How to Buy Tool Storage Accessories on eBay

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How to Buy Tool Storage Accessories on eBay

Buyers searching eBay for tool storage accessories can find different solutions suitable for a range of tools, including garage tools, tools for vehicles, gardening tools, and sporting equipment. Tool storage accessories may include toolboxes, tool carts, tool chests, and tool vaults. They allow users to organise tools neatly. This allows them to find the appropriate tool quickly when required. Tool storage accessories also protect tools and allow easy transportation.

In the 19th Century, toolboxes were made of wood. Today, most tool storage accessories are made of plastic or metal. However, some expensive models are still made of hardwoods. Tool storage accessories may be portable or stationary. They may be worn on the body or rolled on wheels. Buyers looking for tool storage accessories on eBay must know what the different types are. They can then choose the one that best suits their needs. They must also know how to quickly search for and buy what they are looking for on eBay.

Different Types of Tool Storage Accessories

Many different types of tool storage accessories have been developed over the years. The tools inside vary depending on the user, but each type has been designed to serve a particular function, be it portability, organisation, or safety. Several types of toolboxes available on eBay are discussed in depth below.

Portable Toolboxes

Portable toolboxes are small boxes that can easily be carried by hand. They are meant to carry a few tools to a project location. Also called hand boxes or portable tool storage, portable toolboxes usually have a handle on the top, and a hinged lid. Many of them have a small tray that sits on the lip of the box. The "tote" tray is meant to hold and organise small parts and accessories. Below the tray is a single large compartment that holds the other tools. Some portable toolboxes use a slide out tray or a cantilever mechanism instead of a tote tray. Carpenters' toolboxes are made of wood to protect blades from damage, while mechanics' toolboxes may be made from metal or high impact resin.

Tool Chests

Tool chests may be portable, if they are small enough to carry, or they may have wheels to help push them around when they are part of a larger "tool storage system". In either case, tool chests have three or four drawers below a top lid that opens on hinges. The portable variety also includes a handle on the top. They are usually made from metal. However, in some cases, the shell may be plastic, but the drawers metal, in order to reduce the weight of the chest. Buyers can find many types of tool chests through an eBay search for "hinged tool chest" or "metal tool chests".

Tool Storage Systems

Also known as tool chest combos, tool storage systems include multiple pieces. They are usually made of metal: painted steel, stainless steel, or aluminium. These systems include a tool chest that is designed to sit on top of a cabinet. The cabinet has more drawers, and in turn sits on caster wheels. Tool storage systems can be extended by adding more pieces to them. These can include a middle, or intermediate, chest, side cabinets, and side lockers.

Tool Sets

Tool sets are moulded plastic cases that are designed for a particular set of tools. They can often be found on eBay for purchase together with the tools. Each tool snaps into its own space in the case. Tool sets are compact and light. They also save buyers the trouble of purchasing a case separately. However, they do not offer room for expansion, and the original tools cannot be replaced with others because of size differences.

Tool Belts and Aprons

Tool belts and aprons are useful in location where workers need access to more tools that can be carried by hand. They are also handy in situations where workers cannot carry a toolbox, and need both their hands free, such as on ladders. Though extremely portable, tool belts and aprons cannot carry a large number of tools. eBay has many of these for a very reasonable price.

Bucket Organisers

Bucket organisers consist of large fabric or polyester bags that are draped into and around a bucket. They are inexpensive and lightweight, and their many pockets allow better organisation of tools as compared to other tool storage accessories. Every tool in a bucket organiser is visible at first glance. However, this can be a disadvantage since tools can easily be stolen. Another disadvantage of bucket organisers is that tools may be jostled out of place during transportation. Buyers should note that bucket organisers sold on eBay are usually sold without the bucket.

Organiser Trays

Organiser trays are useful accessories that allow users to organise a certain type of tool based on size. For example, a socket bit tray consists of holes of different sizes that accept socket bits of different sizes. This way, all the socket bits are kept together and users can quickly find the size they are looking for. Organiser trays on eBay are available for screws, fishing tackle, socket bits, and screwdrivers.

Wall Mounted Tool Organiser

Wall mounted tool organisers are not meant to be portable. They are usually mounted on the wall of a workshop, hence their name. Wall mounted tool organisers allow tools to be organised and easily visible.

Tool Racks

Tool racks can easily be mounted on walls or doors. They are strips of metal, plastic, or wood on which tools can be slotted into place. Some tool racks also have hooks to hang tools on. On eBay, tool racks are available for wrenches and screwdrivers, as well as for larger tools like garden tools.


Pegboards are similar to wall mounted tool organisers since they are usually mounted on a wall. They come in large sheets that are drilled with holes. Pegs can be mounted on the holes, and tools hung from the pegs. Tools can be organised in any way and easily accessed.

Tool Bags

Tool bags are made from heavy duty fabrics or leather. They do not offer as much protection from external knocks as tool storage accessories made of wood, metal, or plastic. However, tool bags also consist of many compartments that allow efficient organisation of tools and accessories. Tool bags are also called soft side tool carriers.

Truck Boxes

Truck boxes are made for carrying tools on a truck. They are usually made of aluminium, steel, or high impact resin. These boxes are large, and are made to carry many tools. Most truck boxes have lids that can be locked.

Comparison of Different Tool Storage Systems

eBay provides listings for many different tool storage solutions. Each different system has its advantages and disadvantages. The table below compares the features of some of the common tool storage systems mentioned above that are for sale on eBay.

Type of Tool Storage System


Soft tool carriers (tool bags)

Stores and carries tools

Made from ripstop material

Wall-mounted tool organiser

Stores tools efficiently

Keeps tools organised

Saves space

Carpenter's tool box

Made from wood

Protects blades and bit edges

Mechanic's tool box

Made from metal or high-impact resin

Some models have drawer trays and liners

Tool chest

Made from metal or high-impact resin

Features several drawers

May have wheels for portability

Truck box

Stores and transports tools on trucks

Made of aluminium, steel or high-impact resin

Usually has locking tops

At first glance, the choice may be hard to make. However, buyers who know the tools they have and how they intend to use them can quickly find the right tool storage accessory on eBay.


Tools are an expensive investment that should be well protected. Tool storage solutions and accessories do just that. They protect tools during storage and transportation. A well designed tool storage system also helps users organise tools and find them quickly. There are a range of tool storage accessories available on eBay ranging from portable toolboxes to large truck boxes. Buyers should know what the different types of tool storage solutions are. Once they know the advantages and disadvantages of each, they can make an informed choice that meets their requirements. Buyers can then search for and purchase the tool storage accessory of their choice on eBay. Though there are many different items available on eBay, the search function is a powerful tool that allows buyers to quickly locate items that they are looking for. Buyers can also contact sellers to ensure that they are purchasing an item that suits their needs.

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