How to Buy Used Mens Sandals

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How to Buy Used Men's Sandals

Men looking to buy used sandals often face two prejudices, one aimed directly at the idea of men wearing sandals, and another against used footwear in general.  One challenge would-be sandal-wearers may face is that some sandal opponents conflate the fact that sandals are inappropriate when worn in the workplace with a suit and tie, and also with the idea that sandals should never be worn in public. As for the more general prejudice against all used footwear, while it is true that not all used footwear, whether sandals or not, is suitable for resale, this is true for anything that can be sold used. Some people simply put too much wear on their possessions for anyone to want to buy them secondhand. Hence, a wise shopper will always check the condition of anything before buying, and there is no reason why this cannot be applied to the successful purchase of a pair of used men's sandals.

History of Sandals

People have been wearing sandals for a very long time, with the oldest known examples dating back over 10,000 years. The function of modern sandals is essentially no different than tying a protective piece of leather, bark, or wood to the sole of one's foot. However, it is unlikely that anyone will ever be able to find a single point of origin for the footwear, as evidence indicates that sandals were independently invented several times in different locations all over the world. Still, they were not particularly popular in most of Europe until the later part of the twentieth century. For most Europeans, the breakthrough was a combination of inexpensive sandals imported from Asia, where they had never really fallen out of style, and the proliferation of Mediterranean package tours. With more people on beaches than ever before, the need for shoes that were light and comfortable without trapping sand only increased.

Different Kinds of Sandals

While all sandals share some features in common, that does not mean they are all indistinguishable. There is a huge variety, from inexpensive plastic flip flops for the shower to high-end leather sandals that can price-match designer shoes. What they all have in common, however, is the presence of a sole and an open top. Most, though not all, sandals also leave the wearer's toes open. What normally distinguishes different kinds of sandals from each other is the design of the uppers, which can range from almost a full-length leather upper to a simple band or even a thong between the toes. Some sandals, especially those which are designed for wear as beach or shower footwear are easy to slip on or off, while others, designed to go with walking shorts usually fasten around the ankle.

The following table shows examples of the different types of sandals currently available for men to choose from:


Price Range




Beach and shower wear, provide foot protection but minimal support, not suitable for long walks



Range from beach or shower wear to street wear, easily donned and removed



Available in a wide range of prices and styles, most suitable for street wear and long walks

All of the above styles are readily available in multiple materials and are suitable for anyone looking to slip on the right pair of sandals for the exact purpose.

How to Choose a Pair of Sandals

Choosing a pair of sandals can be as easy or as difficult as the purchaser wants to make it. In all cases, the key to choosing sandals is to match the intended wearer and his budget to his needs. Thus, the first step is for the prospective buyer to determine what the wearer wants the sandals for, as that will help determine which pair, or pairs, of sandals will best meet their needs.

Look at How and Where Sandals Will be Worn

The kind of sandals any given man will want depends entirely on how and where they will be wearing them. Someone looking for a pair of flip-flops they can slip on for the shower at the swimming pool is going to want a very different pair of sandals to someone looking to spend his time going on long walks in the country. The swimmer is most likely going to be happy with the most inexpensive pair he can find. He wants something that he can slip on, walk a few paces in, and then step out of without ever having to bend down. The walker's needs are entirely different. He wants something with arch support that fastens securely to his ankles, not something that will flop around. He may be walking for dozens of kilometres every week, and loose-fitting sandals with no support are not a viable solution.

Consider the Budget Involved

Just as some sandals are extremely inexpensive, others are rather dear, and knowing the budget involved makes it easier to find the right pair. Someone looking for a designer pair of sandals is going to need a higher budget than a man who wants something to wear at the beach on a Sunday afternoon. As a general rule, handmade leather sandals are more expensive than synthetics, and buyers should budget accordingly.

Buying Used Sandals Instead of New

Not everyone is comfortable with buying used footwear, and not all used footwear is worth buying, but that does not mean that no used footwear is worth buying. In many cases, buying used sandals can be an excellent way to stretch a buyer's budget and get him into a better quality pair than he might otherwise be able to afford.

What kind of Sandals to Buy Used

It is rarely worth buying inexpensive secondhand sandals, as in most cases the savings from buying used are not worth the time spent searching for them. This is particularly true of those sandals bought for the beach or pool which are to all intents and purposes disposable. More expensive sandals are definitely worth looking for in the used or secondhand category. For one, being more of an investment, first owners tend to take better care of them. And their secondhand price is most likely low enough to count as a significant saving when compared to buying them new. This also means that anyone buying a high quality pair of used sandals will probably get a bargain for their time and money.

What to Look for in Used Men's Sandals

The most important thing to look for when buying used men's sandals, as with anything else bought used, is the items’ condition. The biggest difference between buying used and new is that the used purchase comes with no inherent expectation of condition. A used pair of sandals is in whichever condition it happens to be in, which can range from never worn to heavily used and there is no way to predict where any given pair lies without examining it. The most crucial factor is the amount of wear, particularly around the stitching and insole. When buying in person, try them on, when purchasing online, look for photographs of that specific pair of sandals. Compare the photos on offer to photos of the new product and look for differences.

Where to Buy Used Men's Sandals

Used sandals of all descriptions can be found in high-street charity shops, although the choice may be limited. Those who prefer to shop on the web have many more options at their disposal, ranging from Internet retailers to online auction sites such as eBay.

How to Buy Used Men's Sandals on eBay

Buying used sandals on eBay is quick and easy. All you have to do is type the terms in the search box that appears on every eBay page. Once the results are on your screen, you can use the filters in the sidebar to narrow them down. You can limit the selection to just used sandals as well as price and brand, making it easy to find the sandals that best meet your needs. After you have narrowed down your selections, you can use eBay's sort functionality to arrange the sandals you have found in the order of your preference.

When you have found the right sandals, the next thing to do is to determine which of eBay's many reputable sellers is your best fit, and the best place to start is at their profile page. This is where you can see everything from their feedback rating to their location. You can also see any specific policies they may have in regards to shipping, such as whether they combine shipping or possibly even allow for personal pickup.


Even though some people may have certain reservations in the beginning with the idea of buying used sandals, there are a number of situations where buying used sandals may be the best option. In particular, for those purchasers on a budget looking for quality without the hefty price tag. The key is deciding when and where the sandals will be worn and picking the best pair for that specific purpose. Used sandals are definitely a viable option when looking at up-market walking sandals, especially if they were infrequently used. Men's used sandals are not as feasible an option for those who are looking for an inexpensive pair just for the shower room for example. However, for those looking for a good pair of sandals at a reasonable price, and for those who can judge their used sandals on their quality and condition without pre-judging them, used men's sandals may be a very practical option indeed.

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