How to Buy Suspension Arms on eBay

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How to Buy Suspension Arms on eBay

A suspension system is a significant part of any vehicle, from cars and motorbikes to golf carts. It provides a smooth and comfortable ride, maintains safe clearance between the vehicle and the driving surface, and controls balance during turning operations. Car suspensions are a complex grouping of parts with a substantial number of variations for most vehicle models. The entire system encompasses tyres, springs, wheel hubs, shock absorbers, and suspension arms. The term "suspension arm" actually applies to a number of parts, some or all of which may be part of any given car. Before purchasing suspension arms on eBay buyers should consider when the arms need to be replaced, the types of suspensions available, how suspension arms are composed, and how to assemble them.

eBay is regarded as an excellent source for just about any car part. Not only is it almost assured that the exact part is available, but the large number of competitive sellers ensures that the price is favourable. Shopping for car parts is as easy as logging into eBay, locating the part, and placing the order. This avoids calling and driving around from garage to garage only to discover that the part must be ordered for collection some time later. With eBay, it is delivered to your door.

When to Replace a Suspension Arm

If the suspension system is making an unusual noise or is squeaking then it is likely that it has a defective suspension arm or associated part. The noise may just be the result of a loose bolt than simply needs to be tightened. However, the suspension arm may have experienced metal fatigue and need to be replaced. If any part of the suspension arm has deteriorated, most drivers experience the car shaking at motorway speeds, even though the alignment may be correct.

Ball joints are the parts of the suspension arm that connect to the wheel assemblies. Often it is only the ball joint that needs to be replaced, not the entire arm. Another possibility for replacement are the bushings. Those who have experience with car maintenance should have no difficulty determining the source of the problem and locating the replacement part on eBay. Others should consult a reliable garage to confirm the source of the problem.

Types of Suspension

All variations of suspension have one or two suspension arms as part of the assembly. In order to understand suspension arms, it is important to differentiate between the various types of suspension.

Dependent Suspension

Dependent suspension is used on solid axles, usually on the rear of the car. Essentially, both rear wheels are mounted onto one long axle and leaf springs are used to provide the actual cushion from imperfections on the surface of the road. This results in a great deal of movement to the entire rear of the car, even if only one tyre hits a bump or pothole. Dependent suspension is most often found on the rear of trucks, for example, where stability is more desirable than comfort. They are usually less expensive to engineer and manufacture than other types of suspension, but are more durable and easier to service.

Independent Suspension

Independent suspension is standard for cars that carry passengers, as it is far more comfortable than the dependent version. The result of independent suspension is that when one tyre encounters a bump, the opposite wheel is largely unaffected. Independent suspension is more complex with more parts, but the comfortable ride that results more than makes up for the disadvantages. There are two primary types of independent suspension: double wishbone and MacPherson strut. Each has advantages and disadvantages. All parts for both types of suspension are available on eBay, from multiple competing sellers.

Double Wishbone Suspension

A double wishbone suspension, also referred to as an "A-arm", or "A-frame", is the most common type and employs the use of two suspension arms: an upper and a lower. This results in a very smooth and controlled ride. As most designs incorporate a shorter upper arm and a longer lower one, it is important to differentiate between the two when looking for replacement parts on eBay. Double wishbones are more complex due to the number of parts inherent within the design. Naturally, this creates added costs with replacement parts and service charges.

MacPherson Struts

MacPherson struts are a simplified suspension system that combine a spring and a shock absorber in one unit, also known as the strut. MacPherson struts are less complicated and therefore, less expensive. They also eliminate one of the suspension arms; typically the one at the top. This results in a lighter assembly that is easier to access and service. Strut suspensions work very well for front-wheel drive cars, allowing more space for the drive shaft.

Composition of Suspension Arms

When shopping on eBay for suspension arms, buyers should be aware that not all of these parts are the same. The single biggest issue to be concerned about is the type of metal used to make the part. Look for parts with aircraft quality metals to extend the remaining useful life of the car. If the vehicle is relatively new and has only recently exceeded the extent of the warranty, it is best to look for more expensive parts that use higher grade metals. If the car is ten years old or more, then it makes sense to choose less expensive parts.

Suspension Systems with Suspension Arms

For those who want to replace the entire suspension system, eBay provides a number of suppliers who offer complete suspension units. Rather than trying to assemble many part numbers from multiple suppliers, these units are packaged together according to the make, model, and year of manufacture of the car. Many find that although these kits may contain some parts that do not yet need replacing, the prices are so attractive that it makes good sense to replace the entire system. After all, if one part of the system is wearing out, the rest follows sooner or later.

Benefits of Buying on eBay

One of the best features of shopping on eBay is that buyers are presented with a vast array of detail about each car part. Many sellers provide multiple photographs from different angles that enable more effective comparison. Also, it is easy to get additional information about any suspension arm by contacting the seller directly using the "Ask a question" feature. The best seller's response time is often within 24 hours, and sometimes immediate.

The table below describes some of the other advantages to buying suspension arms on eBay:


Advantages of using eBay

Product selection

Displays a wide range of suspension arms

Every vehicle, model, and year



Often lowest on the market

Many sellers negotiate

Time savings

One online source

Avoids driving to or calling multiple sources

Customer support

Usually immediate

Email or phone response


Several options with most sellers

Most of those who visit eBay and place their first order are impressed with the prices, selection, and service. Shopping for suspension arms on eBay is an excellent way to find the best product.


Car parts, such as suspension arms and their associated connections, are going to experience wear no matter how conservatively a car is driven. Changes in the feel of the suspension are often not noticed because the parts deteriorate gradually over a prolonged period of time. The usual way that motorists find out is that they require new suspension arms is when they take their car in for an MOT test or to replace the tyres. A good mechanic notices wear on the ball joints, bushings, or suspension arm surfaces and informs the driver.

Savvy car owners can go directly to eBay to buy the parts that they need, and with the help of some basic tools and possibly a jack or axle stand, simply do the work themselves, saving a lot of money. Logging onto eBay and entering the part name into the search tool enables buyers to find a number of options at competitive prices, and then relax while the parts are delivered straight to their door.

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