instead.


Petite women should stay away from blouses with excess fabric. Petite blouses should hit the waistline or be tucked in for a more figure flattering look. Solid colours that match the suit or small prints can work; but petites should avoid large, busy or very colourful prints so they won’t be overwhelming to the petite woman’s smaller frame.

Suit Bottoms

Suit skirts that aren’t made specifically for petite women can hit at the leg at an unflattering length, and pants can be the wrong proportion for smaller legs and torsos. Choose a petite skirt or pair of trousers that are perfect for petites and create the illusion of longer legs.


Business skirts come in many styles, but when it comes to petites, it is all about the length of the skirt. The perfect length for petite legs is knee-length or a bit shorter, but any shorter than that would risk being inappropriate for work. Petites have the advantage of being able to show a little more leg than taller women, because it makes the leg look elongated and therefore, makes a petite person seem a little bit taller.

Skirts can have a detail, like a ruffle around the bottom or an A-line cut, but for the most part, petite skirts need to be kept simple to avoid overwhelming the frame. A structured skirt that fits properly and is made out of polyester is a solid choice. Pencil skirts are flattering on petite women, too, and emphasise positive curves.


Fitted trousers that don’t widen until they hit below the knee or straight leg pants are the best routes for a petite woman to go when she’s buying pants to go with her suits. Petite trousers that are too wide leg aren’t a good option and can actually make a petite woman look shorter. Pants that are classic, straight leg or slim leg style are essentially the best cut for a petite person.

Boot cut style pants can work on petites with a suit, however, heels must be worn to balance out the body and create a smooth line. Petite women should avoid any voluminous blouses with trousers; a fitted blouse tucked in with a belt will flatter the figure and be slimming on a petite woman.

How to Buy Suits for Petite Women on eBay

For women with petite frames, shopping for suits can be a nightmare. However, the upside to buying suits created specifically for shorter women is that clothes will fit without having to spend a ton of money at the tailor. To find petite suits on eBay, decide what types of items are needed. If the consumer is looking for a set that’s a matching suit, key in Suits, and select Women’s Clothing. This will bring up all of the options, including separate options for Coats & Jackets and Trousers. Shop by brand, price, style, or size, and select Petite under Size Type to rule out all other items.

Only purchase jackets, skirts, trousers, and suits from Top Rated sellers. Consider shopping from a local seller who may arrange a personal pick up for the suit. This will not only add something to the buying experience by making it more personal, but it can also eliminate costly shipping fees. Bundle items together from the same seller for a great deal on a petite suit and then you can customise the perfect suit easily. Finding the perfect suit for a petite woman is simple and convenient on eBay, and it’s much easier than trying on many suits at many different stores.


Petite women sometimes make the mistake of purchasing suits made for taller women and having them altered. Even with alterations, a suit created for a woman that’s over 5’5" is still not going to be proportioned correctly for a petite woman who simply has a smaller torso, shorter legs, and a smaller frame. Purchasing a petite women’s suit that includes a jacket or blazer and trousers or a skirt that’s created solely for petite women will not only fit properly but also flatter a smaller figure. Petite women can even create the illusion of height with the right jacket, skirt, or pair of trousers.

Buying clothes for petite women on eBay is cost effective, too. Purchase the latest trends and most popular brands at a fraction of the retail price. Pick out flattering colours, cuts, and styles for a petite body type and find work appropriate clothes that will ensure confidence, style, and comfort that comes from wearing suits that are fitted properly. It doesn’t require a tailor and spending lots of money on clothing alterations to find petite suits that fit; simply shop for the styles that work best on petite frames, and only buy garments that were created with petite figures in mind that won’t overwhelm smaller frames.

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