How to Buy Tickets for the Shepley Spring Festival

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How to Buy Tickets for the Shepley Spring Festival

The Shepley Spring Festival is a three-day music festival held in Shepley Village in West Yorkshire near Huddersfield. Combining musical performers and dancers, the festival is an annual event that takes place in May. Unlike many other musical festivals, the Shepley Spring Festival is a family-friendly event that allows attendees of all ages with free admission for children under the age of 12. Children under 12 year of age still need a ticket, however.

Buying tickets for the Shepley Spring Festival is challenging because of the event's popularity, but attendees can procure tickets in a number of ways. Fans of the festival can purchase tickets outright through the event's ticket portal and from independent ticket sellers on sites like eBay. The festival also has a stewarding programme that allows attendees to volunteer to help at the festival for a few hours in exchange for tickets to the event. Because there are a number of festival ticket options, fans should know the types of tickets available and how to coordinate travel and accommodations for the event before buying their tickets.

Types of Tickets Available for the Shepley Spring Festival

To match the different attendance preferences of fans, the Shepley Spring Festival offers a number of ticket types. Which type of ticket attendees should purchase is determined by the length of a fan's stay and a fan's camping plans.

Weekend Tickets

Weekend tickets for the Shepley Spring Festival allow fans to attend all events held throughout the three-day festival. This includes access to the six stages located on the festival grounds.

Weekend Plus Camping Tickets

Because facilities at the Shepley Spring Festival allow camping, attendees can purchase weekend tickets that include access to a camping site. The camping site is located next to the event's main grounds and can accommodate tent camping, touring caravans, and campervans. The camping grounds are well-lit and provide access to flushing toilets and shower facilities. Unfortunately, the camping site is not dog-friendly, but festival attendees who want to travel with their dogs can find alternative campsites in close proximity to the festival's grounds.

Day Tickets

Since some fans may have limited time available for attending the Shepley Spring Festival, festival organisers offer day tickets. Day tickets can be purchased for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of the event. Additionally, fans can purchase tickets for Saturday evening concerts exclusively if they can only attend the event on Saturday night.

Age Ranges for Tickets

The prices of tickets to the Shepley Spring Festival vary according to the age of a concertgoer. When purchasing tickets, buyers should choose tickets for the age that an attendee is when the concert is held, not the age of an attendee at the time a ticket is purchased.

Age Delineations

Applies to These Age Ranges (years)


18 or older




Under 12

The festival also offers discounted tickets for students, attendees over 60 years old, and people with disabilities. Before discounted tickets can be applied, attendees with these specific classifications must be able to prove their status.

Festival Attractions Included With Tickets

Because the Shepley Spring Festival is a large event, there are a number of different activities participants can enjoy. First and foremost are the main attractions on the event's six stages that feature musical groups, solo performers, and dancers. The festival has many hands-on workshops and a complete programme of youth and children's activities. Throughout the festival, street performers engage in set-bound and impromptu theatre. For more intimate options, the festival includes a number of ceilidh, or traditional Gaelic gatherings, where festival attendees can listen to Gaelic folk music and engage in dancing.

To increase the festival atmosphere, the event grounds have many large-scale activities that can be enjoyed by young and old attendees together. The Panic Circus is a big top tent that allows visitors to test out their juggling skills and try their turn at riding unicycles. The Climbing Tower is a 7.3 m rock climbing wall that allows visitors to test their climbing prowess while safely secured to harnesses. The fairground rides include a 1930's Speedway and carousel. Lastly, attendees of all ages who have a competitive streak can also engage in fan competitions, like clog dancing or singing contests.

Shepley Spring Festival Facilities

The grounds of the Shepley Spring Festival provide attendees with a number of useful facilities. Unlike many other music festivals, the staging areas at the Shepley Spring Festival have seating available for several hundred fans. Small-scale venues located throughout the festival grounds provide access to acoustic events of small groups of fans. The festival has many food stalls and an ale bar, as well as market stalls featuring handmade crafts. Additionally, parking at the Shepley Spring Festival is free and conveniently located near the event's entrances.

Attendees with disabilities can enjoy the festival's offerings with ease. The event site is generally flat and provides wheelchair access to most venues. On-site parking is also available in convenient areas.

Travelling Arrangements for the Shepley Spring Festival

Once fans have tickets for the Shepley Spring Festival, they can begin planning their travel arrangements to and from the festival's grounds. Although Shepley is a small village, it is well-connected to major travel routes.


Shepley Spring Festival fans have many options if they choose to drive to the event. Car parking is free and travelling by car allows festival participants to bring their own camping gear so they can camp in tents on the event's camping grounds. Conversely, attendees driving touring caravans and campervans can park immediately within the event's campsite.


Trains arrive at Shepley station from both Huddersfield and Sheffield. If festival attendees opt to arrive at Shepley by train, they can use a festival-sponsored minibus service to go to and from the event's grounds.


Travelling by plane is an option for event visitors who live a long distance from West Yorkshire. The village of Shepley is within the vicinity of the Leeds Bradford International Airport as well as several smaller airports, like the Yorkshire and Humberside Airport and the Crosland Moor Airfield. Visitors arriving to the Leeds Bradford International Airport can connect with public transportation options and arrive in Shepley via the Shepley train station. Alternatively, festival attendees using planes to get to West Yorkshire can opt to rent cars or touring caravans to attend the event once they are in the Shepley area.

Shepley Spring Festival Accommodations

While many attendees of the Shepley Spring Festival take advantage of the event's camping facilities, some attendees may prefer other accommodations. West Yorkshire is home to a number of historic bed and breakfasts that appeal to travellers who prefer a personal touch when choosing where to stay. The Shepley area is dotted with quaint rental cottages that provide visitors with the comforts of home in a rustic setting. Festival visitors can also opt for more traditional hotel stays when choosing which type of accommodation best suits their travel plans.

How to Buy Shepley Spring Festival Tickets on eBay

eBay can provide buyers interested in attending the Shepley Spring Festival with access to available tickets, as well as other travel-related purchases that can increase a festival fan's enjoyment of the event. To find festival tickets quickly, buyers can use keywords related to a festival's name to search eBay for a variety of ticket types. Before purchasing tickets, buyers should see what a ticket includes so they can make adjustments to their travel plans, if necessary. Finding tickets to the Shepley Spring Festival is competitive, so buyers should wait until they purchase their tickets to develop their travel itineraries.

When making travel arrangements, buyers should remember the benefits they can gain by working with eBay sellers. Some eBay sellers specialise in providing travel or accommodation offers which may appeal to Shepley Spring Festival ticket holders. When reviewing travel options, buyers should look at the fine details provided in an eBay listing so they can see if the option is feasible for their travel plans. For example, festival goers travelling by car appreciate accommodations that have car parks available. If buyers have any concerns about some travel-related conflicts that can potentially impact their stay at a rental facility, they should contact an eBay seller directly through the "Ask a Question" option located within an eBay product listing.


For three days in May, the Shepley Spring Festival brings music and traditional dancing to the idyllic West Yorkshire countryside. Because the Shepley Spring Festival is a popular event that includes attendees of all ages, finding tickets for the festival can be difficult. Buyers can use eBay to find tickets and other travel-related deals for the festival but should remember that there are a number of different types of tickets available. Festival goers can customise their trips to the festival by choosing to camp on the event grounds or stay elsewhere in West Yorkshire. Ticket buyers can also determine whether they can attend the whole festival or simply purchase a ticket for a specific day. Once inside the Shepley Spring Festival, attendees have a wealth of entertainment options that appeal to a wide range of people. Getting to and from the festival is made easier because of the fan-friendly support festival organisers have in place. This support ranges from free parking options to free shuttle services between the festival and the Shepley train station.

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