How to Buy Used DJ MP3 Player Accessories

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How to Buy Used DJ MP3 Player Accessories

Naturally a DJ MP3 player itself is the most important piece of equipment for a DJ. However, in order to create a vibrant and exciting performance, there are several accessories which DJs can buy to add variety. Some of these accessories may be considered essential, while some may be considered as optional extras. However, buying these accessories can prove expensive, especially when considering higher specification options, so looking for a used item may be more affordable options for buyers on a limited budget.

DJ MP3 Player Accessories

There is a wide range of accessories which can be bought to accompany a DJ MP3 player. These are some of the most common.


Headphones are an essential piece of kit for any DJ. Any performance involves setting up the next track while the previous one is still playing, often requiring precise organisation and timing. Transitions between tracks should be seamless, resulting in a continuous experience for the audience, so the tracks may need their timing (beats per minute), and pitch synchronising to achieve this. Other special effects or techniques may also require the use of headphones so the DJ can hear clearly despite the noisy environment. There are several aspects to consider before purchasing.

Headphone Features

Wired or wireless

Opinion generally favours a wired option to avoid the possibility of batteries running out mid-performance, or the risk of interference from other equipment. The wire should be long enough, and preferably tangle-free, to allow the DJ to move around freely.

Stereo or mono

Most users prefer a stereo option.

Fit and comfort

Ensure headphones are adjustable so they fit comfortably when worn for long periods.

Ear mufflers

The background noise from music and a lively audience can be considerable, so well-fitting padded muffs on the ear cups will insulate the sound. Check that these are not worn or frayed when buying used headphones.

Speaker drivers

These should be the best possible quality, to ensure that sounds can be clearly heard above the ambient background noise


Noise-cancelling headphones emit their own sounds which effectively cancel out low-frequency background sounds. This especially helpful for DJs, as they significantly reduce audio disturbance from heavy bass notes.


Secure and easy transportation is important, as the headphones will be carried round regularly. Some designs can fold and swivel to make them compact, and a case may be included in the purchase.


A microphone is also an important accessory for a DJ. It allows communication with the audience, maybe when introducing tracks or encouraging audience participation, but can also be used to add special vocal effects as part of the overall performance. There are several features to be considered.

Microphone Features

Wireless microphones

Similar to the issues with wireless headphones, although DJs are more willing to use wireless microphones than headphones, as there is much more flexibility when using a wireless microphone e.g. passing it between users. A wireless receiver will also be needed to receive the wireless signals.

Wired microphones

Considered more reliable, as there is a direct connection. The wire should be long enough to allow movement, and tangle-free.


Many microphones have the traditional ice-cream cone design, which is popular because it is ergonomically designed for comfort. However, other designs are available, including flexible snake-like designs, which may be more aesthetically pleasing, or hands-free options.

Directional options

Most microphones are either multi-directional (i.e. they pick up sounds from all around them), or uni-directional (i.e. they only pick up sounds from directly in front of them). Uni-directional microphones are best for DJ performances, as they cut out background noise.


Stand-mounted microphones allow the DJ to focus on managing the deck while performing, but may limit the ability to move around. Hands-free options allow more freedom of movement, but may conflict with the need to wear headphones.

Microphone mufflers

These are useful to muffle background noise. They can often be bought separately to allow spares to be kept available.

Microphone sets

Microphones can sometimes be bought in sets, to allow several to be used simultaneously, which allow greater audience participation.


Some all-in-one DJ MP3 players come complete with an amplifier, but other may require an external amplifier. As the amplifier will be used mainly for music, it is important to look for one which is suited to music amplification.

Frequency range

Music covers a much wider frequency range than speech, so it is important to select a specific amplifier. Check the specifications carefully before purchase to be sure it covers the whole audio spectrum.


A more powerful amplifier is also need for music than for speech, so again, check that the amplifier is capable of high output.

Stereo capability

Most amplifiers have stereo output, which is essential for producing the best results, but older amplifiers may not have stereo capability.


A DJ MP3 player will also require speakers to be connected for broadcasting the sound. Generally, the higher the specification, the better the sound quality, but portability will also have to be taken into account. If the equipment is to be transported by a single person, then smaller lightweight speakers may be a better option.

Passive speakers

Passive speakers do not have their own amplifier built in, so a separate amplifier will also be needed.

Active speakers

Active speakers have their own internal amplifier, which may be a better option to avoid transporting several different pieces of equipment.


DJs usually need to play music at a relatively loud volume, so check that the speaker output is sufficient to allow music to be played without distortion.


Smaller, lighter speakers may be mounted on stands, but stability may be an issue if the audience is moving around e.g. dancing. However, they are easier to transport.


Larger speakers can sit on the floor, increasing stability, but they are generally heavier, making them less easy to transport.

Leads and Cables

Depending on the variety of equipment used, a DJ may need a variety of leads and cables, such as microphone leads, audio cabling, and cables linking amplifiers and speakers.

Buying Used DJ MP3 Accessories

It is possible to find some excellent bargains when buying used DJ MP3 accessories, but it is important to bear some factors in mind before committing to a purchase.

Condition Terms Explained

Used DJ MP3 accessories can be sold using several different terms, and it is important to understand the meaning of each.

Manufacturer refurbished

An item previously returned to the manufacturer, which has been repaired and checked. This may have been for a very minor reason, so the item will be in virtually mint condition. Some may have a limited manufacturer's warranty. May or may not have original packaging.

Seller refurbished

An item refurbished by the seller, which may be a retailer or a private seller. No manufacturer's warranty. Original packaging may be present.


An item which has been previously used. As DJ MP3 accessories are electrical items, it is important to check that they are functioning correctly e.g. headphone mufflers are not worn, wires are not frayed and there are no loose connections etc.

For parts or not working

These items are only suitable for spares, as they are not in working order.

Research the Products

It is worth taking some time to find out as much as possible about any accessory before purchasing. Prices for similar accessories can be compared online. The manufacturer's website may have details and specifications, and maybe even a guide as to the price for a new item. Customer reviews or blogs will give further information, and perhaps draw attention to potential issues with the accessory in question.

Choose a Reputable Seller

It is also essential to find out about the reputation of the seller, maybe by looking at customer satisfaction reviews. Some online websites have their own system for rating sellers, perhaps by showing average feedback percentages or a star-rating.

Clarify the Terms and Conditions

When buying used items, especially electrical goods, it is essential to have a system to ensure buyers receive a good quality product, and that any problems can be addressed quickly. Check that the seller has a clear returns policy, including whether return postage is included. Find out if refunds are available, and also whether there is any kind of warranty.

Buying DJ MP3 Accessories on eBay

To buy DJ MP3 accessories on eBay, begin at the home page and navigate to All Categories. Headphones can be found under the Sound & Vision menu, where DJ headphones can be selected from the Use menu, and then the search can be refined using a wide variety of criteria. For other accessories, select Performance & DJ Equipment from the Sound & Vision menu, and search under the Categories menu or use key words.


Providing a few sensible precautions are taken, it is perfectly possible to buy used DJ MP3 accessories which will add to the overall performance, and allow DJs to show off their skills to best advantage.

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