How to Buy Used Funky Headphones

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How to Buy Used Funky Headphones

Headphones are necessary for listening to music from a portable audio player. They can vary in size, shape, and colour. Some headphones are designed to fit in the wearer’s ears, while others enclose the entire ear. In order to help buyers to express their individuality and personal style, manufacturers create headphones in funky designs. Funky headphones often include fuzzy ear muffs or elaborately decorated casings. Funky headphones give a spark of interest to an otherwise dull looking device. They are a great conversation starter and can provide some insight into the wearer’s personality and interests. They also make for a great humorous gift. When purchasing used items, buyers can feel less guilty about indulging in such a funky accessory. Used funky headphones may be found in charity shops or car boot sales. When purchasing used funky headphones at retailers such as eBay, buyers should consider the various types, the features that they offer, and learn what to look for when buying used products.

Examples of Funky Headphones

Funky headphones can be found in models that are designed to look like the hair buns of Princess Leia from “Star Wars” or encrusted with 59 of the highest quality diamonds that have been individually set in eight carat gold. Other funky headphones may be sports related or themed for certain celebrations.

Types of Used Funky Headphones

There are various types of used funky headphones. As they are often fashion items, previous owners may change them frequently to suit their style, so used models may be found in a like new condition. When searching for the best pair, buyers should consider how they intend to use the headphones and where they plan to do their listening.

Used Funky In-Ear Headphones

Used in-ear headphones rest just outside the wearer’s ear canal. Funky versions are available in hot pink and other vivid colours: the cord is often coloured as well as the outer casing of the headphones. In-ear headphones are small, lightweight, and travel easily, making them extremely popular. These headphones are relatively cheap and are often bundled with electronics, such as iPods, which have characteristic all white versions. In-ear headphones are less efficient than other types as they do not fully seal the wearer’s ear. This allows the sound to be influenced by external noise. The loose fit can also cause discomfort to the wearer after long durations of listening. Another disadvantage of in-ear headphones is the decreased dynamic range they are able to offer at the same volume level as other types. Wearers are therefore required to increase the volume to hear the audio clearly. This increases the risk of damage to the wearer’s hearing and can also cause distortion in the reproduced sound.

Used Funky In-Ear Sound Isolating Headphones

In-ear sound isolating headphones have a small rubberised ear-tip sleeve that allows them to effectively seal the wearer’s ear, helping to keep the audio inside the ear, while blocking out external sound. Like the non-sound isolating versions, they are made funky with the use of bright colours. The headphones are small, lightweight, and great for travel and exercise. They allow the wearer to be less distracted by external noise, making them ideal for use on noisy trains, buses, or airplanes. When wearing in-ear sound isolating headphones, listeners should be vigilant and take notice of their outside environment. Isolating earphones may have the benefit of preventing wearers from hearing external noise, but they can be dangerous if the wearer is running, cycling, or participating in activities where awareness of other people and objects is required.

Used Funky Wireless Headphones

Wireless headphones offer wearers freedom from cables, which usually attach the headphones to the audio source. This allows wearers the ability to walk, run, and dance while listening to music with no restrictions to their movement. The drawback to these headphones is their below average sound quality. Funky versions can encase the ear in fluffy ear muffs.

Used Funky Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones reduce the perceived noise from the external environment with the use of small microphones located inside the earpiece and active electronics within the headset. The noise signal from the outside is inverted and then mixed with the signal from the sound source. This results in the cancelling out of ambient noise or low frequencies. If in the correct listening environment, noise cancelling headphones can successfully block out sound, but as they can only remove certain frequencies and types of noise, this can limit their overall appeal. In order for the headphones to run in noise cancelling mode, batteries are required. However, some models allow wearers the option of listening in passive mode without the need for batteries. Funky versions can be designed as ear cups with logos, such as Hello Kitty or stars.

Used Funky Open Back Headphones

Open back headphones, sometimes referred to as vented, allow sound to leave through the back of the ear cup. This results in less reflection and provides wearers with what is best described as an open stage, or natural, sound. This kind of sound is thought to be more accurate. However, these headphones do present some disadvantages. The open back design allows audio to leak out, making them less than ideal for public places as those close by are able to hear sound made by the headphones. On the other hand, the open back design allows ambient sound to seep into the listener’s ear. Open back headphones are therefore best suited for at home listening, so can have a funky design that suits the interior of the home.

Used Funky Closed Back Headphones

Closed back, or sealed, headphones, seal the ears from external noise with semi airtight ear cups. They are designed to prevent the noise made by the headphone drivers from seeping out and disturbing those nearby. These headphones are often used by DJs and for studio monitoring. They are ideal for wearers who prefer to listen to music at a loud volume as they prevent noise leakage. A disadvantage is that the ear cups of closed back headphones reflect and resonate the sound made by the headphone drivers. This can lead to a boxy, or enclosed, sound, especially on cheaper models. DJs often wear the oversized funky models in silver or with fluorescent designs that can be seen in a dark nightclub.

Features for Used Funky Headphones

In addition to the type of used funky headphones, buyers should also consider the features of the headphones. Features such as the cable dressing, cable plug, and the length of the cable can help to optimise the wearer’s listening experience.

Cable Dressing for Used Funky Headphones

Most stereo headphones have a single cable which is usually attached to the left earpiece. Some models, in particular all in-ear headphones, have a Y, or double sided, cable. This cable connects to both earpieces. It is often brightly coloured in funky headphones.

Cable Plug for Used Funky Headphones

Cable plugs for used funky headphones usually have one of two designs: a straight I-plug or an angled L-shaped plug. iPods and similar devices usually have a straight I-plug. L-shaped plugs are better suited for portable players that have a side or bottom mounted headphone jack.

Length of Cable for Used Funky Headphones

The length of the cable for used funky headphones tends to vary. Deciding which length is best is often a matter of personal preference and the intended use. Wearer’s who usually place their portable device in their backpack or pocket while listening may benefit from a longer cable. On the other hand, those who wear their portable audio player around their neck or on an armband should consider a shorter cable. For more versatility, some headphone cables offer adjustable lengths, allowing wearers to lengthen or shorten the cable as needed. Extension cables and cable wraps are also available.

Factors to Consider When Buying Used Funky Headphones

When purchasing used funky headphones, buyers should always examine the item for any signs of damage. They should also look out for anything that may compromise the device’s ability to function properly.

Factors to Consider

What to Look For


Examine all headphone cabling for exposed or frayed wires


Plug headphones into the portable player and listen for static noise

Missing Components

Removable ear pads, featured on some headphones, should all be present


Check for any signs of damage including chips, cracks, and scratches

While cosmetic issues may not pose a huge concern to buyers, they may affect the price a buyer is willing to pay for used funky headphones. Taking precautions when buying ensures a good quality product.

Buying Used Funky Headphones on eBay

Buyers should begin their search for used funky headphones on the eBay homepage. From here, buyers can simply enter their search for any type of used funky headphones into the search box and a wide array of results will appear. Search for "funky headphones", then select the "Used" filter. If you prefer to browse the different types of used funky headphones available to find inspiration, then use the category search terms which have been provided to make browsing easy. While searching, you may see many options for each type of funky headphones and can narrow down the results by price

Buy with Confidence

Before completing any purchase, thoroughly investigate the seller. On eBay, this is simply a matter of reading a seller’s feedback comments and checking their rating. Sellers with consistent positive feedback are recognised by the eBay community for their high levels of customer service. If there are any questions for the seller, then contact them by using the "Ask a question" feature.


When purchasing used funky headphones, buyers should consider both the intended use of the headphones and where they plan to do their listening. This help buyers to choose the best type. The choice between open back and closed back headphones is determined by a listener’s musical taste. If a buyer hopes to use the headphones for exercising, then in-ear or wireless headphones are the best choice. Those who find themselves doing their listening while using public transport should opt for in-ear sound isolating or noise cancelling headphones. In addition to type, buyers should also consider the features of funky headphones. The dressing, plug, and length of the cable all help to determine its versatility. With the wide array of funky headphones available at online marketplaces such as eBay, buyers have the pick of some of the most unique items at some of the best prices. Funky headphones come in a range of designs to suit every kind of listener.

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