How to Buy Tickets for Concerts in Hyde Park

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How to Buy Tickets for Concerts in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is both an iconic public park in London and an iconic music venue. For most of the year, the park is a pleasant place to visit due to its large green spaces, beautiful landscape, and eye-catching landmarks. During the summer, it hosts concerts for some of the world's well-known musicians. Hyde Park rose to prominence as a concert venue in the late 1960s, and music fans can count on the scheduling of notable performances there each summer.

Attending a concert in Hyde Park is an unforgettable experience, but it requires a bit of preparation. Getting to know Hyde Park before visiting helps concert-goers enjoy their time there. It is also important for music fans to make the proper considerations for buying tickets for concerts in Hyde Park. Those planning to attend a concert in Hyde Park can ensure a memorable experience by learning about the venue and buying the tickets on eBay.

Get to Know Hyde Park

Hyde Park is one of the world's more significant music venues. Those planning to attend a concert there may have greater appreciation for the performance if they have background information about Hyde Park, its use as a concert venue, and which places to visit in the park before the show.

About Hyde Park

At one time the private hunting grounds of Henry VIII, Hyde Park is one of London's great green oases. It is one of the Royal Parks of London and covers 350 acres in the centre of the city. From a large display of fireworks to celebrate the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1814 to the 1977 Silver Jubilee Exhibition to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's ascension to the British throne, Hyde Park has long been the site of important celebrations.

For most of the summer, Hyde Park is both a place of respite from fast-paced London life and a tourist attraction for out-of-towners. However, the park also hosts a few premiere concerts that draw tens of thousands of music fans to its grounds. Its beautiful landscape, wide-open spaces, and architecturally interesting sites make Hyde Park a great place to while away the day before attending a thrilling outdoor concert.

Hyde Park as a Concert Venue

Hyde Park is not only significant in London's history, but it is also an important venue in the history of rock. The park's first big rock festival was in 1968, with headliners including Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, and Jethro Tull. One of the bigger concert crowds in the history of British music festivals, estimated at anywhere from 250,000-500,000, turned up the next year to see the Rolling Stones and others perform. Queen's 1976 show drew well over 100,000 fans, and recent performances by Madonna and Bruce Springsteen have ensured that Hyde Park remains one of the world's premier venues for top acts and the big crowds that want to see them.

Hyde Park's tremendous size enables it to fit massive crowds without dedicating the entire park to becoming a concert venue. Concerts are usually stages on the Parade Ground, a large open area in the north east area of the park in front of Speakers' Corner. It is usually general admission for big concerts, with seating not available to the general public. There may be multiple general admission sections, depending on who is performing, and the more exclusive sections are closer to the stage. Vending stations for food and drink and portaloos are scattered around the concert grounds.

A Day Out in Hyde Park

Concerts in Hyde Park often draw visitors from outside London and provide opportunities for them to take in the park before the show begins. The park is open from 5 a.m. until midnight every day, and there are numerous significant places in Hyde Park that make for a pleasurable day there. The table below lists a few of these places.



The Serpentine

Eastern half of large lake in middle of park; attractive Serpentine Bridge divides The Serpentine from western half of lake

Diana Fountain

Memorial fountain dedicated to Princess Diana; water flows in two directions along granite channels into pool at the bottom

The Lido

Recreation area alongside The Serpentine; features a paddling pool and cafe overlooking the lake

7 July Memorial

Monument of 52 pillars honouring victims of 2005 London bombings; located in south east corner of park

Speakers' Corner

Paved area used for organised public speeches and protests; bastion of free speech; located in north east corner of park, near Marble Arch

These are some of the more frequented sites in Hyde Park, but there are other places of interest to visitors as well. Those less inclined to sightseeing can still enjoy a picnic in the park before taking in a concert.

Ticket-Buying Considerations

Buying tickets for a concert in Hyde Park requires more than simply purchasing the tickets. Those wanting to attend a concert in the park should be aware of different ticketing sections, and they should make adequate preparations for the concert, including packing the right items, learning how to get to Hyde Park, finding out how to park nearby, and booking accommodation to stay in the city.

Ticketing Sections

Some concerts in Hyde park only have one general admission section for the audience, while other concerts have multiple sections. One common way of organising sections is to specify a premium section close to the stage. Tickets for such a section usually cost more than those for the other general admission area. The premium section offers a good perspective to the stage, and a limited number of tickets are available for it, which may give patrons more room. The premium section may also have its own food and drink vending stations and loos. This can decrease wait times for concert-goers in this section. A ticket for the premium section also enables patrons to come and go from that section if they want to spend time in the larger general admission area.

What to Pack for an Outdoor Concert

Attending an outdoor concert is a special experience, but it requires a bit of extra preparation than what is necessary for an indoor show. Evening temperatures can drop, so it is advisable to pack warmer clothing to change into. A waterproof jacket is also a wise choice if rain is in the forecast. Those planning to lounge near the back of the designated concert area may want to bring a picnic blanket to sit on. However, it is important to realise that space is at much more a premium closer to the stage. Portaloos are basic facilities, so carrying a bit of bog roll and hand sanitiser can help avoid unpleasant situations.

Getting to Hyde Park

Hyde Park is easily accessible on London's public transportation. The Piccadilly Line and Central Line of the Underground both run by the edges of the park. Marble Arch is the choice Tube stop near the concert field, but the city sometimes closes the station after large concerts to avoid overcrowding. Those using the Underground may have to walk a bit further than expected after the show.

The Piccadilly Line and Central Line can get quite crowded before a concert. Taking the Bakerloo Line to Oxford Circus and walking west to Hyde Park may be a less-crowded option involving only slightly more walking.

Parking at Hyde Park

It is also possible to drive to Hyde Park for a concert, but this is only advisable to those who are planning to arrive in advance of the crowds. Those who choose to drive have a few options for parking. The first is parking garages, and one can find many of these around Hyde Park. Rates are likely to rise for concerts, though. The second parking option is to park in private parking areas such as a resident's empty driveway. These are usually less expensive than garages, but also harder to find. There are parking websites where owners of private parking areas list their spaces. The third option is to park on the street. This is not a desirable option though, because it is difficult to find free parking on the street around Hyde Park and impractical to leave the concert to constantly feed the parking meter.

Accommodation Around Hyde Park

One way to enhance the experience of seeing a concert in Hyde Park is to book a place to stay nearby. Accommodation in central London makes getting to and leaving the concert convenient. Travelling a long way to get home after the revelry of a concert in Hyde Park can also put a slight damper on the evening. A nearby hotel makes the overall experience of seeing a concert in the park more relaxing and enjoyable.

How to Use eBay to Buy Tickets for Concerts in Hyde Park

You can buy tickets for concerts in Hyde Park from local and online ticket brokers. Many eBay sellers also offer tickets for concerts in Hyde Park. It is easy to search the site for the tickets to the concerts you want to attend, and you can also evaluate sellers on the website.

Searching for Tickets for Concerts in Hyde Park

You can search for your concert tickets from any eBay page with the search bar on it. If you want to see the concerts in Hyde Park for which tickets are available, use a search term, such as "Hyde Park tickets", and select the category related to concert tickets when you see the results. If you want to buy tickets to see a particular act, add the name of that act to your search term.

Evaluating Sellers

You can evaluate sellers on eBay before deciding to buy concert tickets from them. Click on the seller's username on the listing to see that seller's feedback. You can use this collection of comments and ratings left by other buyers to gauge the reputation of the seller.


Hyde Park is one the world's great music venues because it has a beautiful natural setting and can comfortably fit hundreds of thousands of people for a show. The park's vast expanse means that concerts there are usually big events. Organisers bring some of the world's renowned performers, so it can be difficult to acquire tickets for a concert there. Those planning to attend a specific concert in the park should not despair if the concert sells out when tickets first become available. Many ticket-holders resell their tickets on eBay, giving fans more opportunities to go to the concerts of their choice.

Buying tickets for concerts in Hyde Park involves more than just purchasing the tickets on eBay, though. Learning about this special venue before the concert can enhance concert-goers' experiences there. Those attending concerts in Hyde Park should also make adequate preparations for their shows. This includes bringing along the right items and learning how to get to the venue. Going to a concert in Hyde Park is a memorable experience, and it is memorable for all the right reasons when concert-goers are prepared for the shows they are attending.

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