How to Buy Toning Belts on eBay

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How to Buy Toning Belts on eBay Toning belts are a great addition to a healthy lifestyle. Designed to improve your normal workout and help burn calories, toning belts are tummy-toners, which enable a harder session of exercise with less strain.

The Internet offers a range of toning belts, which allows the customer to choose a product that suits their individual needs. Made to be worn either whilst exercising or during normal daily activities, toning belts strengthen abdominal muscles and enable a faster toning process. This guide will explain the easiest ways to search for and purchase your ideal toning belt on eBay.

Types of Toning Belts

Toning belts are designed to tone areas of the body in different ways. Below is a chart which outlines the main types of toning belts available online:

Type of Toning Belt





Abdominal Toning Belt

Worn around the waist, the abdominal toning belt wraps around the abs to trap body heat. This puts additional pressure on the abs and causes sweating, which means calories are burnt quicker. The belt increases the resistance of the abdominal muscle when sit-up exercises are performed.



Electronic Toning Belt

Acting as a massage belt, the electronic toning belt causes abdominal contractions by sending an electric current through the body. This heats the muscles, which generates sweat and causes a faster burning of calories.



Weight-Lifting Abdominal Toning Belt

With a stronger design, this belt is worn during weight lifting.. It provides the muscles with extra support, reducing strain on lower back muscles. This allows the individual to workout for a longer period of time with less strain.




Abgymnic Toning Belt

The abgymnic toning belt works by sending small electric shocks through the body. This causes muscles to contract which helps to tone them. When first using the belt, start on a lower voltage to allow the body to get used to the current.

Characteristics of a Toning Belt

Although there are different types of toning belts available online, their characteristics are mostly the same.


The toning belt is designed to fit comfortably around the waist but needs to be tight enough to add pressure to the abdominal muscles to cause them to contract. Belts are available in a variety of adjustable sizes and are made to adapt to varying body shapes.


The majority of toning belts are hand washed depending on their type and the material that they are made from. When washing the belt, remember to remove the pads and any electronic unit attached to it. Always follow the instructions on the label of the toning belt to ensure that the product is washed correctly and remains undamaged.


Toning belts have a smooth, streamlined shape, which is designed to fit comfortably around the body. All types of toning belts are largely similar in shape.


Toning belts are available on eBay in a variety of colours to suit your style and workout. Blue and pink,, for example, are popular colours.


Belts are made from a variety of materials. Most commonly they are made with stretchable fabrics, with sturdy elastic materials to allow room for movement. Belts can also be made with rubber and plastic materials. Stronger toning belts such as the weight lifting abdominal ones are sometimes made with substances like leather,, which have a harder wear. Belts can be fastened either with a buckle or most commonly Velcro.

What to Consider When Buying a Toning Belt

  • How often will the toning belt be used? If the belt will be used whilst doing frequent lift exercises, a weight lifting abdominal belt would be the most suitable. If the belt is to be worn every day whilst doing normal activities, a regular abdominal toning belt would be useful.
  • Which type of toning belt would be the most suitable? Consider what the belt is for and what you want from the belt. If it is to tone up gradually and gently whilst doing day-to-day activities, a regular abdominal toning belt would be the most suitable.
  • Whilst browsing the Internet for the ideal toning belt, think about a price range. Consider what an acceptable price range would be for the desired toning belt. Remember that eBay offers a price range preference on the left hand side of the page, which filters the products according to price.
  • What condition should the toning belt be in? Remember that providing the belt is not damaged and is washable there is no reason not to buy it second-hand, which will usually be a more affordable price.
  • What material should the toning belt be made from? Toning belts are made from a range of materials according to their type and function. The stronger weight lifting belts are made with leather to ensure maximum wear and strength. Belts that are worn to burn calories whilst doing day-to-day activities are often made from rubber and elastics to allow for gentle but frequent movement.
  • How big does the belt need to be? Most toning belts come with an adjustable Velcro or belt seal. Alternatively, some belts are made to just slide on to the body. This allows you to adjust the belt to fit around the waist according to weight loss and the toning of muscle. Some belts can be more fitted, however, depending on how tightly they wrap around the waist. Consider these options when searching for the right product.

Buying a Toning Belt on eBay

The quickest way to browse the range of toning belts on the market is to go online. You will be presented with a large collection of different brands and types of belts. The next thing to do is to narrow these options down. The easiest way to do that is eBay. With a large choice of preference options, filtering down the list of potentially suitable toning belts has never been simpler.

The preference options are located on the left hand side of the page and allow the customer to tailor the search ensuring that only the most suitable products appear in the list. Preference options include:

  • The category of the item. For example, toning belts are under the category of Sporting Goods and the subcategory of Exercise and Fitness. Use the category options to find the right product in minimum time.
  • The price range. Use the price range bar to select the amount you are willing to pay for the right product; this will filter the search options accordingly.
  • The format of the sale. This includes choosing a ‘buy it now’ product, or participating in a bidding or auction sale if you wish to negotiate a price.
  • The product’s location for the purpose of delivery. For example, ticking the box ‘European Union’ or ‘UK only’ ensures that only the products within these regions appear in the search.
  • The type of delivery. For example, if the toning belt is needed quickly, an express delivery service is available.
  • The condition of the item; whether it is new or used for example.

The preference options are great for narrowing down search results to find the relevant items. The wide range of toning belts available on eBay is advantageous because hundreds of brands can be viewed quickly by using the filters. Find out further information on a product by clicking on it and viewing the product page. This page provides details of the toning belt such as its material, condition and measurements.

eBay Safety Considerations

There are a few safety precautions to take when buying your toning belt on eBay. Make sure that the seller of the product has positive feedback from previous buyers. If there is any negative feedback, find out why and what the solution to that problem was. You should also be wary if it is a seller’s first time selling an item on eBay. Do not hesitate to ask the seller any questions about himself or the product. To do this, visit the product page, scroll to the bottom and enter the question in to the box provided.

Previous questions and answers about the seller and product can also be viewed here. A Customer Support page is also available. When satisfied with the product and seller, use PayPal to make a secure payment, which will be covered by eBay’s buyer protection programme..


Toning belts are a good way to burn calories and cut down on weight. One can choose to either to wear them during a workout or around the house when going about daily activities. When buying a toning belt, think about the material that it should be made from. Will the belt be used to support the lower back muscles when lifting weights?

Alternatively, would an abygymnic toning belt,, which injects the body with electric currents, be more ideal for the workout? Ultimately, choose a toning belt that will improve your regime. Browse the range of items available online before returning to eBay to use the preference options to narrow down the list and find the perfect toning belt. When you are ready to make a purchase, take a moment to reflect on the terms and conditions.

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