How to Buy Tickets for the Mash Up Festival

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How to Buy Tickets for the Mash Up Festival Attending live music shows can be a very fun and exciting way to experience one's favourite acts in a new setting. Music shows can also be a great place to meet others who have an interest in the same types of music. One way to make attending these types of shows a bit more exciting is to choose a music festival where many acts of similar types and genres perform over the course of a day or a weekend. The Mash Up Festival is one such event, where the acts are all mash up artists who use samples and tracks from other artists to create entirely new works. Tickets to the Mash Up Festival, as well as many other music festivals and concerts, are available from ticket brokers, as well as online from eBay . Before embarking on a trip to the Mash Up Festival, it is a good idea to be sure that a venue is chosen, the acts are investigated, transportation and accommodation is considered, and the tickets are in order so as to secure easy entry upon arrival.

Choose a Venue

When purchasing concert tickets to any musical or other live performance event, including sporting event tickets, it is a good idea to do some research into the type of venue in which the event is held. For the Mash Up Festival, this means looking into the venue for the year in question, since the festival can move around. Some festival venues are outdoors in the warmer months, while others are held at large indoor arenas. Either one can present its own set of challenges when it comes to preparation, which is why it is so important to find out where the festival is located.

Investigate Mash Up Acts

Although the name Mash Up Festival may be enough of a draw for many people, there are others who want to know exactly which acts are scheduled to play before spending their money on a ticket. There are hundreds of mash up DJs around the world, if not more. As with any genre of music, some are much more talented and present a much bigger draw than others. While a big name mash up DJ can make the festival more appealing, it can also mean higher ticket prices when it comes time to purchase, so be sure to keep that in mind.

DJ Earworm

One of the most popular mash up acts is DJ Earworm, which is the performing name of Jordan Roseman. He is well-known for producing an annual track entitled "The United States of Pop", which includes samples from the 25 most popular songs from the previous year. DJ Earworm has also been commissioned to make official mash ups for events, including reality television programmes and awards ceremonies. As a highly sought after act, seeing DJ Earworm at the Mash Up Festival would be quite a treat.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk, which is the DJ name for musician Greg Gillis, is arguably the most successful mash up musician. His albums have enjoyed enormous popularity around the world for their catchy sampling of both modern pop music hits and older hooks. Due to his popularity, Girl Talk is also one of the most popular live performers on the mash up scene. This means that tickets to a festival that features Girl Talk may be quite pricey, since he does often tour on his own as a headliner.

Consider Transportation

Most music festivals draw very large crowds, which means they need to be held in fairly rural locations. But even if the Mash Up Festival is held nearby, it is still necessary to determine transportation options for the day of the festival. Choosing the right transportation to and from the festival depends on both the budget of the people attending as well as the distance of the venue from their home.

Flights to the Mash Up Festival

Finding flights to the Mash Up Festival can be as simple as doing an online search for the best prices. However, airports may be quite far from where the actual festival is being held. This means that in addition to purchasing plane tickets, transportation from the airport to either the festival or to the attendees' planned accommodations should also be a consideration. The main drawback of choosing to fly to the Mash Up Festival is the fact that plane fares are generally much pricier than other transportation options, like cars or trains.

Trains to the Mash Up Festival

Purchasing train tickets and taking the train to the Mash Up Festival can be a great way to save money compared to flying, and also to avoid the hassle and stress that may come along with driving. Trains can also have a very convivial atmosphere, particularly when many people on the train are attending the same event. Finally, boarding a train is generally much easier than going to an airport where one is forced to deal with many lines, checking baggage, security screening, and other time-consuming and frustrating procedures.

Festival Accommodations

Due to the rural nature of many music festivals, it is common that a campground is provided for those in attendance. These areas may have space reserved for campers or caravans, as well as places to set up a tent or even just a sleeping bag. This is a particularly good option for remote festivals that span multiple days since a nearby campground means not having to worry about travelling back and forth from distant hotels. Often, a separate ticket must be purchased in order to reserve a space at the campground. When purchasing tickets to the Mash Up Festival, be sure to clarify whether camping space is included.

Compare Ticket Prices

Depending on where festival tickets are purchased, there may be different prices available. Some ticket brokers may charge a service fee, while others may not. There is also the possibility that some places have VIP tickets or other, more exclusive ticket options that are more expensive. Depending on one's overall budget, as well as the importance of skipping lines or enjoying private, VIP areas, these may either be a great investment or may put the festival out of reach. Shopping around for the best prices is a good way to make sure that the Mash Up Festival is enjoyable, but does not break the bank.

Concert Seating Layouts

When purchasing concert tickets, or tickets for for any type of music show, including the Mash Up Festival, it is important to note the type of seating that is being used at that event. The following table outlines the most commonly seen seating layouts for musical events.

Type of Seating


Event Example

Reserved seating

Attendees' tickets reserve them a specific seat in a particular section and row

Symphonies or opera performances most often have this type of seating

General admission

If there are seats, they are not reserved and some ticket holders are likely expected to stand

Many rock shows are all general admission or have a general admission floor

Festival seating

All attendees are expected to stand or occasionally allowed to bring their own chairs

Most commonly seen at outdoor festivals, but also common at rock venues where seating is not an option

The majority of festivals, as may be expected, use festival seating. At some festivals, it is entirely acceptable to bring seats or chairs of one's own, but at others, the crowd is all standing and chairs are not only unwelcome, they may actually not be allowed at all. Be sure to check on the policies of any festival before attending.

How to Buy Tickets for the Mash Up Festival on eBay

Finding and purchasing tickets for the Mash Up Festival on eBay can be a very efficient way to get tickets, even if the event is sold out. In order to find tickets for the Mash Up Festival, enter some relevant search terms into the search box, which can be found on any page of the site. The phrase "festival tickets" is likely to return too many results, but those can always be narrowed using the eBay filters.

Before completing any purchase on eBay, it is important to have all of your questions about the item answered by the seller. In the case of Mash Up Festival tickets, it may not be clear for which dates the tickets are valid, whether or not the tickets are VIP, or how the tickets can be shipped. For any of these questions, it is easy to send a quick message to the seller using the eBay interface. When all of your questions are answered, you can complete your final purchase with confidence.


Anyone who wants to attend a music festival must be genuinely thrilled by the acts that are playing and by the friendly, fun atmosphere that most of these types of festivals offer. The Mash Up Festival, with many different acts and their fans, is a particularly attractive event for many people. The more people want to attend any event, the more difficult it can be to find tickets. Luckily, there are many different venues for purchasing tickets to the Mash Up Festival, including eBay. Be sure to explore the different particulars of the Mash Up Festival before buying tickets. By knowing exactly where accommodations are, as well as how attendees can travel to the festival venue, the whole experience is sure to be that much better and more enjoyable for all involved. Buying tickets to the Mash Up Festival should not be a stressful endeavour, rather it should be a time to anticipate the future fun of the festival and the memories afterwards.

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