How to Buy Used Ovenware

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How to Buy Used Ovenware

Oven to tableware has been popular for many years, and there is a huge selection available to buy. From casserole dishes and oven dishes, to roasting dishes and ramekins, there are lots of options for each type when choosing which to buy. Buying used ovenware means that it is possible to perhaps buy a premium or expensive brand, whilst staying within a limited budget if necessary. Premium brands are often much coveted and remain as popular now as years ago, however, a single item can cost the same as a set of items from a cheaper brand. By buying a good quality item second hand, getting great results from cooking, and at an affordable cost, is made easy. There are many different places to buy used ovenware - car boot sales are one option. Other options can be second hand shops or markets, as well as eBay also being a good place to search for particular items.

Key Items of Ovenware to Own

There are certain key items of ovenware that it can be useful to have when cooking, such as a casserole dish, oven dish, and a roaster. These dishes can be made of different materials, and come in different styles and colours. There are lots of options to choose from, so deciding how the ovenware will be used, before buying, can be useful. For example, many oven dishes are made to go from oven to table. This means a piping hot casserole dish can come straight from the oven to the table, and the casserole then served to people at the table. Other dishes are made to withstand temperature changes, and as such can come from the fridge with leftovers in it, straight into the oven, without cracking.

Casserole dish

Casserole dishes are usually deep dishes with lids on, which can be put in the oven for a long time. They can be made from a number of different types of material. Glazed earthenware dishes retain heat well, and are attractive options for oven to table serving. They are suitable for use in the oven, but not for use on a hob. Enameled cast iron is heavy, durable, and can look very attractive for serving meals from too. It can be used on the hob as well as in the oven. Lined copper is very expensive and a less popular option for casserole dishes as a result, however, it looks very appealing to serve from at the table and is also a very good heat conductor so cooks food well. Ceramic casserole dishes are perhaps the cheapest and most readily available, however, they cannot be used on the hob, and they are also prone to cracking and scratching after prolonged use.

Oven dish

Oven dishes can be made from the same materials as casserole dishes. They differ from casserole dishes as they are shallower and have no lid. They are good for cooking things which need to be browned on top, or for roasting vegetables, for example.

Roasting dish

A roasting dish is usually made of metal, either cast iron, or anodised aluminium. They are large and usually square or rectangular, allowing for the roasting of large joins of meat or birds. They often come with a drip tray, where the meat is held out of the juices by a rack, slightly suspended over the dish.


Ramekins are ceramic or glass dishes that are most often circular and quite small. They are used for dishes such as creme brulee and are a useful type of ovenware to have for making desserts. The ramekins can be heated in the oven and then served straight to the table to the guests. They are most often white, but when buying used ovenware, it may be possible to find some decorative ones.

The Best Places to Buy Used Ovenware

For anyone considering buying used ovenware, there are different places to buy from, each with their own pro's and cons.

Car boot sale

It is possible to pick up a bargain at a car boot sale when shopping for used ovenware. People sell ovenware for many different reasons. Often when they move home, they may wish to get rid of items, even though they may be hardly used, or nearly new. The benefits of buying used ovenware at a car boot sale are that the items can be examined there and then. It is often possible to haggle over the price of the item with the seller and come away with a bargain. A downside of buying used ovenware from a car boot sale is that it if something specific is being sought, it is not possible to know in advance whether this item will be for sale, though this does add to the fun of searching for the item. If there is a particular type or brand of ovenware wanted, then eBay would be a better place to search, for example, as there are sure to be more items for sale, and it is not limited to the local geographical area.

Charity shops

Charity shops can be a good place to have a look around, when buying used ovenware. Often people donate items that are nearly new, or in very good condition, to charity shops. Similarly there may be items from house clearances, which means it may be possible to find a whole set of matching ovenware to buy, at less cost than it would be to buy them new. It is also possible to find pieces of ovenware with retro or vintage designs, which are not available when buying new items. Charity shop prices can vary depending on the shop, so it can be useful to visit more than one.


Buying used ovenware on eBay means that the buyer is not restricted to what is available in the local area. Items can be purchased on eBay from all over the UK, or even worldwide if a specific piece of ovenware is not available in the UK. It is also possible to search eBay regularly, until a suitable item is found. If the listing is detailed and descriptive, and there are good photographs of the item, then buying used ovenware from eBay should not cause any problems. It is important before buying used ovenware on eBay to check the photograph closely to see if the ovenware has any damages or cracks that may not be mentioned in the listing. If anything is not clear from the description of the item, it is also possible to email the seller a question about the item. One of the downsides of buying used ovenware from eBay is that if the item is heavy, postage and packing can be expensive. However, many eBay sellers offer local pick up, or discounts if more than one item is being purchased, so it is still possible to get a good deal on used ovenware.

Find Used Ovenware on eBay

To purchase used ovenware on eBay, head to the homepage. Begin by opening the All Categories tab and clicking on the link for Home & Garden, followed by Furniture & Living, and then Cookware, Dining & Bar. From this page, click on Bakeware & Ovenware. Search available item listings, or refine the search further by using new options on the left side of the page. Alternately, try entering specific terms into the search bar at the top of any eBay page. To specifically look for used, rather than new ovenware, select the option to only search for used items, on the left hand side of the eBay page.


When buying used ovenware, see what is available from different places such as charity shops, car boot sales, and eBay. There are many different types of ovenware available in a variety of styles, sizes and shape such as casserole dishes, oven dishes and ramekins. Buying used ovenware can be an economical way to purchase dishes that may last many years. Buying second hand, cast iron dishes can be particularly good value, as these can be expensive when bought new.

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